The formation of the Mediterranean Sea – Video

It’s hard to believe that the Mediterranean Sea was once completely dry.

Then, about 5.33 million years ago, it refilled in less than two years. Flowing into the basin at a flow rate 1,000 times that of the Amazon River, water levels in the Mediterranean Sea rose at the incredible rate of 10 meters (33 ft) per day.

As a result, worldwide sea levels dropped 10 meters. Can you imagine what that would do to all the world’s ports today if sea levels should drop 33 feet in less than two years?

Is it just a coincidence, I wonder, that this cataclysmic event took place at the end-Miocene … and a magnetic reversal? (See also Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, chapter 6.)

Today, the Mediterranean Sea’s deepest recorded depth is 5,267 meters (more than 3 miles).

8 thoughts on “The formation of the Mediterranean Sea – Video”

  1. i have to admit, Id like to be around when something like this happens
    not IN the area though;-)
    the rift in africa might do the splits
    japan could sink
    even aus could have serious even with inland sea returning
    thatd be awesome and the panic from the warmists would be “popcorn time”

  2. 5 million years ago, ape-man was beginning to look at fire.

    Thus, this Ape-Made Global Warming melted the Glaciers and produced this flood (Noah’s Flood).

    Thus, the destruction of the area now called the Mediterranean Sea is the result of Ape-Made Global Warming.

    We need to learn a lesson from this.

  3. This is called the Messinian salinity crisis. The evaporation of the Mediterranean sea left behind huge salt deposits called evaporites. This formation lies beneath the Apennines about from Bologna to Sicily.
    This happened because, due to sea level fall, the Mediterranean could not exchange water with the Atlantic ocean via Gibraltar. The most impressive thing probably was the return of waters: imagine huge waterfall running down from the mountains which once was the bottom of Gibraltair strait.

  4. Thank you for this very interesting video. All new information to me. I thought of the Salton Sea in Southern Ca;ifornia where something similar happened in a much smaller and far less impactful manner. It is hard to imagine the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea with it as it was before with no water. The whole area would have been desolate of life.

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