The Collapse Isn’t Coming… It’s Already Here

This article will scare the hell out of you !


The Collapse Isn’t Coming… It’s Already Here

By Helena Handbasket

(Excerpts) – 4 Nov 2020 – For those who still believe that there’s a pandemic ravaging the world, that a virus that has never been found has changed the world landscape all by itself, that a virus with a mortality rate less than an annual flu, even without a dubious vaccine, is a ‘pandemic’, that a virus that barely anyone has suffered from and that flu has virtually disappeared, coincidently, for the first time in history, that politicians and media have suddenly become concerned about you and would never lie to you about such things…. YOU ARE A FOOL!

This is nothing less than an orchestrated and long term plan to destroy the global economy, bring down so called Western civilisation to the level of barely subsistence living and to control every human on the planet in a technocratic Hell on Earth.

Estimated no. of retail stores closing in 2020 – 12,000 to 15,000. The following are big retailers that have announced closing:

– J. Crew

– Gap

– Victoria’s Secret

– Bath & Body Works

– Forever 21

– Sears

– Walgreens

– GameStop

– Pier 1 Imports

– Nordstrom

– Papyrus

– Chico’s

– Destination Maternity

– Modell’s

– A.C. Moore

– Macy’s

– Bose

– Art Van Furniture

– Olympia Sports

– K Mart

– Specialty Cafe & Bakery

And many, many more.

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16 thoughts on “The Collapse Isn’t Coming… It’s Already Here”

  1. Once one might have argued that the northern, southern and western European peoples who created and who continue to provide all meaningful global leadership might somehow prevail. However Antonio Gramsci has proven the true evil victor. His legacy shall be a reduction in human numbers to maybe 1bn.

  2. Isn’t all this social control part of the preparation for the coming (imminent) ice age? The only logical explanation I can think of. Depopulation will happen sooner or later, either by the hand of the elite or the hand of mother nature. Preserving valuable resources for the rich? Around 1,000 years ago only 5 years of famine, following terrible summers, wiped out 1/3rd of the population of Europe.
    So tell everyone there’s a deadly virus and that we all have to mask up and stay home etc, then see how people react, see if they comply. Part of a bigger plan methinks.

    • I agree, while everyone’s attention is on the wrong thing, the world will be overcome by a sudden MINI ICE-AGE OR even a full-blown ICE-AGE. Most people are totally unprepared for the ‘worst case scenario’ of an ICE-AGE as they have been conditioned to believe in the fake GLOBAL WARMING. Contrary to what many think an ICE-AGE can encroach across the lands fairly quickly given cold even conditions. Of course The ELITE think THEY totally control the weather and climate through HAARP and CHEMTRAILS… BUT do they? I reckon that an ICE-AGE will push aside all of their weather control systems to try and keep it artificially mild and warm in the UK. The question is WHEN will the next MINI ICE-AGE or even full-blown ICE-AGE take over? Perhaps the elite know all this and are expecting the world population to go down by 90% due to some sort of major disaster .. like perhaps an ice-age.. just a thought. – Steve

  3. One cannot let closing such an amount of big stores without being conscious of the effects token. Keep people uninformed about the way the world healthiness must have a big preference above economy then only the threat of a dangerous virus causing less deaths than expected, it must be planned by foolish people and supported by the utmost innocent politicians ever have been in governments. Only for the goal having a vaccine rather quick, which should raise all kind of questions except being such a politician or someone with a diabolic mindset.

  4. hel en a handbasket indeed;-)
    I thought Sears closed a while back prepandemia?
    cos i was trying to get parts for appliance n their webpage was up but they had ZERO items available

    youd actually expect thebig ones to remain, with their links direct to makers for goods to onsell etc contract made items as well
    but its sure going to remove just about every small biz that was left
    the bigger onlines are doing fine we notice.
    alot of their boards etc are IN the bilderberg/davos etc consortia so theyve had well advanced notice n planning done.
    unlike govts who are moribund/ useless at alternative think/planning
    another reason they had to remove Trump, cos he WOULD do the unexpected to avert crisis. cant have that when the crisis is planned to enable more regs n controls n taxes n restrictions.

  5. Very true, unfortunately there are folks on this site that still believe that there REALLY is a
    killer virus. The compliers are really the problem

  6. White people especially white women have a blind spot. They can’t imagine the following things being a problem.

    1. They can’t believe any person or organization in authority would lie to them.
    2. They can’t imagine such authorities want to or would harm them.
    3. They can’t believe that their own race is in danger or has any legitimate interests.
    4. They have a pathological tendency to be obedient to the laws that are made by enemies of their race.
    5. They have a what does it matter attitude that includes condemning truth as a conspiracy theory and excusing miscegenation and justifying it with the big lie that there is only one race the human race.
    6. White people suffer from pathological altruism. They have almost no sense of ethnic loyalty or self preservation and will go out of their way to import other peoples even if it could lead to their own downfall and extinction.
    7. They fear being called a racist or a white supremacist because they believe the big lie that being these things is evil when in fact these things are survival mechanisms which keep us focused on self preservation which is a good thing.
    There are behaviors and ways of thinking that people like and then there are behaviors and ways of thinking that preserve a people and they are not always the same.

    • You are so correct.

      I pondered the same thoughts, why the White Race, distinctively, seems to have no “self interest”….?

      You are looking at it backwards. When you realize that brutal Ice Age conditions, over the last 200,000 years, if not more, “created” the “White Race”, then it makes perfect sense.

      Each individual in the tribe had to trust and work WITH the tribe, (a powerful selfish altruism) so each could survive. Planning, Cooperation, Self Control, Limiting children, etc. etc. culled out those who would not, or could not do this.

      Thus, we ended up with a genetic code that was way to cooperative and understanding when other races invaded Europe and used this behavior to conquer us. This “trait”, combined with Christianity, is what is being used to destroy us. Extermination through “love”, equality, etc.

    • Eh, Steven… I don’t agree with any of what you’re saying… and I’m a white woman. So, where the heck did you get your “information” from??

  7. About 5 years ago, my brother informed me about this site. He also told me about “Ice Age Farmer”, “Adapt 2030” and “Oppenheimer Ranch Project” (yeah that guy is sometimes unbearable, but at times, so am I).

    The point is, I started last fall converting my entire back yard into a vegetable garden and have learned I have a ” green thumb”. I started with tomatoes and cucumbers and grow so much in just ONE raised bed, (4ft x 12ft) I give it to extended family members.

    Luckily my entire back yard is fenced in, which might help, but I am preparing for future theft. Lights and another dog.

    I want to encourage any and all of you to start this. I first experimented growing tomatoes in large pots. It worked. You can do this. Even with cucumbers, but now that I am moving into lettuce, spinach, radishes, etc, I want a row of raised beds and have a mini industrial scale operation. My yard will handle 6-8 beds, 4 ft apart.

    I am going to grow everything my Climate can take. I can’t wait till I do potatoes, since they are an awesome food.

    So, (get to the point CENTURION), my point is please start this. You don’t need a yard. Just start. Within a year I shall be growing every thing I can and will never have to buy it.

    I am looking into planting an Avocado Tree, Orange Tree, and Mango tree, since I have the space. I have waited since I want to plant ones already producing and it is a bit expensive….but starving is a bit expensive, too.

    I have looked into having chickens, but I am not zoned for it, I am concerned about the noise, and I don’t have it in me to kill one when I need to…………but one can always learn how to kill.

    Starvation is a good Teacher.

    • That’s a great idea and glad you are doing it. I’ve tried doing similar things for decades… but I would caution people (and this is really important to know)… NOT all places are good for growing things. It’s a darn good idea to find out if you live in one of those places too!

      With great success in gardening for decades… I’ve been shocked by the poor performance of my garden (always in large containers) in the South and at least the first year here in Arizona.

      Despite having many years experience gardening… when I lived in southern Virginia I had the following garden problems after about the 5th year I lived there:

      * tomato plants grew and looked healthy but very few tomatoes produced despite seeing bees regularly
      * squash plants (in theory about the easiest thing to grow)… also grew and looked healthy but produced NO squash. This included zucchini, the butt of many jokes being famous for being so prolific people make enemies of their neighbors for trying to give them away. No luck with beans either. I did get good results from lettuce, peas, chard, eggplants and onions at least. I saw plenty of bees.

      In southern AZ my first full summer here… well it was much hotter than normal here this year. I had good results with most of my veggie garden last winter, with the odd exception of peas… which had plants that grew well and looked healthy but produced almost no peas. Almost no flowers to begin with. I get plenty of bees and wildflowers and the few other types of flowers grew and bloomed with no problem. However, my winter lettuce did reasonably well… and I got better than expected results from bok choi, carrots, beets, turnips, fennel.

      Now this summer. We had over a month with temps topping off at over 100 degrees F. My plants looked good, but most did not produce any veggies…. despite choosing varieties recommended for this area. I had squash (both winter and summer) plants that looked good and got flowers… except about 90% of the flowers were male. I got a grand total of 1 winter squash and no summer squash from 7-8 plants. I had 3 types of tomatoes which had plants that looked good and had maybe 6 tomatoes total. I had 3 different types of cucumber plants, plants looked good and had flowers… but not one single cuc. I had 2 types of melons, those did OK, had 3-4 melons. I had planted many bean plants (4 types) – all looked healthy and got NOT ONE bean. I had a small stand of corn (in huge pots that you supposedly can grow corn in, the Earth boxes).. and the plants looked great for months, but got a total of 3 very small ears of corn (looking like baby corn with almost no full kernels). My herbs did well.

      The moral of this story – eh, humble yourself and don’t be so sure you could survive on your gardening efforts. I suspect for me it may be part of the uncommonly harsh summer (also almost no rain for the monsoon)… I will try again this fall/winter/spring and may try again next summer or I may just let the garden go fallow in summer.

      Anyone else experience anything like this?

      • Jean, we had a similar experience this summer in North Texas (zone 8a) with squash not producing and peppers that love heat only flowered but didn’t fruit. I suspect cosmic rays were too intense.
        However, the tomatoes planted in the greenhouse in late winter were prolific through early June. In future, we intend to take the summer off and only harvest summer plants in spring/fall and cool season crops like lettuce and spinach in winter with plastic hoop-type covers to protect from ice storms. PVC pipe works well for supporting the plastic.

  8. I hope you all are investing in crypto currencies and the companies that are using them to transform the banking landscape. Aren’t you? In 5-7 years the brick and mortar bank store front will be as common as the telephone booth. That was another technology that was also replaced by your smartphone.

  9. PS to your point on collapsing the paper economy. All of the above is correct. Look for the pivot and position for it.

  10. No: it is that you have no idea what will happen yet, despite this, you’ll be creating the impression that you do.

    Several of the vaccine candidates utilise novel technology which have not previously been used to create vaccines. There is therefore no long term safety data which can be pointed to in support of the notion that it’s reasonable to expedite development & to waive absent safety information on this occasion.

    I am suspicious of the motives of those proposing expedited use in the wider human population. We now understand who is at particularly elevated risk of morbidity & mortality from acquiring this virus.

    Volunteers from these groups only should be provided detailed information about risk / benefit, including the sole point I make here. Only if informed consent is given should any EXPERIMENTAL vaccine be used.

    I don’t trust you. You’ve not been straightforward & have behaved appallingly throughout this crisis.

    You’re still doing it now, misleading about infection risk from young children. Why should I believe you in relation to experimental vaccines?

    Dr. Michael Yeardon

  11. sorry first half of letter-

    Former vice-president of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeardon, raises serious concerns.

    Dr Yeadon’s letter to the UK Health Minister reads:

    “Dear Mr. Hancock,

    I have a degree in Biochemistry & Toxicology & a research based PhD in pharmacology. I have spent 32 years working in pharmaceutical R&D, mostly in new medicines for disorders of lung & skin. I was a VP at Pfizer & CEO of a biotech I founded (Ziarco – acquired by Novartis). I’m knowledgeable about new medicine R&D.

    I have read the consultation document. I’ve rarely been as shocked & upset.

    All vaccines against the SARS-COV-2 virus are by definition novel. No candidate vaccine has been in development for more than a few months.

    If any such vaccine is approved for use under any circumstances that are not EXPLICITLY experimental, I believe that recipients are being misled to a criminal extent.

    This is because there are precisely zero human volunteers for whom there could possibly be more than a few months past-dose safety information. My concern does not arise because I have negative views about vaccines (I don’t), Instead, it’s the very principle that politicians seem ready to waive that new medical interventions at this, incomplete state of development- should not be made available to subjects on anything other than an explicitly experimental basis. That’s my concern.

    And the reason for that concern is that it is not known what the safety profile will be, six months or a year or longer after dosing.

    You have literally no data on this & neither does anyone else.

    It isn’t that I’m saying that unacceptable adverse effects will emerge after longer intervals after dosing.

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