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The coming ice age could be just one winter away
Robert Felix argues convincingly that, rather than runaway heating due to humans’ burning fossil fuels, the world is much more likely to face rapid onset of the next ice age in the near future.

“Metres of snow every day for months on end”, as seems to have occurred before, would kill everyone in northern countries – Russia, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia, northern Britain, Canada, northern USA – from Moscow to Seattle – in just a few days.

Elementary risk analysis shows that, at the very least, detailed studies of possible counter-measures and even preparations for a “crash program” are URGENTLY needed.

Governments have already spent hundreds of millions, supposedly to avert global warming, yet even the worst-case risk is decades away.

The coming ice age could be just one winter away.

Dr. Patrick Collins, Azabu University, Japan
and Collaborating Researcher with the Institute
for Space & Astronautical Science

* * * * *
Having read your book NOT BY FIRE BUT BY ICE, started me on a journey of studying the global cooling affect. Recently I purchased the DVD with your speech at the Portland Preparedness Center and was equally impressed with the information that you provided in your presentation. Not being a science type person, I rely on information from others to provide the education that I am lacking, and your dedication and knowledge hopefully will be shared among many, as even in the southwest desert (Pahrump, NV up in the mountains west of Las Vegas), the cooler spring and summer so far, has greatly helped my garden.

If I may suggest, the information on global cooling is absolutely a must for anyone that wants to learn what is coming and is here in many parts of the world. Another book on the actual ramifications for society in general, and what the outcome most likely will be, would be of benefit. Preparation is what it is all about, and time for us is getting shorter and shorter. Thank you for your great work and your information.

– Gary Lee James

* * * * *

NEXUS magazine (Australia) reviews
Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps
Oct 2010 – “Felix’s book is crucial to providing missing links in our understanding of natural cycles. Read it before it’s too late!”
See NEXUS magazine reviews Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps

* * * * *
How many cold anomalies will it take?
21 Dec 10 – I just finished “Not By Fire, But By Ice.” I suggested it to my meteorology professors at Florida State University where I studied meteorology/climate. (It’s 39°F in Tallahassee.)
See How many cold anomalies will it take?

* * * * *
Everyone Should Read Two Books by Robert W. Felix
By Lou Guzzo
29 Aug 10 – For the truth about what is happening the world over and the extraordinarily serious weather conditions, I am once again moved to recommend that people in the U.S. and everywhere else in the world look to the truth about what is happening in two of the most important books written in this century.
See Everyone Should Read Two Books by Robert Felix

* * * * *
Italian geologist thinks the way I do
24 Dec 10 – Saying that I agree with your ideas is restrictive: I think the same things you said!”
See Italian geologist thinks the way I do

* * * * *
Not by Fire but by Ice “a fantastic book” says geologist
17 Jan 11 – “I  have to say that Not by Fire was a fantastic book, easy to read, fast moving, and well footnoted,” says geologist.
See Not by Fire but by Ice a fantastic book

* * * * *
Men like you make a difference.
Bought your book at Amazon a while back after listening to you on Noory’s radio program.  Reality seems to support your view in toto.  Great work during the onslaught of political correctness.  When you are right you are right!  Thanks. Men like you make a difference.
Patrick Finegan, Oakton, VA
* * * * *

I love your books.  I think you have a better handle on things than many with high powered educational credentials.

Rob Decker

* * * * *
Global warming a scam
Have you ever picked up a book, read the preface or back cover and just knew this was something you had been waiting for? Well, that is the way both my husband and I feel about your book. He has his Masters in Education and I have my Juris Doctorate in Law.

I have never thought much of the data surrounding the global warming issue. I have always felt it was a scam. The very thing that was missing is the thing you discuss in length in your book Not by Fire—volcanism.

We are both looking forward to reading your recent book. I just had to let you know.
Percetta Speight-Marrs

* * * * *
Easy to read, fast moving, well footnoted
I just finished “Not by Fire, But by Ice” and am getting ready to start on “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.”  I  have to say that Not by Fire was a fantastic book, easy to read, fast moving, and well footnoted.  I’m not quite completely freaked out right now, but I am certainly in a heightened state of awareness.

I have passed your book onto one of my colleagues and hopefully we will get this through my entire office before we are done.

Thanks for the book, and keep up the good work on your website.
Jim Weeg, Project Geologist

* * * * *
I love Not by Fire but by Ice
29 Mar 10 – You have no idea how much I have enjoyed your book, “Not by Fire but by Ice”. I love it. I am a big believer that the Holocene period is close to a end. When the ice age happens I don’t see how 90% plus of the bipeds are not taken out.
See I love Not by Fire but by Ice
Carl Gall

* * * * *
Right on point and relevant
I read your book (Not by Fire but by Ice) with great interest. It is excellent. It’s right on point and it’s relevant.
E. J. Smith, Managing Director
Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd

* * * * *
I loved both your books!! I have read them both twice!!
Chad Olivent

* * * * *
I absolutely love it. I got your book last nite and will read it, again, this weekend.
Dennis McCleney

* * * * *
You make much more sense than AL (the emperor is naked) Gore. Thanks for all you work on the site. I send many people to your site each week.
Randall Lange 🙂

* * * * *
I loved reading Not By Fire But By Ice.
Seldom have I come across books that are difficult to put down, but this book was definitely that. I read it in 2 days and reread it several weeks later. I also lent it coworkers to inform them also about the Global Warming Alarmists. I think you’re a Master of the subject and more people need to listen.

I am a simple man by many measures and you were able to convey far-reaching geo-physical concepts quite handily. Your writing style is very engaging and informative. This book needs to put into the hands of many more people.

I have just ordered Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps as well and look forward to reading it.

Thank you Robert for your research and compassion. You are not being given the credit or exposure that you deserve.
Kenneth Page

* * * * *
You have a fabulous site— I have emailed much of your material to others– Keep up the good work.
Fred Manfredi

* * * * *
4th or 5th issue that I have purchased
This is probably the 4th or 5th issue of “Not by Fire but by Ice” that I have purchased. I keep loaning them out don’t get them back. Hopefully they are making the rounds. I also keep telling people of your website.

I was not the least bit interested in global warming until  I stumbled across your book. It was the first thing I had read that actually made some sense. I really enjoyed it.

Keep up the good work. You have the best website on the net.
Gordy Engesmoe

* * * * *
Thank you for your wonderful website.
Margaret McKee Huey
BS Geology, Vanderbilt University

* * * * *
Really difficult to put down
Greetings from Finland and keep up the good work. Your diligent research and dedication to the theories you have put in place should surely award you with an honorary PhD.

About half a year ago, I read  both your books while on holiday in Thailand and let me tell you, they were really difficult to put down – very well written.
Andy Patel

* * * * *
Thanks for your wonderful work.
I just ordered Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, I hope it is as good as Not by Fire but by Ice. I am a Park Ranger in Northern Idaho where we have shoveled a lot of snow so far this year and it keeps accumulating. Can’t stop dwelling on the message in your first book as I shovel and plow every day! I’m originally from Gig Harbor, Washington. I returned there this Christmas to visit family and friends and there was more snow! During the visit my mother (age 77) read Not by Fire but by Ice and was impressed. Now my son, who will be graduating from University of Hawaii with a BS this spring is reading the book. He has been on the global warming band wagon due to the nature of his studies. This will be a test to see if his mind is still open. Thanks for your wonderful work.
Jeff Smith

* * * * *
As a geologist …
Here’s a letter that I received today from a geologist who
agrees with my assessment as to what triggers ice ages.

* * * * *
Well worth the time to read
Mr. Felix,
I have been a skeptic about global warming caused by man almost from the beginning.  Natural cycles over the millenniums seemed more sensible.   After hearing your recent interview on Coast to Coast I decided that your books would be well worth the time to read:  ordered “Not by Fire” and “Magnetic Reversals” from your web site today.

You should know that at our local Borders in Oak Brook, IL, Not by Fire is not stocked but used copies can be ordered.  The 1999 hard copy is offered at “from $15.95” and the 1997 soft cover is “from $62.90”.  I will take good care of my copies.
Charles Shemely

* * * * *
Thanks for ‘iceagenow’
Email from a reader
27 May 10 – Hi Robert, I am a long time visitor to ‘iceagenow’. I really enjoy reading and visiting all the links. I cannot imagine all the work that goes into it.

It is pretty scary to realize how the IPCC operates. How large masses of people take their word as ‘gospel’, and how reputable scientists are ignored or aggressively attacked in the media because their views differ from that of the official line adopted by the IPCC.
See Thanks for ‘iceagenow’

* * * * *
It’s getting colder, not warmer says Alan Caruba
See Caruba Review

* * * * * *
I hope your sales go sky high.
“I was charmed and delighted by your discussion of the fate of all those wooly mammoths. I am sure you are emphasizing something very important with the underwater volcanic activity. I hope your sales go sky high.
John E. Sanders, Professor Emeritus of Geology,
Barnard College, Columbia University, and author
of Principles of Physical Geology

* * * * *
“A must read! Fascinating.
Forget global warming! You’ll shudder every time you see a snowflake! Earth changes have been massive. A volcano has virtually wiped out the island nation of Montserrat. Massive droughts/floods have swept many nations. What’s ahead will be even stronger . . . [and] could significantly affect commodity markets & inflation rate.
The International Harry Schultz Letter

* * * * * *
Shocks your liver away from its moorings
Not by Fire but by Ice shocks your liver away from its moorings, it is that riveting. [Felix’s] journey into the whys and wherefores of climatic anomalies should make for more front page news than the death of Princes Di or the passing of Mother Teresa. A ten-inch rain—turned into snow—would mean 100 inches of snow a day [and] could bring down every roof in Vancouver, Moose Jaw or Fargo. Indeed, thousands of cattle frozen to death on both sides of the Canadian line last winter suggest a tip-toe beginning.”
Charles Walters, Acres USA

* * * * * *
Well-documented, fascinating and shocking
“A well-documented, fascinating and shocking book I found it easy to agree with you.”
Dr. Louis Thompson, Climatologist and
Professor Emeritus, Iowa State University

* * * * * *
Fascinating. A great book. I agree with my good friend Dr. Louie Thompson of Iowa State, that it’s easy to agree with your shocking conclusions. I, too, believe that we will soon see a new major ice age advance over the northern crop regions of this hemisphere.”
Cliff Harris, Applied Climatologist,
and co-author of Harris-Mann Reports

See the Harris-Mann web page at
(Editor’s note: Cliff Harris is ranked as one of the top ten climatologists in the world.)

* * * * * *
A most remarkable survey
“A most remarkable survey of the literature of the geologic past to attempt to delineate what natural processes may show us of our climatic future. Felix’s central theme—that we are approaching the end of this Holocene Interglacial—is, I think, quite correct. Since we have used up the usual time of past interglacials, it is possible that our current Little Ice Age could turn into the Next Major Glaciation.”
Jack Sauers, Research Geologist

* * * * * *
[This] blockbuster should be read by all Americans
“[This] blockbuster should be read by all Americans whose children are being brainwashed into believing that Western Civilization, internal combustion engines, and hair spray are going to lead to “global warming,” parched earth and famine. Scientifically sensible. This is not a political book. But its impact bares naked the global warming and environmental extremist theories that are being used by liberal politicians to accumulate wealth and to seize power and control over the lives of their fellow human beings.”
Bob Dill, Publisher, The Times Examiner, Greenville, SC

* * * * * *
An easy, enjoyable, and fascinating read
“The book should be a best seller, although it may not be politically correct to acknowledge the relatively feeble impact of man relative to the long-term episodic forces of nature. An easy, enjoyable, and fascinating read.”
Dr. Daniel A. Walker, Seismologist, Retired,
University of Hawaii at Manoa

* * * * * *
Reminiscent of Carl Sagan’s wonderful books
“Congratulations. Your excellent writing style is reminiscent of Carl Sagan’s wonderful books. Your contention that mighty planetary forces working on a regular cycle control our climate is credible and logical. Whether your conclusions regarding our imminent peril are right or wrong, your book is worth reading just for the wealth of information about earth science that you provide.”
Jeffrey P. Harris, Executive Director,
People for the West

* * * * * *
A book the entire world should read—before it’s too late. With thorough research and good science, Felix demolishes the myth that humans are responsible for the planet’s ills. We should act wisely and quickly to save the human race by heeding the truth about geomagnetic reversals and the coming ice age. Logical. Compelling.”
Lou Guzzo, Author, with Dixy Lee Ray, of
Trashing the Planet and former managing
editor of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

* * * * * *
Talk about thought provoking! You made a believer out of me. Your theory about magnetic reversals and the coming ice age really makes sense. I think you’ve come up with the most plausible explanation of what killed the dinosaurs.”
-Bette Filley, Author of The Big Fact Book About Mount Rainier

* * * * * *
This guy has done his homework! As soon as word gets out about this book, it will be an instant best-seller. Felix builds his case by methodically going through all the evidence that has been amassed on geomagnetic reversals and excursions, periods of increased volcanism, mean sea levels, heavy metal deposition, ice ages and periods of increased glaciation, mass extinctions, and the periodicity of these events in context of our planet, our solar system, and our galaxy. He also debunks several of the popular myths such as asteroid impact and the current greenhouse gas theory.

Felix’s research is exhaustive – 28 page bibliography (in a 10-point font) – and his documentation is equal to that you might expect from a doctoral thesis. No hand waving explanations here. And yet the book is written in an easy to follow, logical progression that leads the reader to the conclusion that we are on the verge of the next great period of glaciation, if not in the beginning of it. His sobering conclusion is that when it happens, it happens all at once, not over thousands or millions of years. Just imagine nine stories of snow in a day. Think it’s impossible? Think again.

You need to read this now.

I’ve arranged to get at least 10 more copies of this book to send to people I know will be able to appreciate it. Eighteen dollars for a personalized autographed copy with free shipping is a steal ( I’m going to get mine now before demand is so great that this kind of personal service is impossible.
John J. Bottorff, Nashville, TN USA

* * * * * *
Compelled me to read more
“I was skeptical when I began reading Not by Fire but by Ice. But I found a book so well-researched and interesting that it compelled me to read more. By the time I finished I was persuaded that the next ice age could begin any day. My son, a ninth grader, was also intrigued. He grabbed the book before I could and would not part with it until he finished. As a former high school science teacher, I think this book will fascinate readers from ninth grade through adult.”
Mary Young, former high school science teacher

* * * * * *
The only book I would consider a must read. Makes more common sense than “meteor collisions” or “man-made” ecological disaster. Religious readers and writers may become the strongest supporters of ice age calamity and magnetic field reversal. Certainly this Christian writer is such a believer.”
Bob Olson, Reviewer, and Author of
Memories with a Christmas Attitude

* * * * *
A well-written, fact-filled, sometimes humorous book. Felix states his case well and gives readers something to think about. I found the book interesting and recommend it. This guy has done his homework! As soon as word gets out about this book, it will be an instant best-seller.”
Jean Peerenboom, Green Bay Press-Gazette

* * * * *
I am still working on reading your book (Not by Fire But By Ice). The first few chapters I read out loud to my wife because it was so fascinating.
Lee Wilson

* * * * *
Hello from one of your fans. I’ve listened to you several times on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory. I like your message and I agree with what you have to say about global warming being a hoax and how we’re in a period of global COOLING. And I studied environmental science too! I remember learning about how the earth goes in cycles of heating and cooling in one of my geology classes.
Alicia Stender

* * * * *
I love your website and share it with as many people as possible.
Cathy Burke

* * * * * *
We are now at the edge of a cycle
At the end of the year, perhaps we should take some time out to consider the end of mankind?

That’s what Robert W. Felix has been doing, gathering a vast array of scientific fact and conjecture in Not by Fire but by Ice. We have been inundated by claims that global warming will destroy the earth or at least humanity, but Felix believes that another ice age is more likely to wreak havoc and it will be caused by the heating of the oceans by vast numbers of underwater volcanic activity and triggered by a reversal of the magnetic poles.

Before you dismiss this as just  another claim about the climate, it must be noted that what scientists do know is that vast, identified cycles of activity occur and, among them, are ice ages. The last one ended about 11,500 years ago and we are now at the edge of a cycle that will proceed the next one. Moreover, it is known that the earth’s magnetic poles have reversed in the past and, each time, they seemed to trigger an ice age.

I cannot do justice to the extensive facts cited to underwrite the author’s views and I cannot dismiss them either. Anyone interested in the issues concerning the earth’s climate and its past will want to read this interesting book.
Review by Alan Caruba

* * * * * *
The Myth of Greenhouse Gases
Phil Brennan
Feb 23, 2005
“Listen up. This is very important.

“In fact, the global warmiacs couldn’t be further from the truth. As I argued in my January 13 column, Let Eyes See and Ears Hear, and in my 1997 investigative report, “Global Warming or Globaloney,” high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are indeed a dire warning that something very unpleasant is about to befall our planet and those of us who reside here, but it has nothing to do with global warming.

“Precisely the opposite: It is both the harbinger and the cause of a coming new ice age.
“Now comes Robert W. Felix, who in his book “Not by Fire but by Ice” argues persuasively that it is not global warming but ocean warming that is pushing CO2 levels through the roof.

“According to Felix, the oceans are warming as the result of widespread underwater volcanic activity, which he thoroughly documents. He adds that “We’ve forgotten that this isn’t the first time our seas have warmed. Sea temperatures also shot upward 10º to 18ºF just prior to the last ice age. As the oceans warmed, evaporation increased. The excess moisture then fell to the ground as giant blizzards, giant storms and floods (Noah’s Deluge type floods), and a new ice age began.”

“And he warns, “The same thing is happening today. “Our seas, heated by underwater volcanism, are leading us directly into the next ice age … and we don’t even know it.
“The book is an easy read, even though it is crammed full of technical detail that Felix manages to explain even to scientific dunderheads like me.

“Felix emphasizes that the record proves that we are on the verge of the onset of a new ice age. “Ice ages begin and end abruptly every 11,500 years. First comes an enormous flood, a Noah’s Deluge type of flood, which ends the previous ice age. Then comes a period of warmth similar to today’s … which lasts about 11,500 years. Then the next ice age begins – catastrophically.

“He emphasizes over and over again that the onset of an ice age is both sudden and violent, lasting about 20 years, and anyone paying attention to what is happening to our planet will understand that we are probably somewhere in that 20-year period now. When it ends, huge numbers of us will go extinct, just as did the dinosaurs, and just as rapidly and as violently.

“Anyone who reads this blockbuster of a book and pays attention to his regularly updated Web site will understand just what we face, and will come away with a feeling of absolute contempt for those politically inspired global-warming advocates who are lulling many of our fellow human beings into dangerous complacency.

“The threat is here; the threat is now. “

* * * * * *
Order Not by Fire but by Ice

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