“The panic the press is creating is unconscionable” – Dr Drew

VIDEO – Dr. Drew and Dr. Oz Rip Media for Coronavirus Panic, Urge Common Sense

“Remember, we have 24 million (regular) flu cases and 280,000 people hospitalized, 16,000 dead from the (regular) flu,” says Dr Drew.

“Get your (regular) flu shot,” says Dr Drew. “Get your flu shot. (The regular flu is) way more likely to kill you than corona.”

“Get your flu shot. Get your flu shot. You’re much more likely to die of the (regular) flu.”

“I know that I and other healthy people without chronic illnesses are gong to do just fine with coronavirus,” says Dr Oz. “Why get all worked up about it?”

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19 thoughts on ““The panic the press is creating is unconscionable” – Dr Drew”

  1. Eat lots of raw garlic. It’s said to have anti-viral properties, and it will definitely help you avoid lose contact with other people.

      • Vampires too. I just reread my original comment, and realized I misspelled a word should be “close contact” instead of”lose contact.” The spell checker doesn’t always save you. Take care. and eat your garlic :).

        • Eat enough garlic, and you’re more likely to lose contact with other people, too.

          Still, it’s less of a screwup than a recent PBS program that stated “If a surface is contacted and you touch it, and then touch your face, you can inoculate yourself…”

  2. The modern day media is a social vampire and should be dismantled. They go out of their way to panic everyone and scare society by overeating to everything, just to get ratings. True vampires.

  3. Covid-19 is by no means the worst disease in the world. There are some real bacterial and viral monsters out there that have not been fed for a while. What will put us at risk is the abuse of antibiotics , stress, poor nutrition, high population densities , excessive migration or travelling and unsanitary living conditions. In the light of the mini ice age we are in perhaps these other issues ought to be dealt with as a preventative measure.

  4. And Drudgereport is super feeding the frenzy and is a so-called “conservative” site. Talk about the ‘sky is falling’ journalism! It seems to serve the other side and is getting worse. Used to read it a lot but it now turns me off. Don’t believe me, go to the site and see the doom and gloom.

  5. Take 2 drops of Oil of Oregano, the best natural anti viral plant, 3 times a day in water along with 4,000 to 8,000 mg of Vitamin C and suck on zinc lozenges throughout the day. Drink elderberry tea. With this protocol, you will remain virus free.

  6. I read people who take at least 5000au of vitamin D every day aren’t as likely to get the flu. We were also told vitamin c helps your immune system against the flu. Before that people who are a lot of vegetables were more resistant. And, even before that, people in the old days just ate better. Right ? I guess we are are going to the flu, oh my.

    • Who knows? I’m 58 and have never had a flu shot in my life time. I cannot remember the last time I had the flu. I think when I was still married and the daughters kid was living with us. Since being on my own, I haven’t gotten sick. That would be 8 years now.

      I try and get lots of sunlight, the best vitamin D your body can get, bar none. I workout every day, 20 minutes or so. Try and eat healthy, drink lots of water. I feel great!

  7. I think Harold’s comment is missing a ‘c’ and should read.

    it will definitely help you avoid
    close contact with other people.

  8. Vitamin C is highly recommended. I have read about claims of the honey and whisky cure but I believe the main job of the whisky is to make you too drunk to care LOL. A hot toddy at bedtime can help you relax but you might still need plenty of Vick’s Vapour Rub to get a really good night’s sleep and feel a lot better by tomorrow.
    Raise a glass to good health.

  9. Why no one in the MSM talks about vitamins and supplements is unfathomable to me. Re: Vitamin C, see
    https://www.europereloaded.com/news-media-attacks-vitamin-c-treatment-of-covid-19-coronavirus-video/ . Also, ingesting sodium bicarbonate (i.e., ordinary baking soda) is so important, as all viruses are pH-dependent, and require an acidic environment in order to survive. See https://drsircus.com/sodium-bicarbonate-baking-soda/ . Also, zinc, selenium, magnesium, and especially vitamin D (sunshine preferred) are essential.

  10. When I was in the military, we were forced to get the flu shot. Every time I got it, I got sick. My last year in the military I told them what they could do with their flu shot. I retired from the military back in 1995, and haven’t had a flu shot since. Haven’t gotten sick with a flu like bug since then either. I will never get another flu shot. I have an ongoing debate with my primary care physician about whether I really have diabetes or not. I’m not the least worried about this “epidemic”. It is unconscionable about the panic the media is encouraging, most probably just for ratings, or to try to hamstring the President. While I am no fan of him, will they do anything in order to derail him?

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