“The Beast” Came from the North

Extreme cold dropping deeper and deeper into old Europe. Also videos of deep snow burying cars and streets.

European media are trying to connect the cold climate that reached foreign Europe with the “beast from the east”, according to meteonovosti.ru. But this time you shouldn’t be manipulating your favorite stereotypes. Abnormal frosts in February 2021 came from the ‘north’: a vast arctic anticyclone, which formed near the coast of Greenland, is being introduced deeper and deeper into Old Europe!

Cold records started in Europe. It’s logical to expect records of minimum temperature, especially in Scandinavian countries, when Arctic air invades from the north. They have already happened in Norway. In Ålesund, this is not the first cold record in February. The first was recorded on February 6, when the thermometers dropped to -8.2°C. On February 9, with an anticyclonic calm climate, the night temperature dropped even more, now for Ålesund the record minimum for February 9 is -10.8°C, which is 3.4 degrees below the previous daily minimum. registered in 1963.

In Germany, it didn’t break records, but last night became the coldest of almost the whole country since the beginning of the 21st century. In Saxony’s capital, Dresden, the temperature dropped to -16°C, in the country’s capital Berlin to -10°C, in northern Bavaria there were ten degrees of frost. The cold is going further south and east of Germany, the approaching night will be even colder.

An unusually cold climate in the second half of the week awaits the Apennines and the Balkans.
The frosts will reach this part of Europe not from the east, but from the northwest.


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  1. A lot of times they say from the East, somehow retrograding from Siberia to Europe. North is probably also accurate. Also there have been several Nor’easters already in the Northeastern USA, more are likely, along with plain snow. Ever since we rejoined the Paris agreement literally. Also there’s been record cold in the United States.

  2. Also if there was record cold on February 6th in Scandinavia, I must tell you, there were odd phenomena all over that day. “Brown snow” their words not mine, from dust kicked up West of Salt Lake City, melted in low elevations (normal, it is “spring” after February 2nd) and left a residue on cars so prople couldn’t see out their windshields. In France, Saharan Dust fell in a snowstorm on the Pyreneese sp? Same day.

  3. I also see they mention the usual explanation from the East. It’s simultaneously cold in Europe and the USA, they can’t say it’s just shifting to one side of the planet or another, it’s both or more. At least either side of the Atlantic, and I doubt it’s the same air mass.

  4. You know who’s to blame don’t you? GENERAL FEBRUARY.

    That devilish general has long been described as one of Russia’s two finest generals, along with his totalitarian half-brother, General January. They are suitably disrespectful to the Kremlin, are definitely global terrorists and it is high time that Nancy Pelosi issued a ‘kill order’.

    The fact that she might kill off all the trees that actively need a deep freeze in the winter to stay healthy is probably a bit above her pay grade……

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