The Earth’s axis is (supposedly) changing due to global warming

Axis of rotation – Credit

“Земная ось смещается из-за глобального потепления,” reads the headline on Russian website. (The Earth’s axis is changing due to global warming)

“An increase in the average annual temperature on Earth affects many processes on the planet, including the tilt of the axis.

Our planet wanders in an elliptical orbit around the Sun, rotating at a slight tilt. Due to the tilt of the earth’s axis, the seasons change on our planet, and with them the length of daylight hours changes. The sun’s rays either glide over the surface, delivering little heat to the Earth – in winter, then reach it and give up all available energy – in the summer.

“Of course, the earth’s axis is an abstract object, it is impossible to see it. However, scientists have figured out the location of both ends. The North and South Poles are located at the points of the “exit” of the axis to the surface. Scientists have found that the poles can shift.

“This happens due to different processes in the earth’s crust and ocean waters: due to a change in sea currents and the redistribution of underground magma reserves. More recently, this list has included the melting of glaciers and the pumping out (and therefore redistribution) of groundwater.

“Due to the rapid transformation of ice into water, as well as due to the transfer of groundwater into the oceans, according to scientists from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the speed of the pole shift between 1995 and 2020 increased 17 times. And since 1980, as the researchers calculated, the points of the poles have shifted 4 meters from their original position.

“So far, fortunately, this only affects a microscopic change in the length of the day. But in the future, if the melting of glaciers continues and humanity continues to emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and pump out water, the poles will continue to migrate – and a moment may come when this will finally turn into something significant and, alas, negative.”

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

“Please, Robert…help me to understand some of these news of this article,” says Martin. “Does it mean that if we… as such powerful human beings …we can make the Pole stop to ‘migrate’ or slow it down if we don’t emit more ‘greenhouse gases’? But…when dealing with ‘Natural’ phenomena of the Earth we’re powerful, but with a tiny virus you run away like a chicken!! BS!”

Martin, Martin, Martin. Shame, shame, shame. You should be ashamed of yourself for daring to think.

Do you suppose the Russians want the U.S. to buy into the global warming fraud and then proceed to destroy its energy-generating capabilities?

Nah. That couldn’t be true. Could it?

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  1. Bingo, but its not globull warming. If you rotate earth on its axis the great pyramid, Easter island and other ancient ruins wind up all being on the same latitude/lay line.

    And Antarctica moves [relative] North. And N. America moves further [relative] North right into the pemafrost. Seems like we have a whole series of causations, which seperately might not be catastrophic, but together send us into a new Ice Age. Fossil fuels dont have a chance at countering the cooling that setting up.

  2. Our planet does have a serious imbalance problem.
    As water is lost to space, it has progressed worse.
    When you add water in our past, many of the impossible architectural wonders are much easier to understand.

  3. Robert,
    So I suppose as the world warms and the poles shift that that means that when the glaciers grow (as they are doing in parts of the world now) that the poles will shift back?

    I won’t refute that the poles have shifted a few meters because I haven’t the foggiest idea whether they have or not and I suspect that the writer has no more idea than me. Taking a measurement of where the poles are at any one given moment in time is difficult to do accurately because if you do it from the poles then you are constantly shifting on the moving ice at the north pole and since nearly all of Antarctica is a giant glacier sitting on the crust that moves, they are not stable platforms. If the platform moves an inch or two then it is impossible to get a reading from space of exactly where the center of rotation or axis is. There is not a stable location on the entire planet that we can use as a reference point to tell where the axis really is for more than an instant. If the “scientists or researchers” think they detect a movement in the axis location how do they know it isn’t simple a movement of earth’s crust or ice they are measuring from. I won’t argue that shifting ice and water could have effects on the wobble or the earths rotation. IF the poles have shifted I can assure you however that mankind has had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

  4. The earth wobbles on its axis, and always has, thanks to natural precession and nutation. The ancients saw Kochab as their “north star,” not Polaris, because earth had a different tilt angle back then. Unless the scientists took P&N into account, their blame on global warming is moot.

    Ever wonder what earth’s wobble would have been like when the world had only one continent? Of course, that would have been long before mankind’s influence on carbon dioxide levels….

  5. If this ‘study’ by the CCP is ‘factual’, than China building that big damn will cause the Earth to wobble like dying top…NOT!!!
    The Earth has been wobbling since Day One 4.2 Billion yrs ago!!!

  6. Then of course you have the 7 billion human beings running around and jumping up and down ———-

    • 99% of the 7 billion do not qualify as human beings.
      They’re just “running around and jumping up and down ———-”
      like monkeys.
      Sorry monkeys for comparation. It is not your fault.

  7. What I want know is how do they know that our “pumping water out” & making “greenhouse gases” don’t slow down the axis tilt? Or perhaps our actions are correcting it back to its correct (static) position? [Satire]

    I don’t know; it’s going to be difficult for them to explain how cavemen did it.

  8. Global Warming also caused all life on planet earth. Without global warming there would be no life whatsoever on an earth that was simply a lump of super chilled ice.

  9. Nice one. Humans thinking they control the weather and mother nature. Just watch a few videos of volcanos erupting or a tsunami hitting a costal town and you will see that we are just twigs in the wind compared to the massive power of this planet.

  10. It feels more to me that someone is confusing magnetic pole shift with geographic pole shift, something that people seem to do ubiquitously around the world. Yes, the speed of rotation of the Earth is increasing slowly, but the wandering of the poles is nothing to do with the axis of rotation.

  11. I am pretty sure the Earth has had many warm periods in the past where the Axis didn’t change at all, so man made globull warming must be a different kind of heat? haha

  12. The Earth has two separate axes of rotation: the outer poles, which are the North and South Poles that we are familiar with, and an internal axis of rotation of the Earth’s core. The core rotates slightly faster than the outer planet, and its axis of rotation is also slightly different. Over time, the gravity of the Sun and the Moon acts to slow the rotation of the outer planet, and the electrical energy from the Sun acts to speed up the rotation of the Earth’s core. These forces meet in the Earth’s liquid outer core of molten iron, which acts like the fluid transmission in your car. Since the effects of gravity on the outer planet are constant, sudden changes in the electrical energy from the Sun, such as a direct hit from a solar flare, can cause disruptions to the outer planet (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions) as this energy is transmitted through the outer core to the outer planet.

  13. Saw this titbit of “news” a few days ago and haven’t stopped laughing since! Reminds me of the Congressman a few years back who suggested if there were to many people on an island it would sink into the sea LOL. All of this is beyond stupid and, frankly, if global warming is causing it then we might want to count our blessings because the alternative is far worse and very REAL. The lunacy and ignorance is absolutely blinding!

  14. @David Johnson,

    We just need the UN+ to outlaw the inclination of the earth axis (relative to the ecliptic) altogether. Then we’ll get 12 hours sunshine each day everywhere on earth, and we will no longer have to endure cold and warm seasons (with time changes [like daylight saving]), and so on.
    All problems solved!

  15. So one of the Milankovich cycles didn’t exist until now after we pumped minuscule amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere? They know they are beginning to lose they grip as nature provides more and more evidence of natural dangerous cooling….and it’s literally just round the corner

  16. The oil companies thought they could play along with this AGW voodoo science, because the upshot of expensive energy was in their own interests. Now it’s an existential crisis for them.
    Likewise China and Russia are not confronting the lunatics, because the self-harm is being absorbed by a West run by virtue signalling retards. But sooner or later they will have to pay to play the mercantile game, unless they undertake the green reset as well. Green tariffs are coming.
    The madness is getting up a head of steam and even nations playing it cute will be sucked in.

  17. ditto saw this on science alert(greentards all the way down) and also roflmao
    heard claim that the pole had started to move east again too
    well it’d need to move a fair whack to make up for the 50k or so its moved in the last few yrs towards siberia.
    utter crap about melting ice unbalancing the planet
    thats as good as Guam turning turtle by that utterly imbecilic senator..tipping point oh lord my sides hurt!

  18. Each country has its Global Warming jerks.
    If I believed that, I would never post it here. I also laughed a lot at this news.
    Some informations ‘in parts’ are real, but they are used to give credibility to AGW hoax.
    I was really sarcastic in my quote, because many people have small or weak minds who believe in everything…wheter he’s russian, american or whatever.

  19. What about the Tohoku Earthquake? That did have a real World effect.

    Just to clear things up, our planet wasn’t knocked off its axis by the quake. Instead, the earthquake redistributed Earth’s mass, thus moved the figure axis, around which the world’s mass is balanced. The figure axis is about 10 metres from the north-south axis. In the 2011 earthquake, a huge chunk of the Pacific plate descended beneath the Eurasian plate, so the earth’s mass moved around.

    Not for the first time either.

    This isn’t the first time that an earthquake has affected Earth’s rotation and figure axis. The 2010 magnitude-8.8 Chile earthquake shortened the day by about 1.26 µs and shifted earth’s figure axis by about 8 cm. And the 2004 magnitude-9.2 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake moved the figure axis by about 7 cm. It also shortened the day by 6.8 µs. These numbers all came from a numerical model of Earth’s spin; however, GPS is making it possible for scientists to measure how Earth’s rotation changes over time.

  20. Actually, the Earth’s axis is changing due to the slowing of the Earth. Just like a spinning top, as the rotational speed decreases, the wobble becomes wider until it eventually falls over. However, the Earth is not tied to a point, so both ends of the Earth will wobble as the speed decreases. Of course, the wider wobble/ tilt will give the Earth less sunlight for longer amount of time at the poles over a wider area thereby increasing the amount of ice. Of course, increased ice will reflect more sunlight which will cool the Earth to the point of a major Ice Age.

    But what is slowing the Earth? Wind machines! And foolish humans plan to build hundreds of thousands more! We are doomed!

    Ok! OK! My theory is just as ignorant (Stupid) as the Global lie, yet it makes more sense! Do you agree?

  21. What a bunch of complete and utter BS – as usual. Never heard of such stupid non-sense in my life. I suggest to ignore that Russian site.
    Normally the Russians are smarter than this, but I’ve heard of a few idiotic articles from them also.

      • Every country (or websites) has its assholes. The vodka troble in Russia country is so complicated like arrogant people are in USA. C’est la vie.
        Fake news…or BS links must be unmasked.

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