The Beginning of the End – R.I.P. USA

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On July 4, 1776 it all began, and on December 14, 2020 this great experiment in Democracy came to an end.

“We the People” failed to carry out our civic duty and hold our elected officials accountable. Instead we were far more concerned with our iPods and other trinkets that entertain us. Sad that we didn’t realize that our LOSS of FREEDOM would be the price we pay either by choice OR under the jackboot of TYRANNY! Get ready America. Sad, sad times ahead I fear for us all.

AmeriKa has been a Banana Republic at least for the past 20 years and more likely longer. “We The People” FAILED in our civic duty to hold our elected representatives accountable and now we are paying the price. Corruption and greed are the call of the day. It’s not what you do but who you are. Us serfs get locked away. The lords and ladies up on Dung Hill get reprimanded, a slap on the hands, and told not to do it again….or at least if they do, then don’t draw media attention. What an absolute FARCE! And their attitude towards “We The People”?

Answer: LOL Let the peasants eat cake!

Problem is they don’t give us cake at all but only crumps. What sad times we live in and what a sad state our people and our nation is in.

– Benito Lorez


The picture is not that rosy. Communists took charge of big countries twice in the last century and the consequences were far more drastic than a change in lifestyle. Over one hundred million people died by the hand of government and the rest lost every bit of freedom. Those of us who are too complacent to fight now don’t realize that the opportunity to fight at all is about to disappear.

– T.C.

In the UK the media is either censored or toeing the US media line that there is no evidence of the Democrat fraud and Donald is just a bad loser.

If the law is not upheld and the correct result declared, I can see one of two things happening. The Republican states and indeed any honest state will leave the Union. Maybe the beginning of this process will finally draw some attention for outside the USA as to why this might be happening and it brings a resolution. If not then there will be a new Central States of America.

The other option is a left vs right civil war. Von Klausewitz described war as the pursuit of politics by other means. If you can’t have an honest vote then it needs to be settled another way.

– Gerry England

This country has definitely become divided. Not sure what’s going to happen over the next 4 years if everything becomes too expensive guess most everyone middle class and below will have to resort to wellfare! Seems that’s what they want!

– Brad H.

Everyone waiting for a Archduke Ferdinand moment, and there hasn’t been one. We probably need one….

– Hoopman Greg


I remained hopeful during the Obama Administration that the Nation would survive, but I don’t feel the same under Harris/Biden. (From the pace of decline in Venezuela I’d estimate we have 5-10 years left, at most.) But given how entangled all the world’s finances are it won’t be just the US that implodes; it will be the world in a financial collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a cake walk. And that may be the Silver Lining in this Dark Cloud – when Governments can’t borrow or print money to buy off the people and people are forced to learn self-reliance, the value of hard work, the worth of a penny and how useless most Governments and politicians really are, they may reorganize and form new governments, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of what they burned to the ground with their votes and greed. Or we may get lucky and get hit by another meteor that takes out all life on Earth like it did the dinosaurs.

– Bob N.


Its called the New World Order (aka Great Reset) by the elite. Their goal is by 2030 you will own nothing (and apparently be happy). Yes, total enslavement with Gates microchip for a cashless society. This is exactly what the Bible predicts for the End Times.

– Tina

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  1. This will only happen if We Americans allow it to go to completion. Remember, we are 30+ million Veterans and Others armed with 600 + million weapons and billions of rounds of ammo. And NO, the US Military as a whole will not move against us. You will know the time – the Archduke Ferdinand moment.

  2. Yes, the great experiment in individual freedom has ended with a coup d’etat perpetrated by the Left and enabled by the feckless, gutless Republican legislatures in the “swing” states who could have taken things into their hands when it became abundantly clear that the election had been stolen in those states, but chose instead to sit on their hands and watch the death of the Republic, being unwilling to rock the boat and apparently thinking that they will be able to preserve their sinecures, despite what is coming. They will be rounded up with the rest of us, though it may be several years, if we are lucky. China has won.

  3. For those following the ongoing reveals of massive, blatant voter fraud, it should be obvious that Joseph Robinette Biden will certainly NOT be sworn in as President come January 20th.
    Do not be surprised as the tsunami of undeniable data – possibly unveiled by DNI Ratcliffe this coming Friday – upends decades of entrenched subversion in American government entities (amongst many other institutions).

  4. I don’t know that I agree with the concept that we “failed to do our civic duty” to prevent this from happening. It is more like some of us (me at least) are at a loss for how to make that happen.

    I for one voted and did so honestly… and watched and waited while seeing one legal challenge after another fail due to the damn legislators, poll officials, governors, and judges fail to do their duty.

    Just WHAT are you suggesting that we could do that would “hold our elected officials accountable”??

    I don’t like the idea of splitting the country up much… but mostly because I am in a state that (fraudulently) “flipped” to blue so it wouldn’t be on the right side. As an older disabled person… on a fixed income… moving anywhere is very hard. Last time I did it (1.5 years ago)… I had to get help from 2 family members but they are 3K miles away and not likely willing to volunteer to help again. Plus Texas is the closest warm (and in the western part dry) place to me… and while I admire their spirit… I am not keen on the idea of moving to any place that gets tornadoes (yikes!) Besides there was a great effort in TX to try to turn that state blue this year too… so nothing would be guaranteed.

    • All it takes is for good people to shut up and obey the law. The bad people like it that way.
      No opposition. Even if you could make a legal case for stopping the bad people and their bad laws and policies you still need enforcement and without that nothing changes for the better and that requires taking serious risks. The first and second amendment are only good if they are used and enforced properly otherwise they are lines of text in a document deemed by the bad people to be a joke or something to be ignored with impunity as usual.

  5. The USA as founded may indeed RIP.

    We now live in a true democracy also known as mob rule, whatever group pushes the hardest and for you to vote for them or else, now runs the country. When there is widespread corruption all over, the gop actually gained congressional seats, trump won all the bellweather counties and won hispanics and blacks in greater nucmbers than ever before but still he lost and the country accepted it and went back to their phones ? this is a country that cannot be saved and even washington, jefferson and franklin would agree if they were around to witness 2020.

    from here, you can expect your economic opportunity to flatline or decline, the average life expectency to decline, the crime rate to skyrocket and you to be silenced for saying anything not approved of by the group.

    i can only apologize to veterans that fought for this country, that this is the country they have fought for.

    • Sorry but Trump had 4 years to do mass arrests and bolstered about it but did nothing. He and your voters have yourselves to blame for being lazy about the ‘criminals that run free’. None of you locked the cell doors! Did you think they’d stay there on their own? The jail fence isn’t good enough they scaled it!

  6. I just got finished re-reading Atlas Shrugged…the similarities between it and the present day situation is chilling. Where are the Hank Reardons and Dagny Taggerts of the day?

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        “If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders – What would you tell him?”

        “I…don’t know. What…could he do? What would you tell him?”

        “To shrug.”

        Ayn Rand – “Atlas Shrugged “

      • The Captive Mind illustrates the Soviet strategy of winning over the passive minds of the mass public, and the tactics of the victims who adapt by activating their own minds.

        In a room where
        people unanimously maintain
        a conspiracy of silence,
        one word of truth
        sounds like a pistol shot.

        The Communist iron curtain of hopelessness fell quickly in post war Poland, and Ketman became necessary. While persecution forced the Poles to conceal their antipathy for their Soviet masters,
        Milosz describes another soul-destroying effect. For the intellectuals participating in Soviet Realism’s propaganda fraud, their conspiracy was no longer imposed from the outside, it was internalized. Using the metaphor of actors, Milosz observes, “After long acquaintance with his role, a man grows into it so closely that he can no longer differentiate his true self from the self he simulates.” Cognitive dissonance is the tool of totalitarians. This works perfectly well for the Soviet masters of the artists who succumbed to pragmatism.
        The compromises become endless, active minds become passive and degraded, and lives of reason, purpose and pride become impossible.
        Milosz writes,
        “Are Americans really stupid?” I was asked, in Warsaw. If only the people in the West really understood the mechanism of the “great Stalinist epoch,” and if only they would act accordingly! Everything would seem to indicate that they do not understand. That mechanism was fragile, yet American education elites harbor no gratitude that America exists.
        Since the 1960s, the American revision is cultural Marxism. Compulsory education inoculates students from critical thinking skills, the heights of human potential, and the depths of depravity. There are no heroes to emulate outside politics and entertainment, the Soviet Great Terror is ignored, and history is being erased.
        Instead of Soviet Realism propaganda, we have modern art and CNN for avoiding reality. The academic enthusiasm for anti-concepts like multiculturalism, subjective rights, inequality, climate change, diversity, and speech codes round out the cultivation of passive minds.

        On the sanctity of human life, Milosz’ poem Encounter reads –
        We were riding through frozen fields in a wagon at dawn. A red wing rose in the darkness.
        And suddenly a hare ran across the road. One of us pointed to it with his hand.
        That was long ago. Today neither of them is alive. Not the hare, nor the man who made the gesture.
        Oh my love, where are they, where are they going? The flash of a hand, streak of movement, rustle of pebble
        I ask not out of sorrow, but in wonder.

        Above copied from:
        Reliving Ayn Rand’s ‘We the Living’
        A Gen Z and Millennial Guide to
        the 2020 Election and Beyond – MARK T. SHUPE

  7. I really am worried about my friends in usa
    the ohbummer years were bad enough, Trump started to sort it but he needed the next 4 yrs.
    the early start on Patriots being the bad guys…?
    is a big warning of whats likely to follow;-(

  8. Some people believe that COVID-19 was released for global population reduction.
    It works!
    In my “village” one person died.
    139 woman are pregnant!

  9. A tale of two cities! We split our time between two locations. Our friends, neighbors in the ‘city’ are mostly brainwashed, hopelessly lost to CNN, etc. Our friends, neighbors in the rural setting, all are acutely aware of systemic deception in one or more areas of the ‘system’, and deeply concerned!

  10. Can you blame yourself or others for not breaking the law? The DA or the Judge won’t blame you for not killing the media and the government for their less than sterling service. Just keep obeying the laws and voting for the selected candidates and don’t get upset son. You really have no choice or you are done. Go with the flow and don’t make waves. Watch what you say or they will call you a racist or a conspiracy theorist. You will lose your minimum wage job, your home, your wife and kids and be an outcast. Oh they love to shame you or intimidate you into uniformity. They will turn you into a PC officer just like your wife or girl friend as the price of keeping your job and reputation. Sign up, be glad to feel respectable. Line up and get that vaccine and pet chip, just like the rest of the sheep.
    Oh yes that episode of global warming denial; we might be willing to let that slide if you agree with us on climate change. Say it man! Your breath causes climate change.
    What will it be yes or no? It is just a word. Say the right one and you are in like Flint.
    In the sheep pen actually. Next please.
    If the people in the 13 colonies behaved like they do today they would be just like the British are today. Disarmed, silenced, impoverished and racially homeless and going extinct. All it takes is for people to shut up and obey the law. It allows bad people to make the laws.

    • Steven – I agree with your sentiment, generally, but want to draw out your statement, “If the people in the 13 colonies behaved like they do today they would be just like the British are today.” To me, and I don’t want to put words in your mouth, your statement implies that taking action may require a majority of citizens, and I don’t think that is true.

      Many people today do actually act as the majority of colonists did then. There was a very positive outcome despite this, however.

      Some basic numbers and facts to make a point–i.e. it didn’t take nearly a majority in order to initiate change (Revolution then, Evolution(?) now).

      Historians have generally used the Adams’ account of events, or the 1/3 observation: 1/3 of the population was for the Revolution, 1/3 were neutral, and 1/3 were Loyalists and, therefore, belligerent to revolution activities (I would suggest that this is likely similar breakdown of today’s political landscape.) The support for Revolution didn’t include a majority of citizens at all–nor did it include a majority to fight to attain victory.

      Adams, according to some accounts, may have actually overestimated the number of supporters of the Revolution.

      Some historians have suggested that as much as 40-45% of the population was against the Crown–this was likely, however, estimates of support when the fighting actually began and more likely represents support toward the end of hostilities.

      Observations/statistics gaining more popularity are that only 20% or so of the colonists were actually initially enthusiastic enough to join the cause. Why is this important? It’s proof that it doesn’t take a majority to get results, it just takes a very determined minority.

      Also, we see that all of this wasn’t/isn’t possible without a very determined leadership. There were only 53 signatories to the Declaration of Independence. Some were tortured and hung, many had their farms raided and burned to the ground, some lost sons to the war, and others went bankrupt. But, they knew the consequences and accepted them anyway so that we could gain our independence and live free of English tyranny.

      It will take real leadership/personalities, some group of men and women with the “audacity” to put everything on the line to lead the rest of us to action in order to retain our Republic. Pence maybe in his role as President of the Senate on Jan 6 , Gen Flynn?! Lt. Col. West?!

      We don’t need a majority of citizens, or even a majority of the (likely) 80M+ Trump voters to effect change. We just need that determined minority led by an unselfish, patriotic leadership.

  11. I am in a bullsh*t “medical” business that is considered essential. The large corporations that control my “profession” are all worried about law suits and have all type of bullsh*t rules which restrict access (they could not care less about the ignorant stupid “patient”……and neither could I); That means I am doing fantastic. Over the last months, since the bullsh*t shutdowns of April, my sales are about 2 times normal. I love it (bought a C8).

    My point? 90% of the peoples are stupid as F. Sorry. They are. Most likely you are. Why should someone like me, who see the BIGGER PICTURE, suffer for the Goyin that REFUSE to look, listen, or learn? The first 50 years of my life I cared about the poor, the meek, the stupid, the lazy, the retards that GOD created.I bought into the myths of “religion”….Sorry. I have woken up. F them. I have another 15 years to live. I enjoy my life. I am making more money that I can spend, (unless I want to hire 2-3 call girls at a time)…The Public, be it “Ammmurrrrrican” or the suicidal White of Europe, are going to get exactly what they deserve with they revolting religion of “equality”. When Sweden is 50% North African, talk to me about equality.

    Because of this fake Covid BS (to get rid of TRUMP) I have made more money, since April. than ever in my life. Am I to care about the vapid fools who believe this? F them.

  12. Problem lies with Trump refusing to provide us (the public) evidence. We can guess and we can hand pick story after story but until the evidence makes it into the hands of a judge that says yes or no it will not count.

    So far Trump has been turned away everywhere even the Supreme Court either they don’t like the evidence he presents or he doesn’t have good enough evidence.

    Another possibility is he may be just as sore loser as Biden! What I mean is dishonesty exists on BOTH sides. Both sides are so used to it they are playing dirty with each other while the rest of us is caught in the middle of the shit flying! To them it’s normal.

    Trump was a New York punk most of his life and he still has that posture and attitude with it which fuels the media to spin the stories and judges not to want to deal with him.

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