The GREAT genocide of 2030

“Depopulating the world through their food supply, starving almost everyone.”

The GREAT genocide of 2030

By Anonymous Reader Chris

In the year 2100, the history books will say that the greatest genocide took place 70 to 80 years previously. Students will be baffled that 95% of the world’s population died because most of the world was convinced that Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere would need to be reduced or else all life would cease to exist, and the only way to do this was by depopulating the world through their food supply, starving almost everyone.

The future students will study how plant life on earth grew over 20% between 1850 and 2020 due to rising Carbon Dioxide levels, thereby increasing food production per-acre throughout the world, unknowingly.

They will study how Carbon Dioxide levels were then artificially lowered beginning about the year 2020 until 2030 when it was lowered to 200 parts per-million, when all plant life was on the verge of death, reduced by 95%, lowering food production per-acre throughout the world, unknowingly, since during the 2020s it was established as a scientific fact that Carbon Dioxide was a pollutant, so most people were convinced that there was a need to reduce the levels in the atmosphere to 350 ppm (parts per-million), but the plan went further than intended.

Future students in the year 2100 will be studying how plants grow using the scientific method, with Carbon Dioxide at different levels and the percentage of growth associated with those different levels.

It makes logical sense that plants grow best in an environment similar to the time of their evolution, which had a Carbon Dioxide level of 1,200 ppm or more, and up to 8,000 ppm. Plant life begins at about 150 ppm, therefore the decrease from 400 ppm to 350 ppm is 25%, thereby decreasing worldwide food production by a similar percentage, while over about 800 ppm plant life begins to reach its maximum growth potential.

Greenhouse growers KNOW the benefit of CO2

Students will study that before the GREAT genocide of 2030, some people were growing crops indoors and adding Carbon Dioxide to increase their yields, which meant that the knowledge was available at the time to know and understand that lowering Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere would genocide billions of poor farmers all over the world.

During the 2020s many scientists were imprisoned for attempting to warn humanity of the dangers of low Carbon Dioxide levels in the environment. During that time, science was not considered the scientific method anymore, the definition changing to consensus and correlation.

Because it was established as a fact during that time that Carbon Dioxide was a pollutant that would destroy all life on earth, denying the upcoming Climate Apocalypse from too much Carbon Dioxide was the most serious of all crimes.

Indoor farmers KNOW the truth

The scientific fact produced by the scientific method showing plant growth increasing as Carbon Dioxide levels rise was considered a myth during that time, and indoor farmers who increased their crops using extra Carbon Dioxide never dared publicly question the prevailing scientific fact, even if they knew the truth.

The propaganda in the decades before the GREAT genocide claimed that temperatures were rising to new heights, while at the same time archaeologists were discovering that Vikings were farming in Greenland a thousand years before, in places that later became frozen, which logically should have meant that it was warmer a thousand years before.

The propaganda was claiming that sea levels would rise to flood all coastal cities, while at the same time even the smallest islands that were supposed to be sinking were actually growing.

The propaganda warned people of heat, then when the cold came, they claimed that Carbon Dioxide caused any and all climate changes.

The propaganda claimed that the rate of Climate Change had never been experienced before, while their own data that was available to all showed that the climate had changed much more drastically many times before during human history.

The propaganda had convinced enough people that life would cease to exist without lowering Carbon Dioxide levels, thereafter causing the GREAT genocide of 2030.

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  1. The quickest way to stop any ‘starve them to depopulate the planet’ scheme is to cultivate a belief in the quivering scared-shartless little snowflakes that the big, bad conservatives can and will survive on snowflake long-pig, which the conservatives especially like because the long-pigs are superbly fat-marbled… their muscles have never seen a single day of actual physical work, making the meat so tender and delicious. And they’re so gullible it’s like hunting dodo birds. They just walk right up to you. 😉

    • The propaganda-led snowflake society depends on cheap energy and cheap food grown on massive farms and plantations at the cost of the wild environment which occupied that space previous. They are living a lie, they should be evangelising the aspiration to uplift every human to the same economic level, rather than dumbing down everyone to pre-Iron Age levels.

      Remove that reliable energy in favour of expensive intermittent energy provided by fickle winds (or not) on a cloudy sky, or when those expensive solar panels are covered in 100 mm of snow and produce nothing, and the snowflake energy society fails crumbling into the ice and snow of a 140K year glaciation period.

      The modern economy depends on cheap energy to manufacture, to farm, to fish, to trade, to extract the resources needed to grow and upgrade the world infrastructure, to provide services, and to provide employment for a gainful improvement in living standards, while at the same time providing a tax base to fund a government which matches the needs and apparitions of each individual nation.

      What is not observed is the fact that the hydrocarbons were formed in the early atmosphere of the earth’s nitrogen/hydrogen/methane/CO2 cloudless atmosphere bathed in a high UV from a variable star. Titan is a current example. Since the water/oxygen change 700 Million years ago, solar energy has been sequestrated in carbon-based oceanic methane stores and land-based coal. We are already using long-life solar chemical batteries in a hydrocarbon/coal form.

  2. This scenario is highly unlikely to happen. I do not know how old Mr. Chris is; however he would be a better prognosticator for 120 years or more in the future.

    • Long pig stems from the days of sail 1400 to 1800s ships wrecked staving sailors!
      With many documented example , equally deliberate Cannibalism has been a death sentence for thousands of years. Given a few differences in DNA between long and short pig no wonder there isn’t a lot of difference.
      The hard core Greenies want the crash of civilisation leaving 200 million of the master race to lord it over the savages who are left behind. They have over looked that their society is inextricably linked to the world’s economy which won’t exist after the energy civilisation collapses into a major glaciation period.

  3. Remember that the victors always write the history books!
    World depopulation has been planned for some time and if it can be done naturally then all the better. No one gets blood on their hands and as ‘they’ don’t have any consciences anyway who cares!
    All that we an do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

  4. The site called is most informative about the Eugenics movement. From it’s early days of Darwin and his grand cousin Galton along with the many famous and enthusiastic Fabians.
    Particularly interesting are the links to people, organizations and literature at There are many Fabian in politics of just about every nation today.
    “Cleaning the gene pool” is their banner, however bad politics ensures that all-too-often this becomes some form of genocide or mass murder.
    As the famous Fabian Julian Huxley, the vice president of Britain’s Eugenics Society (1937-44), had announced in 1946, “even though it is quite true that radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.” Huxley was then director-general of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
    So when you are beyond useful, you too will be terminated, or be led to an ‘easy’, painless death with managed pain medications (more suicide inducing antidepressants, or opiate type drugs anyone?).

    • The follow-on was the 1975 conference in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, organized by the influential anthropologist Margaret Mead, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), in 1974.
      [Note: Mead played a role in mind-control projects (the Cybernetics group at MIT) with her third husband, Gregory Bateson, intellectual author of the infamous MK-Ultra drug-brainwashing program.]
      At the conference Mead’s push was to force global cutbacks in industrial activity and halt Third World development. Mead’s recruited a few prominent people to her Malthusian cause — Stephen Schneider, George Woodwell, and the other AAAS president John Holdren — all three of them disciples of Paul Ehrlich, author of ‘The Population Bomb’. The 1975 conference they were all at, was a discussion focused on the banal choice of either feeding people or “saving the environment.”
      To read more about Mead’s argument to force global cutbacks in industrial activity and halt Third World development see below — or download the pdf (1.0MB) from

  5. No personal vehicles allowed: walk to food lines uphill in the snow both ways; monitored by 5g 24/7 any dissention= no food (which there isn’t anyway). UK, Ireland, Canada just signed up for just that under “Climate Emergency” . West Coast US ,all in, NY, and on and on.
    Who chairs the 2030 meetings? Who’s the head cheese and from what country? Clue,, they have laser drones for crowd control…

  6. Just out by a few years.
    The starvation begins next year for many and the following year for most.
    Few people can see it yet but the autumn snows will come early and what little food we have in the ground will not be ripe enough for early harvest.
    Much will be lost.
    The stores of grain from last year will be depleted but not refilled.

    • Humanity will have to relearn some very hard lessons since most don’t seem to be interested in learning from history.

  7. Where mega-deaths are self-inflicted, “genocide” is not the word.

    Societal dissolution does not happen overnight… over some millennia to AD 1000, the average historic civilization has lasted 360 – 375 years. Buttressed by episodic Reagan and Trump interludes, the American Nation will likely stagger on another three 36-year socio-cultural eras to (say) AD 2148 (2040 + 108 years).

    The caveat is that, just as today’s ever-accelerating pace of scientific-technological growth-and-change blasts eternal verities at their very root (see Robert Graves’ 1929 Goodbye to All That), so new contexts, opportunities arise similar to those from pre-Reformation AD 1453 – 1492, when post- Renaissance Western cultures appeared in terminal desuetude following Turkish Muslims’ conquest of Byzantium’s 1,000-year old Eastern Empire centered on Constantinople.

    From the much-bruited “Singularity” of c. AD 2030, when neural-net/AI capacities first grow self-aware, to quantum-based “telesponding” anywhere within the Cosmos, seeding hyper-linked, supra-organic “exocetic symbionts” throughout the universe-of-stars, one thing is sure: AD 2100 will no more resemble 2000 than 1900 did 1801 or 2000 did the Belle Epoch. Within current lifetimes, radical transformations will be commonplace; and yet, some centuries from now, all this will seem but prelude to Earth’s “real destiny” which (may we say) has virtually nothing to do with contemporary bumwads’ penultimately self-delusive prejudices.

    Followed by relentlessly accelerating Info-Tech (DNA, nuclear, Space Sciences) developments due to reach tipping-point with sentient robotics/AI c. AD 2030, this latest phase will incite mass exodus off Dustmote Earth as a cyclical, plate-tectonic driven, 102-kiloyear Pleistocene Ice Age covers 60 – 70% of continental landmasses with glaciations 2½ miles deep.

    As organic evolution nears its end, from c. 2050 – ’75 on hyperlinked and nigh-immortal Cloud Minds manifest as “exocetic symbionts” will quantum-telespond from giant intrasolar refugia to the stars.

    • LHM that may be very true and reasonable, particularly when you tied the collapse of civilization to the time scales of GSM, one over weight civilisation collapses another rises. With recent history the LALIA was one such change over point.

      However, given the ability of Greens to propagandise the world into an Atmospheric Geoengineering solution to prevent warming, given that the world is already bouncing along the tipping point of a glacial advance, science has already suggested the LIA was a near miss, and such a misguided experiment could tip the world over the edge. Within 10 years the majority of the NH grain growing area would be under ice and snow and unusable.

      The war for food survival starts, and a nuclear winter results. In 55,000 years nothing will show for a human civilisation, with Eugenics Society achieving a weed out of human DNA the trouble is it will be 100%.

    • Or not. Our technological civilization is incredibly vulnerable. As Jordan Peterson has pointed out, the normal state of all our technology is broken. It takes constant maintenance to keep it working at all, and anything that disrupts that maintenance sometimes even just a little, disrupts our civilization. There is considerable evidence that Earth’s magnetic field is weakening in advance of a reversal. One good X class solar flare, on par with the Carrington Event, could take out our whole power grid right now, With a weakened or almost non-existent magnetic field, what would it do? And that’s only one possible disaster scenario. There are others, A lot of others; including reactionary forces; what if enough people just don’t want this kind of future? What if there are basic flaws in the reasoning that arrives at these conclusions? Michael warned constantly against this kind of hubris in his novels.

      • Last line Michael Crichton warned constantly against this kind of hubris in his novels. Written on fly. Sorry

  8. the so called scientists of the present are making me appreciate the scifi stories of how a very few sane people holed up and made it their mission to remove the insane science types and pollies in self defence, be it from cli- fi or Ai or robot wars/rulers
    they do say that fiction is often too close to fact( ie 1984 AND BRAVE NEW WORLD Should NOT BE SEEN AS INSTRUCTION MANUALS)

  9. We’re lucky China, India and the rest of the third world will save us from any reductions in atmospheric CO 2.

    There are still some sane governments – they oppress their people in less subtle ways’

    • True. I’m of the opinion that CO2 will continue to rise by 1-2 PPM per year for the next 2 decades (thankfully). China and India are in the driver’s seat and they have said they will keep producing CO2.

    • However, you seem to be asuming that the current continued slow and steady rise in CO2 is due to humans alone, rather than the earths natural processes producing more or absorbing less, quite apart from what we humans are doing… how can we know for sure? Besides, I don’t think CO2 has much effect what so ever on the warming or cooling cycles of the earths climate. I mean in a lab they have demonstraited a small amount of thermal absorbtion capacity for CO2, but in the open atmosphere of our planet I don’t think any such experiments have demonstrated any proof at all for its miniscule amount to have any effect aside from conjecture derived from climate models into which the experimentors have input all the variables they chose and the weighted effect they chose to which each factor has on the results. And not one person can say the models include all the factors that go into what makes the climate behave the way it does or exactly how each factor interacts with all the other variables that go into how the climate works… CO2 is extremely overrated despite what ever amount humans contribute.

  10. I would cite the real estate market price inflation as genocide under article 2 section c and d of the UN convention on the prevention and punishment of Genocide. Much of the PC agenda would also qualify as genocide. The above essay makes a good case though as too many people will be doomed due to believing a lie. One is reminded of a scene in the movie Excalibur where King Arthur asked his knights and advisers which is the greatest quality of knighthood. Merlin spoke up and eventually got to the point and said “truth it must be truth.” Then he said,” when a man lies he murders some part of the world.”

  11. I found the article to be spot-on (also humorous) ; most people (sheeple) are just not aware yet that reduced C02 in the atmosphere reduces growth of plants. They do not understand science! They have forgotten that trees, for example, absorb C02 for their growth, and emit oxygen, which we breathe. Oh well.

  12. This sounds like it would make a great apocalypse mini series like Atlas Shrugged.
    Use it to teach people of what could happen.

  13. The Georgia Guidetones (the 23 million dollar Globalist’s granite edifice to enunciate their own “ten commandments”) first ambition: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance”, does not state when or how. Still, it must be regarded. I mean, it isn’t some line from a website, movie or book, they’ve bloody carved it in stone!

    At what point do we take them at their word?

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