The jury is in on Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives – Video

“Hydroxychloroquine is a cheap, safe, anti-malarial drug,” says Andrew Bolt. “It has been used for decades.”

Some studies show it can cut deaths by up to a third, in some cases it can cut the number of deaths in half, especially when taken early, and taken with zinc.

It may even be universally effective when taken before hospitalization.

“Why are you prevented from taking a drug   -that – could – save – your – life?”

“Hundreds of people are dying without a drug that could potentially cure them.”

“This is culture war turned deadly.”

“The jury is in,” says Rowan Dean. “If you look at all the studies, hydroxychloroquine is consistently effective against Covid-19 when used early in the right combination of other drugs.”

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this video

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  1. I wonder how many in government & particularly the ministries of health are getting their own supplies of Hydroxychloroquine on the side.
    Where’s a good investigative journo when you need one.

  2. Rainbow families and Diversity expert, Rowan Dean moved to England in 1978 and worked in a number of advertising agencies. He is credited with co-writing the ‘Photobooth’ commercial for Hamlet Cigars, one of the most awarded ads of all time, as well as successfully launching Foster’s Lager into the UK market, winning D&AD Awards and both Gold and Silver Cannes Lions.[3][4] Dean returned to Australia in 1988 working in the Australian advertising industry, setting up Rowan Dean Films in 1995 to produce advertisements.

    … and I know I’d trust any light in the loafers newscasters from communist Australia in a heartbeat to steer the Conjob-1984 crowd in the right direction. Sounds like these blokes knows ‘zacry what they’s talkin’ ’bout.

    CBD can fix most everything too. Note all the credible sponsors promoting it.

    Quite soon, quite possibly, a Stephen Bird [or birds] in masks will be singing at church… attended by only ten people max, all practicing social distancing… for the Stephen Bird(s) [brains] who are way too scared too take the vaxx. HCQ works. Vaxx(s) work. CBD works. Everything Big Pharma does works… reeeel goood.

    The COVID-19 Bullshit: Video By Vernon Coleman – We’re Fighting For Our Lives

  3. [Spoiler Alert] Robert, how many Poe’s Law spoofs by poofs do you have to publish before the whole crowd here gets it?

  4. And here’s another video– where a group of doctors calling themselves America’s Frontline Doctors– did a press conference extolling HCQ.
    Their entire website was taken down, and a subsequent video in which each one tells what happened to him or her as a result of insisting on using HCQ. (Most lost their jobs.) On this now-deleted video one doctor said, “The Hippocratic oath to do no harm was not the first pledge that I took.” He turned to the flag and said, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. . . . ” I cried.

    Only the press conference survived because picked up by off-guardian.
    The second speaker– Dr. Emmanuel– shows a fine rage.

    • Text and link copied/pasted from August 24 comment:
      Why are we still talking about hydroxychloroquine?
      The anti-malaria drug has lost its allure as studies repeatedly show it doesn’t treat COVID-19.
      Diana Duong July 31, 2020
      “The idea was reignited again after a video from Breitbart, a far-right news website, went viral yesterday. Dr. Stella Immannuel, a Houston-based doctor and
      minister who also claims medical conditions are caused by “sex with demons,” appears in the video and says she has successfully treated more than 350 patients
      with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). But several studies have now shown that hydroxychloroquine does not have any significant effect as a treatment or a
      prophylaxis (disease prevention). It’s also worth noting that in the video, Immanuel refers to a 2005 study as she talks about its potential against COVID-19.
      Read between the headlines.” < might note the last line again… I cried.

  5. Opportunity Knocks, thanks for turning us on to it’s really good, better than some of the other YouTube alternatives and I’d never heard of them.
    The video by Dr Vernon Coleman was well done, largely in agreement with many things I know already.

  6. in Vic some nursing homes are apparently using Ivermectin doxycyline and zinc
    Dr Borody here swears by it as effective as well
    having taken hq for severe RA decades ago and having had nasty adverse events(approx 20 days into the course) I would prefer the ivermec option.
    Id think it unsafe to take HQ for ME personally.
    I had some of the odder effects of oedema and eye damage

  7. Yeah, you all want it and they want you to want it…it`s their game plan and when you find out it also prevents the production of red blood cells
    (especially effective when they deploy 5 G) then you will realize you have been screwed

  8. My thoughts exactly. At least there are two people for whom the title ‘journalist’ still exists….

    The situation is exactly the same in the UK. The Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty should be stood down, Mark Ferguson and Peter Horby should both be sacked from their University Professorships for scientific fraud, gross incompetence and the first case, breaking social distancing rules to fulfil carnal desires across town.

    Matthew Hancock should tell the CEO of Astrazeneca to supply Pulmicort for Covid19 studies rather than demand millions for new vaccine development.

    And the BBC’s entire News Department should be sacked for having replaced ethical journalism with lying propaganda for most if not all of the 21st century.

    • Yeah, Rhys, but we can’t sack them– cuz their real boss is the international globalist gangsters. And it’s the bosses we have to go after– for treason, conspiracy to commit mass murder, fraud, etc.

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  10. The study review featured in this video, cannot be found on Researchgate or on Rush’s website.
    How did Bolt get a copy?

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