The prospect of a mini ice age IS a climate emergency

If the hospitals go down, who’s going to treat your cancer?

The prospect of a mini ice age IS a climate emergency


We cannot do anything to CHANGE the climate, but we can and should be doing a great deal to prepare people to deal with our changing climate.

And the first thing we must do is to tell them the truth, especially since the govt and the media are outright lying to them. To say that there is no climate emergency is a LIE!

A Grand Solar Minimum, and the prospect of a mini ice age or a full blown one IS a climate emergency, and if we don’t get these Green Parasites off our backs and adapt our food and energy systems to changing conditions, even those of us who know the truth will be dragged down with the majority.

We are too interdependent to be complacent because we have some survival skills or food stored. If the hospitals go down, who’s going to treat your cancer? No gas? Do you know how to keep a horse alive and persuade it to carry you and your stuff? Can you manufacture the tack you’ll need? If 3/4 of the people die of bubonic plague, how much knowledge dies with them?

We need to keep as many people and as much infrastructure intact as possible. It’s not just a chance of falling back to pre-industrial revolution days. How many of us know where and how to mine iron ore and then turn it into a knife blade?

Even that moron across the street who believes in global warming may have some crucial piece of information that would help us restructure a society that is somewhat more advanced than the stone age.

The more people who are told the truth and empowered to prepare for it, the better off we will all be.

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  1. Robert. While I agree with your totally justified criticism of climatemania and the mass deindividuation that has gripped the urbanised middle class First World I feel your doom mongering about imminent plagues and medical bottlenecks from a mini or longer ice age is as equally delusional as the outpourings of ultra liberals like Greta and others in the eco alarmist camp. While it seems inevitable that in the thousands or tens of thousands of years that this planet will enter the next major glacial epoch it can only damage climate science sceptics to be overbrewing the contrary view of climate.

    • I don’t think Robert is fear mongering in fact he has stated many times there are many places that will not be effective to bad by ice ages.I think It more that Robert speaks the truth.k

  2. We need to get together & start classes so we can learn how to live and survive the way they did before electricity and fossil fuels. We need to find out how they survived during the Mini-Ice Age.

  3. I understand the argument but I can’t agree.
    The earth needs cleansing and when not if your hospitals go down the sooner it will begin.
    I doubt we’ll reach the stone age but many of the old skills will be revived and many of the new ones lost.
    Judging by the current highways shutdown it will all happen a lot faster than people thought.
    Soon the airports will be out of action and next year the ports will start to freeze over.

    • If climate change (cooling) isn’t enough to destroy economies, riotous protests and anarchy are spreading like the pest around the globe, orchestrated by the one world government agents.

  4. Good luck with that! I was all but spat upon by a flat earther; oops ; I mean global warmist the other day. He called me an A-hole because I tried to show him the Suspicious Observer website! Speaking of that, George Noory is interviewing a dark matterist soon. Whitly Strieber, Linda Moulton Howe, and Richard C Hoagland worry about the Melting Polar caps! The November issues of Scientific America and National Geographic both had articles about the fight over the arctic ocean as the ice recedes. I am sorry but you are not going to change these peoples minds anymore. Only thing you can do is move just like Robert did. The tropics will be fine during an Ice Age.

  5. What’s worse is our civilisation is tied hand and foot to energy. No energy, nothing moves, works, goods delivered, money earnt for labour, food grown and distributed, the sick and old cared for.
    Without the energy we used today normal economic life stopped during every Winter recorded GSM period since the Oort GSM in the 10th century, once the snow and ice commenced for months until the spring warm the earth and the spring floods had subsided.
    That interconnected civilisation commenced with the steam engine and industrial warfare and that development and change has grown faster ever since. But change in reality is the real reason for the climate alarmism about the cyclic warm period which ended at the start of this modern GSM in 2008, every faster technological change is the real cause of the alarmists attempt to destroy the West’s economy.
    In reality the Green Socialists are simply rebadged, and relabelled Luddite movement and its hatred of the spinning jenny taking food from the mouths of the luddite socialist brother and sisters with the modern Luddite intent on smashing this energy civilisation and at the same time removing 97% of the world current human population in the process .

  6. While I generally agree with the problem statement, I’d like to point out one good thing:

    There’s far more than enough steel standing about in the form of cars and such to make a few dozen knives for everyone. The current crop of Smiths frequently start from scrap. IFF there is a collapse of industrial society, those cars stop working as the oil industry stops. Then they become a giant steel source.

    I know, very small consolation.

    FWIW, granddad was a working Smith with his own smithy, Dad taught me some of it. I’d be the one recreating the art of it.

    Oh, the bad news is that while steel would be everywhere, the coal or trees needed to run a forge would not. That’s where things would grind to a halt. Fuel for the forge. Europe was largely denuded of trees to run the metal forming and refining operations prior to the modern era.

    For DIY food growing and preserving, the big problem is that it is very hard and few folks can do it well enough. Growing a few tomatoes in summer doesn’t prepare you to grow and thresh wheat for winter bread. Then, the big problem is almost nobody has the needed seeds and dirt. What seeds exist in volume tend to be modern hybrids unsuited to seed saving subsistence farming. How many of you have a Mason Jar of heirloom seeds in the freezer, 10 acres with water, and the needed hand plough and such?

  7. “If the hospitals go down, who’s going to treat your cancer?”
    No one, people will die, just like during the last little ice age.

  8. keeping a decent alt med kit is advisable, Iodine and LOTS of it as a vital basic. dry powder abiotic externals etc
    some but not all antibiotics have a longer than listed shelf life
    Aspirin when past a certain stage- going yellowish or crystalline is dangerous!
    but people with diseases like epilepsy or type 2 diabetes are going to be in serious trouble pretty fast.
    you wont get your killer chemo but prob would still be able to get the opiates for palliative care
    the cartels will suddenly have a change of business I’d guess. instead of being hated they might end up like the pharmas
    ok still hated;-)) but of use more than harm?
    the one thing going for us is the wide availability of good older DIY books showing how to do quite a lot of vital jobs
    and we wont have a shortage of metals to REwork,
    the big thing we do have going for us is the huge volumes of”STUFF” we have access to.
    interesting chap is writing howtos to use OLD pc chips to be able to rejig them to run other equipment if SHTF. sorta like raspberry pi but more so I gather.
    you can make effective bow n arrows from polypipe for bow , with sashcord for drawstring and allsorts of odds n ends for arrows.
    its always wise to have an enquiring mind and watch n learn when skilled people work;-)
    and of course it does depend on your age , how you grew up,where you grew up as to the useful survival knowledge base you aquire.
    honestly I dont see many of the under 50s doing well at all if n when the smelly splatters.

  9. The problem is that too many people have no respect for truth or truth tellers. These people have to find out the hard way. I for one find it difficult to reason with those who prefer not to know the truth.
    They seem to want to have their ears tickled. They like to worship as divine ; real estate values, TV personalities, politicians, LGBTQ types, PC groups, Jews and Israel, capitalism, communism and democracy. They are shallow superstitious people. The type whom God condemned and the prophets spoke out against. Has nothing besides the technology and language changed since the peak of the Holocene? Too many are not ready to survive what is in progress. Perhaps this is part of a process of correction for the species. A ruthless unstoppable testing and selection process that will weed out the animals, fools and heretics leaving a remnant of people who respect truth and are fit to survive and thrive. God works in mysterious ways and perhaps this process is the environment doing what mankind and its
    leaders will not. Watch and learn and see that you are not deceived.

  10. The one thing I have noticed, worldwide, that the supporters of “Climate Change” have in common is fear. You can see it in the faces, they express it with rage, Greta at the U.N. and they will support any scheme that addresses their fear. Politicians are of course, more than willing to increase their power by offering solutions.

  11. You make some very good points… but I’ve given up trying to convince those in my family – they simply do not WANT to listen to any alternative. When you call someone for the holidays and they start talking about how the “snow bomb” in northern CA was caused by “global warming”…. you know it’s over for them.

    Which is unfortunate because these are people I care about and love and they live in a place where in the last Ice Age the land was covered with miles of snow.

    The oldest of my brothers as a kid got into survival stuff and got me into it as well. At the time (50s) he was scared of the A-bomb, which made some sense with the fact we were in the Cold War and we had a neighbor who had a bomb shelter.

    Now this same brother is living with the (otherwise nice but delusionally liberal) women who said the “snow bomb” was due to global warming… and he listens to her rather than me. And we are all older (in 60s, I’m 69) and tend to get tired more and that same brother no longer is interested in anything “negative”. So I suspect it’s more likely than not with a new Ice Age there will be a lot of suffering of people who did not prepare. The old “Ant and Bee” story…

  12. One of the problems with mobilizing people to deal with an upcoming mini or full ice age is that, as soon as it is established that global temperatures are falling, the entire CAGW community will be all over themselves backslapping each other and claiming that the actions that they’d been able to get countries to take to reduce CO2 emissions had been able to reverse global warming, and the continued Pravda about the cause will go on for years, blocking efforts to get people to realize that it’s _still_ not the CO2 emissions. It will likely take several winters of crippling freeze to make people recognize the severity of the problem, and the initial response is likely to be “Well, reducing CO2 emissions made the climate flip over to extreme cold, so we need to increase CO2 emissions again”, and we’ll be off on another round of useless ‘fixes’.

  13. Down here in Australia even the media is beginning to show articles on unusual low temperatures and snowfalls in Summer. I have never seen that before but we have had 2 articles in the last week about abnormal cold, perhaps they are finally waking up?

  14. When the impact on agricultural crop production becomes more severe, and food prices become more and more unaffordable, that’s when the entire world will take notice. Some think the modern agricultural techniques will save us, but that remains to be seen.

  15. A couple of years ago, I had a conversation with my brother-in-law, who believes every “official narrative” that the US government and the corporate news media present. Our conversation was unusual because, for the first time, he actually wanted to hear my opinion on several controversial topics, including CO2-caused global warming. I explained my reasons for not believing in the CO2 warming theory, and my complete distrust of the US Government, the corporate media, and the educational system regarding many topics about which they peddle lies and propaganda. My brother-in-law was aghast. “I could never think like you do,” he said, “If I did, it would undermine my status in the workplace and the community, and my ability to earn a living.”

    I think there are a lot of people like my brother-in-law, who believe the propaganda because they fear the disruption of their lives if they become independent and critical thinkers. They “go along to get along” because they have invested all their time and energy in supporting the dogmas of the socio-economic and political establishment, and they want to remain on what they have been taught is the winning team and the path of success.

  16. Do people seriously believe that with our modern technologies and the evidence of the stupidity of CO2 drive climate change buried under the evidence of a mini ice age societies couldn’t cope ?

    We couldn’t produce foods in greenhouses in the tropics and sub tropics as necessary ?

    Sure many habits would necessarily change but once the evidence became indisputable the masses would demand changes from our governments.

    If we had to have a French revolution type purge it would be the alarmists being purged – I’d bet heaps would recant then.

    Seriously – the only climate emergency is the stupidity of people who seriously think they can control the weather with the right political policy mix !

    Now that is an emergency – that we elect idiots like that to positions of power.

    • Do you think those poor countries in the south will be able to handle hundreds of millions of refugees from the north? They barely have the means to take care of their own people. It could be doable if they had started preparing years ago.

    • Rosco, you live in a dream world. There isn’t 1 in 10 that has the skills to recreate even as modern a society as the late 1800s alive today. We are NOT trained in any sort of mass survival ability. As for building greenhouses and growing food, just how many people do you see surviving on the produce you can grow in greenhouses?” Look at your teeth. YOU were not designed to live on vegetables only, or you would have a mouth full of teeth that look more what cows have.

      As for the tone of the article, seriously, we are not being mislead by overly concerned people that genuinely believe in AGW, we are deliberately being forced into a position where we cannot survive the future. If you think this is just misjudgment, you are dead wrong, and probably will end up dead from the cold. You are being herded into “all electric homes” as fast as possible, with all new homes being built that way, and all older homes capable of using natural gas or oil being destroyed or converted, as if pushing electricity through the wire and a resistance coil is more energy efficient than burning natural gas for heat.

      Do you not understand that this is NOT a coincidence as we drive towards destroying the integrity of our electric grid with “renewables?” You don’t have to actually destroy the grid to successfully kill off millions of “useless eaters,” you only have to bring it down during the winter. It doesn’t have to get to -20 for you to die from the cold, 40 degrees should be sufficient to put you permanently to sleep with hypothermia.

      THEY are preparing for the future. A future that leaves them living the life of the privileged, but with only enough of the rest of us to support them in the lifestyle they believe they deserve. There is no room for 7 billion people in a world dominated by ice sheets over the northern hemisphere. THEY know its coming, and they know they don’t want US fighting them for the right to life.

      And don’t feel that you are alone. The Gretas of the world, this army of climate crazed children, are all on the list of expendables. Them, actually, more than us because TPTB already know how easy it is to turn them against their family and friends and THEY know that it would be just as easy for the truth to turn them back against them.

      This is also why they are working so hard to keep the “3rd world” from moving forward. Those will be the labor forces that TPTB will want to harness after the cold has done its work. After all, they can then be sold the bill of goods that those northern bastards that died in the cold were the ones holding them back as they dangle the carrot on the string in front of them, creating the work force that they need while controlling the birthrate through selective sterilization, probably administered through vaccination.

      Nothing that is happening, including the smartphone craze and 5G, are just “progress.” To eliminate all of us they don’t want, they need to know as much about us as possible, and with your phones and the 5G network, there is no place to hide, and you will be tracked until your pattern is known and they know how to eliminate you when the time comes.

      This isn’t about surviving an accident, or even surviving a climate change that was misread. It is about surviving a global takeover that doesn’t want independent thinking people as part of THEIR population.

  17. Well, myself, I have no desire to live in that kind of world. Too used to what I have now, don’t want to live in a focking cold world. I also have kidney stone issues, and yeah, no medical, no help with those. If it gets too cold, all the frikkin time, I’m out of here.

    That’s just the way it is, and I am sure I’m not alone in those thoughts. Warming I can handle, cold, not so much.

  18. Well, I guess it’s back to the Stone Age for us.
    My dad used to make flint arrowheads in his basement. He’s dead now, but maybe one of my brothers picked up enough knowhow…

    On the other hand, a certain percentage of people will start looking for information after each wake-up call. Snow in SoCal may not wake up YOUR brother, but I’ll bet SOMEBODY’s brother woke up.

    It’s important that there be sources of info available for each new wave of recovering somnambulists. Like this website, for instance. I can’t even remember what caused me to be interested in a mini ice age, but I know Robert’s old website was the first place that started making sense of it for me.

    The FTL is currently trying to eviscerate youtube. It’s looking like no part of the federal govt is working on our behalf any more. After youtube, it will be websites like this.

    I know it’s tempting to just step back and let evolution take its “path of least resistance”, but you and I will be next, if we do nothing. Don’t give up on those recalcitrant family members. The next wake-up call may be the one where they finally start listening.

  19. I hear that the global warming alarmist are looking to change the code words again. Global Warming failed and so did Climate Change. They are looking for a new word to cause alarm about a non-existing situation. The climate is always changing, but the change is natural. This they cannot except because it does not further their agenda. That is global control!

  20. “If 3/4 of the people die of bubonic plague …”
    that’s a bit hysterical really

    me .. can escape to my family farms a mile high on the equator in Southwest Uganda .. rain season is good this year .. even if we are going mack into the next real ice age .. will be fine for the rest of my life

  21. The escalator is a perfect piece of technology. The elevator is not. If an escalator goes down due to a power outage, it will not leave you stranded. You can still get up and down, it just takes a little more effort. If an elevator stops due to a power outage, you’re stuck, unless you’re an acrobat, or you can get the power back on. Why can’t be build a society that’s more like an escalator? If the power goes down, things slow down, they’re not as convenient, or as slick and effortless, Everything is clunkier, and harder to use, BUT, it still more or less works, at least well enough to to avoid mass starvation and chaos. Everything does not just stop and leave you stranded. As the escalator turns into it’s ancestor, the staircase, what if our society decays into an earlier previous level, but it does not fail completely? Why couldn’t we keep some lower level of technological civilization going? Why can’t we have some sort of backup underlying our present high tech society, a back up that is not, perfect, but at least some sort cushion against disaster? Much of it could be built in. Build houses with windows that open, extra insulation, and a fireplace, for instance. There are many, many more examples of how this could be done, but we should at least make some sort of effort to begin now.

  22. Tom O-

    I believe you are like those folks in Bree, (“Fellowship of the Ring”) of whom it is said that they can see through a brick wall in time.

  23. Ice age, the sun still shines most of the time. Ice age, the wind still blows.

    Solar, wind, nuclear, hydrogen, should all be part of the planning for the next ice age.

    Fossil fuels are finite, they won’t last forever, sure as hell not through another 90,000 year ice age like the last one.

    With an ice age, energy consumption will go up, a lot, we need to be planning now for the time when fossil fuels are depleted and renewables + nuclear are the only games in town.

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