The kind of snow that will collapse a roof

“David Dubyne (Adapt 2030) just put out a short video showing entire European countries buried in snow … and much more snow on the way,” says reader Norman Grant Smith. “GSM is here.”

Winter storm Gia. Thirty percent of the U.S. affected. Thousands of flights canceled. Treacherous travel. St. Louis about to break all-time record snowfall … for second time in 5 years.

They’ve had 18 feet (5.5 m) of Snow in Austria, where the army is trying to dig people out. This is in areas that are not even a thousand feet (304 m) in elevation.

There’s another almost 20 ft (6 m) of snow on the way.

Thanks to Norman Grant Smith for this video


6 thoughts on “The kind of snow that will collapse a roof”

  1. No snow for the Southeast USA. Looks like we aren’t going to have a winter this year! Looks like it went somewhere else!

  2. What about the flooding this summer? – IF it All melts at all. And this is only Jan 13. Winter has at least another 2 months to pile it on.

  3. This is how ice ages begin! That doesn’t necessarily guarantee a snowy or cold winter in the southern US every year. During the peak of the last ice age, the sub-tropics and tropics were only 4 degrees cooler than today. But our food supplies would be gone long before that happens. I would rather get ready for a magnetic reversal now. This has caused sudden extinctions with a typical cycle about every 11,500 years with ice ages in less than 20 years with some of them.

    • Correct.

      According to the real experts, even during the Ice Ages there were tropical forests and warm place.

  4. 26.9c at night in Aus right now, after a 40/42c day feels cool
    trying to wrap my head round 18ft snow
    watching it makes me feel better anyway 😉

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