The accelerating nature of magnetic field collapses

Could indicate that a magnetic reversal is imminent.


The accelerating nature of magnetic field collapses

Lloyd Robbins

It concerns me that in every discussion I read on the subject of magnetic reversals, one aspect is consistently either unacknowledged or ignored, that being the accelerating nature of magnetic field collapses. Even studies that do talk about accelerating magnetic field declines skirt around the issue of imminent field collapse as if it is still some time off. We hear of the accelerating decline of the Earth’s magnetic field, but it’s usually stated almost rhetorically. The truth is that it’s not rhetorical at all.

The production of the Earth’s magnetic field is theorised to be via the circulation of the liquid iron core. Due to induced electrical currents, this circulation supports and amplifies the existing field, so it’s a positive feedback mechanism. When the field begins to decline, this means that the positive feedback mechanism has already started to fail, dating back to when the field initially started to decline. A fair analogy is a spinning top which has already started to wobble and fall.

Once in decline, this can only accelerate, unless there is some other mechanism which kicks in that we don’t know about. As the theory has no concept of this secondary mechanism and geomagnetic signs in the crust do not suggest it, it should therefore be assumed that no such mechanism exists. Given this, the decline of the magnetic field should be considered to be exponential in nature – the decline accelerates the decline – ie a collapse.

It has been stated by Robert in his books that ice ages can establish themselves in the space of one season. My feeling is, that as alluded to by Robert, this could be linked to magnetic field collapse which could happen in a similar very short time frame. Once the magnetic field drops to a certain critical level, it will simply collapse from there because it can’t continue to fight its own decline.

Unlike when the magnetic field re-establishes itself, building the new field from that of the Sun, the old one having completely disappeared, the collapse of the old field is irreversible and unavoidable. My guess is that there are scientists who actually do fear this if not actually know it, but that they are either not speaking up or being ignored or silenced because the truth is being hidden.

People like to believe they have time, that cataclysmic events are not going to happen while they are alive. But if what I’m writing about is true, it could be about to happen very shortly, in the space of perhaps only a few years. Looking at the graphs of magnetic field declines, it’s obvious to at least me that this is an accelerating process which is already targeting a zero magnetic field in the space of only a few years.

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  1. Robert ever hear of “Project Nanook”?
    In your studies, did you read of hear the thought the earth turns over, so the current poles are at the equator?
    World in Peril, by Ken White, son of Major Michael White, commander of 46th/72nd recon squadron.

  2. It is curious. We only hear about it on Ice Age Now and Suspicious Observers, no where else really. One would think this would be an interesting topic. It’s fascinating science yet the potential devastation is horrifying. Maybe I just answered my own question. It might be too horrifying.

    • Yes, it’s pretty horrifying. And yes, we do only hear it in these two places. Noone is talking about it, and generally speaking when noone is talking about something which is a reasonably obvious potential outcome, some people actually DO know about it and are deliberately avoiding the discussion.

  3. Scary! Looks like I should put my bomb shelter on a higher priority, only instead of nukes, it will be from “Space Bombs”! Looks like we shall be moving back into caves after all.

    One has to worry about the effects of the extra radiation on our bodies as well as the plants and animals. Will the extra radiation destroy crops and or mutate the seeds? Will I end up with only a half an ear of corn or a full one? What effects will it have on my solar panels? Will I get power surges that destroy power inverters or appliances?

    Will the cosmic rays cause enough cloud cover to throw the world into an Ice Age? We may find out the hard way that magnetic reversals cause glaciation. Let us not forget that the Earth is due for another Ice Age!

    Of course, the big question is how long will zero magnetic field last? If it only lasts less than a year, then “We” shall survive. However, if it lasts many years, I think we are all in trouble.

    • We obviously don’t know the answers to a lot of these questions. From the geomagnetic record, we can see that the magnetic field reappears fairly promptly after it collapses, often in the opposite direction. But depending on the mechanism, this should be simply a matter of the Sun’s magnetic field being amplified by that mechanism and the magnetic field reestablishing itself quickly. How long is ‘quickly’? That’s anyone’s guess. But if the field can collapse in the space of say a year, depending on the strength of the Sun’s magnetic field at that time, the Earth’s field could reestablish itself much quicker. We really don’t know.

      The current collapse of the magnetic field is due to the feedback mechanism being overridden by whatever mechanism is causing the decline. After the field has collapsed, there will only be the feedback mechanism amplifying the Sun’s magnetic field (as with self-energising electric generators in diesel-electric locomotives). This SHOULD mean that the field reestablishes itself more quickly than it collapses.

  4. And so what are we to do? It’s like the massive asteroid scenario, why tell the world the end is coming, what is the point?

    • The only thing we can do when this hits is stay inside. Of course that will shut down the world’s economy, just as has happened with COVID. It’s anyone’s guess how bad it could get.

  5. As Maxwell already potulated there is no magnetic field without electricity . Tesla was sure that there were electric currents around the earth that he tried to catch in order to obtain free electricity usable for society with a remarkeable system ,however the bankers supporting him withdrew the financing upon noticing that they were unable to insert a counting device , like a meter to gasoline-pump , to the tesla-system . In the meantime science developed further and it was proven that our universe is electrical in nature and that the sun novas which mey happen around 2046 ,like it has laways done every approx 12000 years and iceages are starting this way . The united states has spent 23 trillion us dollars building a cave-system at the wrong places . A conversation with Ben Davidson or Douglas Vogt may enlighten the case further

  6. Zero magnetic field means no shielding from solar or cosmic rays. Could this stimulate cloud nucleation and cooling?

  7. I tend to agree with the articles conclusion (although, the iron core theory may be obsolete). That a GSM is starting now is a given. But an end to the Holocene would definitely be a bitch. Aside from mental constructs of earthen homes, not really preparing for that one. Kind of preoccupied with government breakdown, injections, etc.

    • It doesn’t matter what feedback mechanism creates the magnetic field whether this is the iron core circulation or some interplay perhaps with the Sun’s magnetic field. Once the decline accelerates, it’s a fair bet that acceleration is going to continue, and we are not far off the field being zero right now!

      What makes you think that the iron core theory may be obsolete? I’m a physicist, and have been following various theories about this for some time, and am still to encounter one which offers a better explanation or mechanism. It should be noted also that the Sun actually uses this same circulation mechanism on a 22 year cycle. I would love to know of a mechanism which would work better.

  8. Magnetism has an impact on the human psyche and is my amateur ‘go-to’ explanation for why everyone is so extreme right now. Humanity appears to be dividing into their ‘ying/yang’ camps and there can be no middle ground.

  9. we are way overdue for some sort of cataclysmic event its been a long time without any
    the magnetic anomaly off the s american coast as one and a new one? found between aus n sth africa as well may be indicators we could watch more carefully?
    I know if cold hits where I live it will be savage
    Id bet inland aus suddenly gets a pop increase of hundreds of thousands should it begin to happen;-)
    prob not much good as water there is limited to there- but undrinkable etc with some being useable if filtered, but power TO filter is an issue too

    • Nahhh – we’re still geting over Y2K. The next global cataclysm can’t be any worse than that one was, can it?

    • Exactly Alan. Most studies assume the decline is linear, and predict anything up to thousands of years for it to occur based on whatever current decline is in force. But look at the graphs and it’s clear that the decline is not linear, it’s accelerating, and we don’t even know at what point it will be as if the field was zero already – past a certain critical point, it won’t matter. Once the field has declined enough, the forces working to destroy it will be stronger than the feedback mechanism trying to keep it going. It will collapse, perhaps in the blink of an eye.

      • Somewhere in my studies when I was writing “Not by Fire but by Ice” I read that when the magnetic field drops to about 15 percent of normal, it then quickly reverses. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember where I found that little factoid.

  10. What is the best graphic that shows the magnetic field decline. I have looked for a graphic representation and I haven’t found one that shows the acceleration in a clear way. Anyone know where to find one?

  11. I would agree with his conclusion far more than these so called “quiet scientists” who are too afraid of speaking the truth. They’re too afraid to tell you that we’ll die horribly and if this is the case, they’ll be mass suicides long before that for the people who are too soft to bare the terrible truth.
    I figured we’d possibly see a magnetic reversal between 2015 and 2030 time frame and nothing will save our asses. You cannot wish it away or pray a cycle away.
    There are no good things!

  12. When was the last reversal? What if the recharge was done by planet Mars when it was in a different orbit exchanging energy with the earth on near passes? It has been postulated by some that Mars was knocked into it`s present orbit in early biblical history. If Mars was the agent of recharging the field then the field has been decreasing since the last pass and will not restart. The only thing that keeps one from truth is the belief we already have it.

  13. As reported in Historical Biology, mass extinctions of land-dwelling animals –amphibians, birds and mammals, reptiles– follow a 27.5-million year cycle coinciding with equally catastrophic loss of ocean life. These periodic extinction events align with major asteroidal impacts plus plate-tectonic flood basalt volcanic activity such as the Paleozoic-Mesozoic boundary’s Permian/Triassic “great die-off” Siberian Traps Ural orogeny c. 252 mm YBP, plus the Alaska-Andean Laramide Orogeny c. 33 – 75 mm YBP and India’s post-Chixculub (K/T Boundary) Deccan Traps, radically transforming geologic habitats, venues.

    Given this well-defined historical pattern, astrophysicists conjecture that Earth’s 27.5-mm year geophysical-tectonic pulses coincide with inclined-orbital passage through the Milky Way Galaxy’s ecliptic every 122 galactic orbits of 226 kiloyears apiece. Exposing the solar system to debris-strewn deep-space impacts disrupting atmospheric acid-levels, ozone-layers, depleting oxygen by global wildfires, astro-geophysical events induce deep-sea chemical pollution amidst epochal “nuclear winter” at over-specialized, peak-evolution fauna-and-flora’s most delicate and vulnerable.

    On this basis, all eight of Earth’s post-Cambrian Phanerozoic mass-extinctions coincided with cataclysmic impacts plus massive plate-tectonic volcanism, working in concert to destroy marine-terrestrial habitats, exterminating dominant life-forms evolved over tens- to several hundred-million years. In other words, all planets’ major climate shifts are astro-geophysical consequences of galactic as well as Solar System circumstances, driving atmospheric-oceanic changes regardless of contingent local phenomena. Since Earth’s last such episode occurred c. 9.86 mm YBP, this planet hath progressed 35.7% towards a post-Pleistocene orbital extinction event 17.71 million years from now.

    In context, Earth’s periodic, multi-kiloyear geomagnetic-field reversals are frosting on catastrophism’s cake.

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