That lava is three-stories deep! – Video

That lava is three-stories deep! – Video

Lava to the top of the roof!

30-ft-deep lava flow engulfs man’s home – He remains calm

Thanks to Eric9027 for this video

9 thoughts on “That lava is three-stories deep! – Video”

  1. The one in 2014 was nothing compared to this!
    I wouldn’t be too calm and get too comfortable. Look what happened in Guatemala! They lost allot more than just their homes.
    I would get the hell outa that island. You can’t wish a volcano away or get too comfortable. It gained more energy just a day ago with lots of earthquakes (mag 5.0+) happening for more than a week. I wouldn’t be too calm and fall asleep there unless you want to wake up one morning with lava approaching from all directions with nowhere to run.

  2. wise attitude.
    nothing anyone can do except get special things and leave and say farewell.
    Robert i sent a link showing the staffering speed of the flows to you tinight
    aerial shots havent been giving any idea how fast that channel is going….jawdropping!
    the biggest blessing was the very very slow lava beginning
    hundreds would be dead otherwise

  3. I have seen so many of these “Hawaii” videos where people’s houses are on fire….and there are cars in the drive way.

    Sorry to sound so self-righteous, conceited, arrogant, and “know it all” (Yes, I am all of that), but WHY do these people leave cars behind?

    Don’t they have ANY friends to help them drive the car(s) away? They can’t afford to pay some teenager $25-35 and hour to help them pick up their cars?


  4. Guy reminded of a Seinfeld episode where Jerry Stiller repeats calmly”serenity now” serenity now…” Couple days later yelling “SERENITY NOW!!!! SERENITY NOW!!!!”

  5. The Lava flow is still covering only about 10 sq. miles and the homes destroyed are within a Lava Flow Zone 1 which means your home WILL Be Destroyed by a Lava Flow when the Volcano Erupts.

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