The child prodigy Greta has spoken – Video

“Greta says she never endorses anybody, but she is endorsing Joe Biden, because he can prevent bad weather.”
– Tony Heller

Greta Thunberg is 17 years old and lives in Sweden

Here’s an insightful video from Tony on this subject.


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this video

“Maybe it would be a good idea is Greta would meet with Joe Biden in person,” says Argiris. “Once she has had his hands all over her body, I wonder if she would still would continue to endorse him.”

12 thoughts on “The child prodigy Greta has spoken – Video”

  1. …hands+ all over his body… expect there is lots of hidden history in that homo-pedo-trans climate scam show/theatre.
    Human Extinction! Hollywood Celebrities Go Full Greta Thunberg & Demand RADICAL Transformation!
    Remember just one year ago in NY…

    It’s Your Funeral – Stand up now
    267,059 views • Oct 5, 2020 • Amazing Poly

    I’m starting to think that maybe they are setting up, America at least, for some ‘2nd half/last half’ feel good, [we stood up to the medical / climate industrial complex tyranny trannies] end of a giant psyop depop and agitprop glurge sideshow in history as we slide into solar cycle 25 and beyond. Sort of an engineered ending/start Great Reset of a badnews bears, starwars blow up the ‘deathstar’ big win at the end by the underdogs tear jerker with all the multi-letter multi-coloured stooges standing around hugging each other tear jerker without masks like in some old I’d like to buy the world a Coca-Cola commercial. I can almost see it now. Buy Coke [stock] while it’s still cheap.

    • I have to admit it made me shudder too, hes ultra touchy BUT only the little girls ignored the boys utterly
      and i see Hillarys there in a lot of the clips, but then shed be used to seeing Bill groping anything female that stands still I guess

  2. Who claims Greta is a prodigy ?
    And how ?
    And why ?
    With what evidence ?

    How about a Nobel for
    arrogant, ignorant noise making ?

  3. Gretta: All will agree that the world lock-down has reduced human CO2 by at least 10% (If not more) Obviously, that 10% drop of CO2, for what seems like a year, should show up on the Mauna Loa Co2 charts by now. However, I can’t help but notice that there is absolutely no change in the rate! See:

    Don’t waste our time trying to explain why CO2 continues to climb, for “We” already know that Humans produce only a tiny fraction of the CO2 increases. Humans could stop all CO2 production and CO2 would continue to climb as if Humans never existed. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to waste time or money trying to fix a “Natural Event” (Also known as a Hoax)!

  4. Pardon me but I would like to know EXACTLY what tool and process Biden is supposed to use to control the weather.
    I would like to see a complete moratorium on geoengineering and all the harmful patents related to it declared null and void. But even then we will still get hurricanes and people will suspect foul play from Governments when in actual fact there isn’t any.
    I believe Greta is completely in the dark about geoengineering and her faith in Biden is based on superstition and magical thinking not science.
    All in all a very ignorant girl. And she is annoying.


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