The man who invented ‘climate change’

“It was never about climate change but about setting up a one world socialist government run by the UN!”
– Don Brown

Here are snips and pieces from an article by Christopher Booker, who describes Canadian socialist multimillionaire Maurice Strong’s “absolutely central role” in the whole story.

In 1972, Strong, a superb political operator, set up a UN “Environment Conference” to declare that the Earth’s resources were the common inheritance of all mankind and should no longer be exploited for the benefit of only a few countries at the expense of poorer countries.

In 1988, he helped set up the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

In 1992, Strong pulled off his greatest coup when he helped stage and presided over the colossal “Earth Summit” in Rio, arranging for it to be attended not only by 108 world leaders and 100,000 others but also by 20,000 UN-funded “green activists”.

And ever since, it has been Strong’s ideology, enshrined at Rio in “Agenda 21”, which has continued to shape the entire process.

Had it not been for this man, says Booker, we would not have seen 150 heads of government joining 40,000 delegates in Paris for that mammoth climate conference.

The UN in effect has dictated the global climate change agenda ever since. Almost yearly it has staged huge conferences, notably those at Kyoto (1997), Copenhagen (2009) and the present one in Paris.

To this day, global climate policy is still shaped by Strong’s Agenda 21, as was highlighted when Christiana Figueres, the Costa Rican Marxist now head of the UNFCCC and organiser of the Paris conference, urged that the West should give “$1 trillion a year” to the “developing” world.

Lest you think that Strong’s motives were pure, Booker includes this amazing tidbit:

“In 2005, Strong was caught having been illicitly paid $1 million from the UN’s Oil for Food programme, supposedly set up to allow Saddam Hussein to pay in oil to feed starving Iraqis. He retired to a flat in Beijing, where he had been close to China’s Communist leaders back to Mao.”

Funny, isn’t it, how our self-declared ‘saviours’ so often benefit while supposedly rescuing us?

Or maybe that’s not so funny after all.

Thanks to Don Brown for this link

17 thoughts on “The man who invented ‘climate change’”

  1. If you are now all becoming convinced that the environmental movement was a scam from the beginning you should also consider what will happen if they lose their bid for control using global warming as a justification.

    There is no reason to believe the struggle is over. The world is not prepared for a coming ice age or even a grand solar minimum. They may not get all they want; that is still to be seen, but over the last several decades they have done their work well. We will all have to take the consequences.

    First, they will likely not go quietly, holding on as long as possible and will attack global cooling thereafter on whatever grounds can be found.

    Second, when they finally admit to global cooling you should consider they will work to underfund any mitigating actions which might be taken.

    Third, if they finally embrace global cooling they will be proposing solutions just as inane as the windmills and photovoltaics of the current effort. Their mission is deadly in its intent.

    Their complete discredit is a difficult struggle to come.

  2. Isn’t that the truth. The telegraph article ends with ‘China and India have no intention of curbing their carbon emissions’. Like all Communist utopian ideologies it’s merely a ploy to steal. What’s being done to the west is the most evil war on a global scale. They want to wipe out the white races plain and simple. That’s why all the white guilt, racism, gay agenda, climate hoax, man hate etc etc etc.

  3. Global warming is totally screwed by new mainstream scientific data. IPCC is set to revise it’s climate model in 2022, and for the first time will incorporate cosmic ray forcing of cloud formation, which changes everything.

    • Correction: IPCC model will include solar particle forcing, although cosmic rays are due to increase during the coming century and will affect cloud formation.

  4. To paraphrase climate scumbags who applaud when a critic dies –

    “In an odd way this is cheering news! ”

    Not my words but those of Phil, my office is a mess, Jones – chief architect of one of the many magical temperature data sets where somehow the past is still getting colder even as we speak because present warming fails to alarm.

  5. Well , communism is institutionalised theft in a dictatorial setting .
    PLease mention me one leader of a communistic country who did not die rich . And they care so much for others and at the same time love themselves the most . An awesome bunch of narcistic hypocrites .

  6. strong like Borlaug have their devotees,
    dunno bout borlaug as a person, but Strong was a conman and reminds me an awful lot of the way the goracle nowruns his sh*tshow
    any bullshit that earns some fame and a hefty profit

  7. The deception/corruption runs deep, but more and more people are waking up.

    Noticeable crop shortages are not the worst thing, but the best thing that could happen. The vast majority of people will remain steeped in complacency until the Big Mac costs $10 and signs sprout up at the drive-up stating, “Sorry- no fries due to potato famine.”

    Then will be heard across the land, “What the hell is going on?!”

    Be ready with your answers!

  8. If the demon-rats get into The White House again will get their one world socialist government. Go to vote people. Get on your donkeys and do your duty!

  9. This piece hits the nail squarely on the head. Global cooling (eighties), global warming (nineties), and now just climate change (new century) is all about control of we, the peasants, who clearly need the close supervision of the elites (our clear betters) in the form of one-world government. “Oh, the peasants are such dreadful little people who desperately need our prescient supervision, lest they hurt themselves, or far worse, us, their clear betters.

    • A nuclear armed – one world government.
      I suggest you look at the attitude of both France and Spain towards dissent from its citizens: In France’s case massive CO2 taxes which affect those least able to bear the burden and Spain’s attitude toward Catalonian Independence and the States jailing of the Catalonian Speaker for allowing a debate in Parliament which the Spanish National Government didn’t like.

  10. If you want to know all about Maurice Strong and the 50 year drive towards the destruction of the West.

    The Age of Global Warming – A history” by Rupert Darwall

    You will only learn a little about the science of Global Warming but you will learn all about the politics and behind the scenes maneuvering.

    A Must Read

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