Thailand – Two die as cold bites Central region

26 Jan 2016 – Schools light bonfires, army readies help

The cold spell and sudden drop in temperatures throughout the country is thought to have led to the deaths of at least two elderly people in Chai Nat province, with forecasters predicting the cold is likely to spread.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these links

“This all should be headline news, but the Dutch MSM does not report this,” says Argiris. “Dutch TV even stopped very quickly reporting about the blizzards in the USA.”

2 thoughts on “Thailand – Two die as cold bites Central region”

  1. how refreshingly honest…
    the fella says its cold yes but wont linger long and will warm up soon
    not a single AGW meme in it
    🙂 Hooray for sanity!

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