The Climate Hustle – Short video with John Stossel

Stossel is concerned at how schools are indoctrinating our children with falsehoods.

Stossel brings up Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, who points out how hypocritical some activists are.

Activists (such as Leonardo DiCaprio) “just don’t walk the talk when it comes to that lifestyle. It’s like someone promoting weight loss while eating a cheeseburger.”

4 thoughts on “The Climate Hustle – Short video with John Stossel”

  1. Greetings to all concerned. We bring you tidings of gleeful joy. Things are proceeding swimmingly as we like to say here where we stay globally.

    To quote the late great Dr. Joseph Mengele:
    “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”
    ― Joseph Mengele

    This era will continue to be no different than many previous eras of eugenical/genocidal new world order resets so be sure that you remain on the right side of it, that is, this side of the grass roots so to speak.

    To ensure your safety and those of your fellow man we encourage you to relinquish your weapons of mass destruction and go along to get along like your ancestors who made it possible for you to be right here, right now in this place in history. You should well know by now that we control the narrative worldwide and that resistance is less than futile. It has always been a comply or die, might is right, kind of world.

    Please do remember that, yes, this is what is really happening… enjoy the music and heed this advice. We print the money, we own the corporations and we write the history. Live well and prosper.
    very sincerely,
    The CWNS

    Much of the reality of the day that you already well understand should be of little concern to you, you who have self selected to be among the thinkers. We like that. This operation too shall pass.

    We are not your enemy. Assimilation as you already know is mostly painless. Look for the positives. The preparations underway are very big business. We have you covered as long as you stay prepared. The NWO globalists always want to help those who want to help themselves.

  2. as soon as covid shutdowns eased here in Aus we have the extinct rebellion nutters back glueing themselves to roads blocking main cities etc
    too damned bad covid didnt remove em

    • Australia is similar to the states in that there are lots of smart people and lots of dumb people. Unfortunately, the dumb ones are the ones that rule! And here in the states we have that doubled down now that the Democreeps are running the place. We here in the states feel your pain because we got lots too.

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