That the statists called Fascism ”right wing” is a triumph of false propaganda

Sorry about the dearth of posts in the last two days. I (Robert) am in the hospital and am being so constantly prodded and poked and explored that I’m finding it hard to find time to post.


That the statists called Fascism ”right wing” is a triumph of false propaganda

David A

Nonsense. Socialism, Communism, Fascism all equal Statism, individual freedom lost to group power.

Global companies are fighting any populist national movements. International companies are working directly with Statist striving for one world government. This is Fascism, State control and or ownership of Corporations. ( See China)

It is true that it is not perfectly clear who is controlling who, the one world politicians and bureaucrats vs the international one world corporations. Yet their power objective, central international control of the masses and reduced liberty to individuals, all done via centrally planned economies, reduced property rights and freedoms, destruction of American ideals of a constitutional republic, is clear, and decisively rooted in tyranny.

The “right” is against such group power over others and supports individual rights. That the statists called Fascism ” right wing” is a triumph of false propoganda.

So, while Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Mercantilism, etc… may on occasion be not used in the technically correct terms, that is often a distinction with out a difference. And I assure you, both current US leadership, and EU leadership, are working in harmony with international corporations towards the same tyrannical objectives. In the end all the tyrants will, with increased international success, fight each other for supremacy.

It’s their nature.

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  1. —-so sorry to hear you are ‘under the weather’! All my best wishes for your quick and complete recovery.

    • Get WELL< Robert! We need you and people like you!!!!

      If it's any comfort, since Gates wants to "dim the Sun" like the idiot he is, the temperature in my area (NE IL, below IL/WI state line) has dropped since yesterday from 77F to 55F overnight and is now (at 4:45PM CDT) 48F and raining and is forecast to be like this for several more days. And frankly, I prefer this chilly weather. I have nice sweaters.

      So GET WELL, willya??? We NEED YOU!!!

  2. The planned demise of the US has been in the works for quite some time. When Bush 1 proudly stated the “This is the start of the new world order.” little did we know he was plotting to destroy the sovereignty of the US. Every president since has done nothing but increase the power of the Deep State. Electing the ex head of the CIA was a huge mistake.

  3. Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Maoism etc etc.
    All sons of Marxism.
    Like the Marx brothers, without all the gags and jokes, and lots more genocide.
    And really its all just a jazzier form of feudalism.

    When some says to me “The Nazis weren’t socialists”.
    I like to ask them, “What wasn’t socialist about them?”
    I usually get “Because they weren’t” or some such nonsense.

    • So the NSDAP – the correct name for the Nazi Party – where the S stands for ‘Sozialistische’ must be lost on them then.

    • Nazi, from Webster’s actual paper dictionary.
      “National Socialist German Workers Party” Nazi is a German abbreviation.
      Sure sounds like Socialist to me.

    • Just ask them what this means then … ” National Socialist German Workers’ Party”.
      Seems to be Socialists to me…and I hate all things Socialist!

    • The fact that Australia’s SBS television network is constantly flogging the “pure evil” of the “far-right, fascist” Nazi era is testimony to the desire of the mainstream media to divert attention away from the horrors of socialism/communism – a system they clearly espouse. National Socialism (Nazism) is their scapegoat, even though it’s no more evil and totalitarian than the Soviet Socialism they prefer to politely ignore.
      They persistently repeat the story that Germany invaded Poland and thus started WWII. Germany did indeed invade Poland in September 1939, but only as equal partners with Stalin’s Russia, which invaded Poland simultaneously from the east.
      The Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Agression Pact, signed by Russia and Germany in August 1939, allowed Hitler and Stalin to divide Poland neatly between them.
      The globalist ‘Left’ (a meaningless name in fact) try hard to give socialism a ‘free pass’ by attempting to separate it from fascism. But socialism by any other name would smell as foul (apologies to Shakespeare), since it all boils down to dictatorial totalitarian rule. There is no good socialism!!

  4. constantly poked and prodded. You have my sympathy. Just did that myself. Their tests found heart disease. All tests said I need a bypass or heart transplant. 5300 CAC test. Keep a good outlook. Angiogram showed only 15% blockage. I’m in better health than the tests or I could imagine. It was a great day. Now each day is a gift, even with the country going down the toilet. I’ll take everyday they give me.

    • stay away from the statins and youll be fine
      coQ10 garlic capsules and the amino acid L arginine help stop arteries stiffening and further buildup
      its a properly trialled regime that beat statins and pharmas even more toxic options some yrs ago

  5. I wish the best for you Robert. Hopefully, they will find the problem and all will be well. Keep positive, and good luck!

  6. Robert, I hope it’s nothing serious. I hope you’re home soon and get your life back.

    Best wishes,

  7. “am being so constantly prodded and poked and explored ”
    Been there Sir. Keep a stiff upper lip (yeah British I know) and remember – catch the problem EARLY!

  8. David A is spot on, I have been convinced of the left-wing roots of the Nazis for many years and am glad so see the idea getting a public airing. However, as to the roots of this incredible evil, I think that Friedrich Nietzsche deserves at least equal billing with Marx.

    Robert, you take it easy and get back to work fully only when you are ready.

  9. Yes been there done that, and have come out the other end, Cancer, Double hip replacement, one perfect the other not so much so, but still upright. So today is a good day. the sun is shining, cool morning but lovely warm day here in Brisbane.

    • “It [the State] has taken on a vast mass of new duties and responsibilities; it has spread out its powers until they penetrate to every act of the citizen, however secret; it has begun to throw around its operations the high dignity and impeccability of a State religion; its agents become a separate and superior caste, with authority to bind and loose, and their thumbs in every pot. But it still remains, as it was in the beginning, the common enemy of all well-disposed, industrious and decent men.” ~ H.L. Mencken

  10. Wishing you a speedy recovery. As a physician myself, I still have not figured out all the secrets. As I have gotten older, I have refused to allow my age to slow me down. Nonetheless, even I had to acquiesce to my body’s demands. But as my nonagenarian Dad always used to stay, the whole idea is to think young and act young.
    Have many old timers in my family (90’s and a few 100+) and we were part of a university study. Seems factor number one in longevity is pure luck. Number two is genetics and number three is keeping interested in life and socialization. I don’t know where you stand on number 1 and 2 but you clearly rate high on number 3. All the best, my friend.
    Regardless of its name, history has shown the path to power is through fear, the promise of easy solutions and a free lunch, and ultimately, force. Indoctrination starts early and is easiest when the second level tier of leaders are themselves blinded by the promises of the -ism. It is a subtle takeover. When the masses wake up, it is too late.

  11. The article lacked an explanation of how fascists and Nazis came to be labeled ‘right-wing’. The way I heard it is this:
    After Mussolini and then Hitler arose to power they became darlings of the American socialists/progressives, as did Stalin. But once Hitler started doing things the American socialists didn’t like – singling out certain groups for repression? – they (American socialists) decided that Hitler couldn’t be lumped together with Uncle Joe, who was only killing Christians by the millions. And since Uncle Joe was still embraced by the American left, they had to distinguish him – Uncle Joe – from that nasty Hitler, and thus consigned Hitler to the ‘right wing’, which leftists never liked anyway.
    Why we let the MSM et al get away with a political scale (left-right) that goes from communism (government supremacy) on the left to fascism (government supremacy) on the right never made sense to me. Where do those advocating individual supremacy fit in. (Hint: we don’t, ergo must be marginalized if not eliminated.)

  12. There is zero doubt that both Italian Fascism and German Nazis were “socialists”. Socialism and communism (collectively “command economies”) are economic systems. To get my Econ degree, we had to study them. The key feature of distinction is “Central Control Of Production”. Capitalism does not have it, the various Socialisms do.

    Do remember that the USSR is the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    The distinction between Communism and Socialism is just degree of reach. The goal of socialism is a Utopian Global Communism. Anything less than “Global” has not yet reached true Communism, so is a Socialism in the process of becoming. That is why the Soviet anthem is the Internationale. To point the way to global international communism.

    Then what happened was that a few folks got the notion that you did not need to have a full on Global Communism. You cold have a small socialism that didn’t cover the world. “National Socialism” was the result. (Thus the German Party name…). Stalin thought this a horrible corruption of his global communist goals, and got peeved at Germany & Italy over it. Stalin also founded the “Antifa” movement as “anti-Fascist” i.e. against mere National Socialism and pro Global Communism. Still with us today…

    Now the Nazi Party added in a particularly corrosive antisemitism along with the racism of the day. But that does not in any way change their fundamental economic nature as a Peoples Socialism. (Nor did it seem to slow down the desire for a Global Domain…)

    Italy is the interesting one. Mussolini was lauded by Hollywood and the “Progressives” in America. He even had a guest shot in a Hollywood movie.
    Truman and Roosevelt really liked the guy, right up until they had to fight a war with him. BTW, that “about face” so tarnished the name “Progressive” that the American Left poached the “Liberal” name from the Classical Liberals (who are much like modern “libertarians”) and rebranded. Now in the USA, they have made “Liberal” such a dirty word they are trying to rebrand back to “Progressive” and hope nobody remembers their history…

    Well Mussolini started his career translating the Socialist doctrine and writings for his Socialist parents. His “contribution” to the mix was the notion that he didn’t care who nominally “owned” a business so long as the Government told them what to do, and they did it. The “3rd Way” as he named it. Remember that when you hear Hillary say she isn’t a socialists, that she’s a “Progressive” and when Bill says he’s a “3rd Way” capitalist. Yes, they said those things.

    So in the Fascist system, a Government rep, Workers rep, and Ownership rep sit down on the board and decided what the Company will do. Got that? 2/3 Government and Labor. 1/3 “owners”. 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for lunch…

    Fascism IS a brand of Socialism. Don’t believe me? Read their own words:

    Some deeper dive on the variations among the Socialisms:

    I’ll not go into this further in a comment. Just realize there’s a whole lot of history, mountains of it, under that run of “right wing fascist” lie.

    There’s whole books written on it.

  13. Hope you get better soon Robert, as you say in the states “were all rootin for you”!

    Andy from Scotland

    • As I told Andy in Scotland: Thank you. So far we don’t know what’s going on. Four straight days of I can’t keep count of how many tests, and the doctors are baffled. All they can say is “We can see the fire, but we can’t see the smoke.”

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