The blizzard of Oz? VIDEO of kangaroos frolicking in the snow goes viral

12 Aug 2019 – Record snowfall in Australia

Shot by Sydney man Stephen Grenfell near a sheep farm outside Goulburn, about 121 miles west of Sydney, a large mob of kangaroos was spotted frolicking in the snow. The video has already racked up more than 700,000 views.

“Not something you see every day in Australia,” said Grenfell. “Kangaroos in the snow.”

After strong winds and freezing winter conditions swept across three south-eastern states, parts of the country experienced rare snowfall.

The snowfall also led to road closures outside of Sydney, while the cold caused flight cancellations and power cuts in about 10,000 homes in the south of the country.

Meanwhile, record snowfall hit the Bathurst and Blue Mountains, with Perisher and Thredbo also seeing plenty of fresh powder.

Victoria’s snowfields were also hit with more than a meter (more than 3 ft) of snow over the weekend, with more expected early this morning.

The Bureau of Meteorology said it had been the most low-level snow recorded across Victoria in more than a decade. -temperatures-throughout-vic-qld-sa-news/8e72d7fc-5c5b-4518-b69a-341a910e4a21

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12 thoughts on “The blizzard of Oz? VIDEO of kangaroos frolicking in the snow goes viral”

  1. Interesting comment by the person posting the video – “Posting the clip, he wrote: “Not something you see every day in Australia. Kangaroos in the snow.””

    What he really meant was not something you see in this locality – snow – the kangaroos are always here, the snow not so much.

  2. Climate panic merchants will call this “heavy Australian Snow” , isn’t that an OxyMoron ? a sign of climate change derrr! and global heating .
    How do these “Scientists” turn a supposed “accelerating global heating ” into the cause of more snow and severe cold especially in Australia which is the one place you would not expect to see this transpire ?
    Well the theory goes or wild assertion (same thing) that the increasing global temperature ( which has been virtually stable or declining for at least the last 18 years + ) evaporates more water into the air creating more water vapor which I agree would happen but there the theory I believe collapses .
    With more warm water vapor in the atmosphere would you not expect a lot more warm rain than polar blasts and cold snow ?
    Where does the supposed heat go from the freezing water vapor (snow) ? And the whole of Australia is experiencing temperatures below normal so this is not “Weather” over such a vast continent as Australia is .
    Other examples are this years Russian “summer” , Sweden, Norway and other parts of Europe have experienced lower than normal temperatures over vast areas with a FMI Meteorologist Jari Tuovinen exclaiming “There is no heat out there.”
    And why is there no heat out there ? Because the earth is cooling through our natural radiator , the Arctic !
    The Arctic has “warmed” over the last few years , yes , the reason being as vast quantities of cold air dip south especially during the North winter , warm air from the south invades the North to replace it and heats it up slightly , but that air in the dark clear Arctic skies radiates all that heat out into space ultimately cooling the earth.

  3. Frolicking in the snow. Nice way to put ‘man thats cold, keep hopping to keep your feet out of the stuff guys!’

    • Hi Tina. Your comment put me into other perspective. Maybe the poor kangaroos were really cold, so they had to hop to keep them warm. That would be disturbing. They were not actually celebrating, but freezing!

  4. Not really a huge mob. One person I went to Uni with 30 years ago talked of riding around mobs of up to many thosuands in western NSW on dirt bikes. Kangaroo’s are certainely not endangered.

  5. -3C at 7 am at Kenthurst NSW this morning , as well as the last 2 days. The weather people would say this area is 1-4 degree’s.

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