The province of Quebec is running out of electricity

“Hydro Quebec’s system is under serious strain as temperatures continue to drop and people’s electricity demands continue to rise.”

“The temperature in Valdor, Quebec, dropped to -50 C (-58 F) and -30 C (-22 F) in Montreal and Quebec city this morning, Saturday, with the wind,” says reader Pierre Demers.

“Hydro Quebec is asking the people to turn down their heating systems because Thursday the demand was 36,000 Megawatt and the Maximum of the utility is 38,000 Mg.”

“If it was Monday or Tuesday it would be a total blackout because of the demand of industries are at idle on weekends.”

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Thanks to Pierre Demers for this link

“So much for global warming and no snow,,, lol,” says Pierre

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  1. Whatever you do, do not start your fire place, the CO2 emmissions will kill the planet if you do! Buy a jacket.

  2. It’s time that elections are fought on pro- or anti- AGW/Green stance of political parties. Let the Canadians pay the price for voting in a pro-AGW/Green Yuppie as president. Unfortunately the anti-AGW’s are also suffering for the majority voters’ stupidity.

  3. New York has plans to close down the Indian Point nuclear reactor by 2021. This serves NYC and the surrounding area. Part of the plan is to replace the lost power with Hydro Quebec power.

    As usual, progressive hopes are in direct conflict with reality.

  4. How does the solar/wind work for the New England states? Didn’t they retire their nuclear plants before end-of-life?

    The high voltage interconnect lines under the lakes deliver a substantial quantity of Canadian Hydroelectric across the border. This will now run short?

    A lack of natural gas pipeline capacity curbs use of the fuel for electrical generation. Last week a Russian NG tanker made a delivery of vastly more expensive gas to alleviate the shortfall.

    It’s a politically manufactured crisis for the North-East U.S. to have become dependent upon unreliable energy sources, rather than build the structure to deliver energy at a reasonable cost point.

  5. I guess the little Frenchies in Canada hate fossil fuels so much that they rather freeze to death.
    While God sleeps laws of cause and effect remain in effect.
    Liberals are unfit mentally and spiritually to survive. Just don’t drag the rest to hell of us with you.

  6. Correction about Hydro Quebec:
    How much electricity does Quebec produce?
    With over 40 400 MW of installed capacity, hydroelectric stations generate about 95% of Quebec’s electricity. This includes Canada’s largest power plant, the 5 616 MW Robert-Bourassa facility in northern Quebec.Aug 17, 2018.
    so, as you see, they did increase their capacity last year, however, the demand yesterday was around 38,600 MW and 36,500 this Monday morning as per TVA news station,
    see this link:…0.0..0.218.4594.0j33j2……0….1..gws-wiz…..0..35i39j0i67j0i131j0j0i131i67j0i22i30.v_f4rDSKx6g

  7. @Bad Samaritan. “Little Frenchies” is rather derogative. We are Québécois or French Canadians. No worries with freezing to death, we won’t. We are used to this weather. We produce more power than we need, almost all from hydropower. We even sell our overage to New England states and other Canadian provinces. The problem in extreme cold temperatures is the usage of electric heating, which the majority of us use here. Then Hydro Québec has to import electricity, which they don’t want because it’s expensive. Meanwhile we pay the least for our energy in ALL of the Western world. You think you can wrap your dummy American head around that?

    • So, “Little Frenchies” is derogative but you calling Bad Samaritan a “dummy American” is not. If you have so much electricity why is Hydro Quebec asking the people to turn down their heating systems???? And if you have so much and cheap electricity why don’t you stick it up your @$$????
      Who’s the dummy now?

    • Ambri is back with a better chemistry for it’s molten metal storage cell. Their design point is to supply ‘peaking energy’ for a minimum four hour period. Perhaps this would provide an economical alternative to importing energy in support of a peak demand.

  8. Just Think. If Trump wasn’t elected President and Barry’s Coal industry deconstructionist apparatchik had completed their plans, you’d have rolling brownouts everywhere in Winter, and rationing in Summer with blackouts, and/or outrageous price hikes. Think Healthcare reform for Energy..

    Remember Hill said that all those decent citizens in PA and WV were going to lose their jobs. That’s the real face of deplorable in my opinion..

    Sadly we probably less than 5 years away from a solid LIA setting in. get the popcorn ready.

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