Thailand – More deaths reported from cold weather

Nine deaths believed to stem from hypothermia reported in Bueng Kan, Nakhon Phanom, Tak, Rayong and Udon Thani provinces. 

A primary school in Phetchabun’s Khao Khor district closed so pupils wouldn’t have to traverse in the chilly weather to school.

The province’s resort Phu Thub Berk reported a temperature of 0 C with poor visibility due to fog.

In a chilly Sakhon Nakhon province at 7-9 C, the provincial governor sent 6,000 blankets to affected residents in 18 districts.

In Ubon Ratchathani the provincial health office reported a growing number of flu and respiratory patients among children and the elderly,

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4 thoughts on “Thailand – More deaths reported from cold weather”

  1. According to my maps Thailand is located at 15-20 degrees north and far from the Himalayas. Isn’t that supposed to be tropical jungle area?

  2. It would seem from these reports over the last week that a massive area of Asia has been severely hit by the intense cold. No doubt made worse by the fact that these people are not equipped with winter gear to keep warm.
    Maybe I was wrong, but I thought the tropics would be ok during an iceage? Maybe not.

  3. I once had a bet with my thai girlfriend that one day soon thailand will be in the deep freeze!, she laughed of course, that was in 2012… pay up Noom!!…

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