The cold is dipping lower and lower across the planet

“Coldest December on Record in China,” according to Armstrong Economics.

10 Dec 2018 – At 6 below zero C, “China is also experiencing the coldest day on record during December, and snow is falling in Beijing to Shanghai. Temperatures in China have been held under 4 below zero C on only seven December days since 2000. This is the coldest on record so far.”

“It has been in the 70s in Abu Dhabi and in Tampa Florida, so the cold is dipping lower and lower across the planet.

“The real question become,” says Armstrong, “when will people start noticing that the summers are dry and short with the winters getting colder?”

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  1. And the precip is getting higher and higher!
    Flash flood watch now for large parts of VA and NC thru Saturday due to a deep low pressure system approaching from the West. So those areas will be in the warm sector this time ahead of this system with deep layered moisture moving in from the south. That’s part of the ice age cycle – heavier, record setting snowfall and rainfall along with falling temperatures.

  2. I have a feeling the media will be reporting 2018 as “4th hottest year ever… …Earth has a fever” or something insane like that.

    Merry Christmas to Robert Felix and all the regulars here. I still remember when Robert was a lone voice in the wilderness – and people still believed Al Gore

  3. 14/12/18
    Dear Robert, I certainly agree that the world is most definitely getting colder. One exception to that strangely – is the UK, but WHY? There is a reason, but it is certainly not normal science. Have you not noticed how the BBC is always boasting of MILD WINTERS in the UK. Other weather stations say the opposite, and none of them get it right. Why? If you are going to talk of WEATHER then you also need to know about the WEATHER MACHINES that exist. One happens to be in WALES in the U.K. Lets face it, the ‘elite of the elite’ live in the South of England. They obviousLy don’t like the cold weather, as it blocks the roads for their fancy limosines and fouls up the runways with too much snow and ice for their private jets; so when it suits their purposes, they have the military pouring out the CHEMTRAILS, and switching on the HAARP macnines, and then they control the position of the JET-STREAM, in any given moment that siuts their purposes, they simply move the JET-STREAM to the north of the UK, making the UK generally mild in the winters. BUT for how long can the British weather machines hold back the coming ICE-AGE? The mini Ice-Age is already descending into most parts of the Northern Hemisphere. I have also heard for some years that the GULF-STREAM, which is another factor that affords the UK MILD WINTERS is collapsing, as I write. I think the UK will be in a state of real shock once the WEATHER MACHINES are overcome by the sheer force of extreme cold of mini ice-age, which I am convinced will be very soon by all atmospheric indicators. There is a limit to the power of HAARP. The sun is a much more powerful influence on our weather than anything else. The WEATHER MACHINES are only delaying the INEVITABLE!
    Best Wishes,
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