The handwriting for a Super-Grand Solar Minimum is on the wall

Due to cover 60 to 70% of Earth’s habitable landmasses with ice-sheets two miles thick.


The handwriting for a Super-Grand Solar Minimum is on the wall

Lloyd Martin Hendaye

Alas and well, the handwriting for a 90-year Super-Grand Solar Minimum c. AD 2020 – 2110 is on the wall.

In 2005, Danish researcher Henrik Svensmark correlated 11-year sunspot cycles with Sol’s far-reaching “solar wind” whose streaming plasma sheath varies in intensity with solar radiation. Connecting this plasma barrier with cosmic-ray penetration of Earth’s atmosphere, from 2015 Russia’s Valentina Zharkova proposed that energetic galactic particles seeded Earth’s global cloud-cover, producing heavy overcast that dropped temperatures by blocking total solar irradiance (TSI).

Of course, this process dates from the formation of Earth’s solar system… yet Gaia suffered no global Ice Ages from pre-Cambrian Ediacaran eras to the mid-Pliocene, well over 1.50 billion years. What’s different now is continental landmasses’ plate-tectonic dispositions: From mountain-building planetary orogenies in the mid-Oligocene some 45 million YBP, conjoined North and South American continents have walled off Eastern from Western hemispheres, stalling global atmospheric-oceanic circulations patterns.

However this occurs, for some 3.6 million years resulting “climate cells” have induced cyclical Pliocene-Pleistocene Ice Ages lasting an average 102 kiloyears, interspersed with median 12,250-year interstadial remissions such as the recent Holocene Interglacial Epoch, which began c. 14,400 YBP and ended 12,250 + 3.500 – 14,400 = AD 1350, coincident with Kamchatka’s strato-volcano Kambalny Eruption, a 70-year Grand Solar Minimum similar to that of 1645 – 1715, and a 500-year Little Ice Age through AD 1850/1890.

In geophysical context, these long-term climate cycles have no anthropogenic CO2 component whatsoever, a fact confirmed by Australian Robert Holmes’ December 2017 “Mean Molar Mass version of the Ideal Gas Law”, where global atmospheric surface temperature GAST = PM/Rp (qv). Following Earth’s 140-year “amplitude compression” rebound from the Little Ice Age (LIA) –where succeeding warm-cool phases occurred 1890 – 1939; 1940 – 1979; 1980 – 2009; and 2010 – 2029– Millennials and subsequent generations are shortly due for rude comeuppance.

Already some 670 years into a Pleistocene Ice Age due to cover 60 – 70% of Earth’s habitable landmasses with ice-sheets two miles thick, transhuman populations will either remove en masse off-Earth to intrasolar refugia or face civilizational extinction. In brief: Changes due through AD 2125+ will outweigh everything from AD 1600 by orders of magnitude, as inconceivable to present-day prognosticators as aircraft, radio and television, nuclear power, DNA and info-tech would be to Max Planck in 1900.

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  1. From what I have read, only merely scratching the surface I note, there were no land masses at or near the poles in the past. Open ocean is unlikely to freeze due to currents moving the tropical warmed waters to the poles without substantial land masses impeding this or, in the case of Antarctica, offering a place for ice and snow to form and remain unaffected by the ocean’s warmth.

    So I agree with the idea that continental drift played a major part in climate change in the past and completely altered ocean currents.

    I always wonder just how much snow and ice is enough for ignorant alarmists !

    And I always say let’s give Extinction Rebellion, AOC and all the other loonies exactly what they are asking for. Shut down all hydrocarbon energy – I’m sure I could survive for the few days it would take for the masses to take to the streets demanding not only the return of modern life but also “off with their heads”.

  2. Mr. Hendaye’s predictions appear a bit excessive. The previous Pleistocene glaciations did not cover 60 to 70 percent of the earth’s habitable area; the last covered much of North America, about half of Europe, some parts of Asia and Patagonia. But the lower sea level exposed new land off the US east and gulf coasts, East, Southeast and South Asia, and Australia and New Guinea. These would be habitable and cultivable. We’re not going to have to move to another planet, but we will have to learn to get along with one another on a reconfigured Earth. Good luck to us all!

    • Laurent – I absolutely agree! Look at our ancestors –
      cave-people – They survived it with far less tech.
      It is survivable, but as you say “we will have to learn to get along with one another on a reconfigured Earth. “.
      And also many major cities that now exist will be crushed, eventually.

    • But there is more to it than crushed cities, or learning to live on a reconfigured Earth…
      From what I understand, during glacial periods the world as a whole is much much drier, and CO2 is very low. There is also evidence of much more atmospheric dust. Humans will have a tough time cultivating crops even on newly exposed land masses, or even in warmer climates – or wherever it was once fairly easy to grow – due to these factors.

      • The other one I forgot to mention in my last comment is global humidity will be much lower, further exacerbating the growing problem.

  3. I tried to explain the tectonic setting to a global warming fan but I don’t think he got it at all. I don’t understand why. It’s pretty clear when you look at the globe.

    From this post, it doesn’t look very good for us.

    • One problem with those new land masses opening up due to a falling sea level caused by glaciation. They will not be able to be used as farm land for quite some time. That new land will be filled with salt.

      • Agreed. I should think it would be centuries if not millennia begore crops could be grown on what used to be the continental shelf. As you said, there is the salt to consider and I’m not even sure if crops could be grown in what used to be seafloor ooze now exposed to the air.

  4. A vastly significant difference between historical frozen spells and the potentially upcoming one is that the average global human population was never more than 500-600 million global inhabitants in past episodes as against 7.5 billion now which is about 15 times more.

  5. This is very informative. However I would not say that the next ice age started in 1350. Also, according to the Grand Solar Minimum Channel Valentina Zharkova, in a report that came out in June, is now saying that after the about to commence Grand Solar Minimum, the Earth is going to get warmer by 2 degrees C until 2600 AD or so, and only then resume cooling. Rolfe Whilszhe, on the other hand, believes that the Sun is due to undergo a massive drop in TSI in the middle of this century, bringing on a full ice age, preceded by a little ice age.

    • Further to my comment of yesterday, there is another theory which your readers should be aware. According to Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers and Dr Voglt of the Diehold Foundation, the Sun periodically suffers a Micro nova about every 12 000 to 13 000 years. This literally means that the Sun “bows its top”. The effect on Earth means that we would see the Sun growing dull red as its surface crusts up, before the solar debris hits the Earth causing fiery heat and an extinction level event. The moon will also become red. Earth’s crust would also be moved and the oceans would slosh onto the continents as the daily rotation would be arrested for several hours. After this cataclysm the Earth would descent into an instant ice age. Although this theory seems farfetched it does provide a scientific basis for biblical prophecies about the end of the world and the Second Coming of Christ, where scripture refers to the Sun being darkened and the Moon turning blood red before the Day of the Lord.

  6. Why would it be easier to build “intrasolar refugia” than to build them here on earth, where we at least have the advantage of an atmosphere?

    The technological and biological advances of the near future, “inconceivable” to Mr. Hendaye by his own admission, may very well permit that…in a perfect world.

    However, that sort of intellectual “what if” gymnastics always sidesteps the issue of Evil, which has always been with us and now has within its grasp the control/destruction of the entire human race.

    My money, and my soul, are on Armageddon and the return of Jesus Christ. No matter how you look at it, we’re in for a hell of a ride.

    • Lest you think otherwise, “evil” is already hard at work trying to make sure the livable land during the next ice age is occupied by them and those that will support them. You don’t destroy your ability to survive cold – creating an unstable, unworkable electric grid – unless you intend to depopulate the world heavily.

      When northern hemisphere land becomes unable to support farming due to a non existent growing season, then millions to billions of people in the 3rd world will starve, leaving planet Earth to those that had the opportunity to prepare to ride out the bleak ending of the current interglacial.

      I expect Christ to return when man has finally hit bottom on how evil he can get. We aren’t there yet.

  7. Quote: Where succeeding warm-cool phases occurred 1890 – 1939; 1940 – 1979; 1980 – 2009; and 2010 – 2029– Millennials and subsequent generations are shortly due for rude comeuppance.
    Each one of the Warmish period are sections of the Sun orbit around a stable position Solar System BarryCentre and provides a stable semi-circular orbit, which allow massive sun spots to form together with very high levels of UV. That UV retains the world’s jet streams within 30 to 55 degrees Latitude north and south for much of the 11 yrs. solar cycle.
    Each 172 cycle is made up of a GSM, a Gleissberg period, and Solar Warm period; each Period has different values of Angular Momentum of the Sun’s 10 year orbit around the BarryCentre. Ranging from a tight Trefoil orbit during a GSM, to a shallow Trefoil orbit during the much longer 80 yr. Gleissberg period, to the 70 yrs. stable semi-circular orbit, All due to the calculated position of the BarryCentre moving in conjunction with all Five major mass objects of the solar system
    Gravitation interactions between a moving BarryCentre and the Sun itself changing its orbit trying to occupy the bottom of the solar system gravity well, which is why the Sun has periodic zero crossing points as it corrects and continues orbit.

  8. if it does go back to iceage coverage for a goodly part of nth and sth landmasses , it could get amusing watching the peoples from there invading the tropics…rather then the present day warm climes folks moving away from their areas to places like usa eu and uk and aus
    seeing as theyre a LOT overcrowded it would get ugly rather fast I suspect

  9. And when the masses really begin to notice that something is not right with the worlds climate and they question it is THE SUN that has gone to a lesser output, then the runs on the grocery stores begin. And like a huge buffet in Las Vegas, when overly large crowds go to the buffets, those at the end of the line are left with much few choices.

  10. For starters I do not believe the Earth can go over a billion years without any ice ages at all. Sometimes the ice ages have been that severe they led to a ‘Snowball Earth’. Luckily, conditions have been favorable for complex life and large animals since. A new Snowball Earth would kill all life except bacteria, viruses and algae.
    Here’s a link, a factual and non emotional one:

  11. Tom O- “We aren’t there yet.” (The bottom of evil). No we aren’t, but SHTF will be a game changer.

    Craig- Magnetic pole shift and actual pole shift are two different animals. The former appears to be in process. I have not read anything that suggests the latter will occur.

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