The reality they wish us to return to

The point about green energy is that they want everybody to be off grid power as in the middle ages. Or better still, no power at all.

The reality they wish us to return to

By J.H. Walker

The point about Green energy is that they want everybody to be off grid power as in the middle ages. Or better still, no power at all.

No heat in the winter. No chilling of food. Stuck with what you can grow and store for the winter. No gas. No coal. No transport. Work where you are told. Gain permission to leave the parish, if you have the energy to leave. Daughters used/sold as sex slaves, cash on the nail. Sons used as cannon fodder. That is the reality of the Medieval Golden Period they wish us to return to.

If everybody is off grid, there is nobody paying for the grid at all. No grid, no power for industry, no industry, no wealth, no taxes, no national health service, no police, no army, but lots and lots of green government and lots of re-education for those that do not obey.

No EU federalist MPs – on balance that’s the only upside.

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  1. 7 billion plus people having no choice but to cut down trees for fuel is the greatest imaginable eco-disaster the Earth could possibly ever face.

    Alternatively the outright massacre of almost as many people is undoubtedly not only the only possible solution possible to avoid the eco-disaster of cutting down all of the trees but it is also undoubtedly the most evil, insane and inhumane solution that apparently appeals to many of these irrational insane acolytes of the CO2 brings death religion – remember Phil the Greek (UK Royal) claiming he wanted to return as a virus so deadly it would wipe out most of humanity – those of “Royal” blood excluded of course !

    Off topic I had some comments on a story on CFACT a few days ago.

    The people in charge of CFACT totally support the notion of a greenhouse effect causing the Earths atmospheric temperatures to be higher than the mythical minus 18°C the sun is capable of causing.

    With Trump doomed – the media, Republicans and your “justice” organisations will not stop until he is gone – and so called sceptical organisations supporting the greenhouse effect I expect the return of climate alarmism and the US to rejoin the Paris accord in the next few years.

    If you acknowledge that the greenhouse effect as described is real then you have to acknowledge that the scenarios proposed by the IPCC are real also.

    They base their models on mathematics.

    I proved to CFACT that the mathematics used by the IPCC is wrong but they claimed the greenhouse effect is real anyway. They removed one of my comments in a manner reminiscent of alarmist websites such as skepticalscience – if you disagree with someone AND can’t prove them wrong simply make them disappear as George Orwell forecast in his novels.

    The climate alarmists have most decidedly won !

  2. You’re a moron and a hazard to humankind. What say you to the constant hottest recorded months on record worldwide?

    • It’s claimed that people are dying in Japan due to record heat. Where I live temperatures up to and over 40C are par for the course in summer. Are these Japanese really descending from tough Samurais? Constant hottest recorded months on record worldwide? Are you in the same universe or a parallel one?

      • i reckon its the oldies suffering worst. no cooling I would guess, maybe a fan at best? and remembering they dont dress lightly culturally
        and also its extreme humidity
        always makes it far worse than a decent hot DRY summer like we have in aus;-)

    • Then you haven’t read your history properly of historical climate events reference during to Grand Solar Minimums, got to the LIA cold bit and dismissed it as impossible in the New Green religion.
      Hot or cold depends on the energy emitted by the Sun, which is stored by the Oceans and moved by the Atmosphere and not CO2.
      During each and every Solar Minimum, between cycles, in case you haven’t caught up with Solar activity the energy at the blue end of the spectrum diminishes by up to 16%, in doing so allows the world Jetstream’s to become Meridional taking water vapour high into the Polar Regions, those changing Jet stream activity cause blocking highs and in summer high temperatures.
      Every GSM cycle has at the same average time frame of 12 years produced Regional hot zones during summer and Intense cold during the extended winters particularly during Northern Hemisphere winters.
      Every GSM has produced drought and famine somewhere in the world; I suggest you read your history regarding the Asian famine(s) during the Dalton GSM. The East African famine during SC20 and Live Aid is another example of meridional induced drought and famine.
      The hazard to humankind is yourself with your blinkered acceptance of the religion of AGW, supporting the same morons with their Anti CO2, Anti energy, Anti-technology luddites at the heart of the Green Socialist Movement. Their objective is an energy free tribal society in tune with nature as hunter gatherers, with none of the technological aids that Humans have used to expand, compete with other species and populate the earth.
      Their intention is to accidentally reduce the world’s population from 7 billion to 200 million or less in a short time frame of one generation. Cold, famine, disease, and war are the end result of the AGW oops accident probably to be caused by a Geo engineered cooling experiment gone wrong. After all the Green have to do something to save the world from a human energy produced utopia.
      Every Moron Morlock has his or her day; they also know when they are being lied to, to support a Green carbon tax gathering exercise on a massive scale regardless of their fellow citizen’s ability to pay. The snowflake greens were winning up to 2008, but this inconvenient GSM has other ideas and the truth will out.

    • i say..Mate Youre the moron if you dont go fact check
      a 10th of a degree from some adjusted to hell n gone “figures?
      wetaher stations sited on tarmac? near roadways and runways?
      on roofs with aircon ducting
      majority oif upper nth hem temps are guesstimates
      ditto down sth
      thats neither truth or reality!

    • was talking with my parents today about the temperatures,
      both said its nothing new 1974 was an extremely hot summer in ireland and uk as was 75 .

  3. Moan and bitch, bitch and moan. When will you fight? When will you fight! When will you be willing to declare any government that has a green policy or green group illegitimate and act accordingly. Don’t you think you need a Cromwell who will show the necessary conviction and ruthlessness?

    You face a great evil and all you can do is talk. I suggest you think about this.

  4. Wait until they realize how much pollution is made with everyone burning whatever to keep warm, oh wait that’ll probably be illegal too.

  5. I disagree. They wan to keep us in very real grid full of cell towers and billions of small 5g radios that will keep watch over every ‘asset of the socialist utopia’. Every hammer and every knife will have a microchip, and self driving cars will be awarded to the party members with good report.

    They are already startin in China…

  6. Well said. And they fake the statistics on inflation and unemployment to pretend the economy is fine whilst it’s gutted and our country is handed to foreign businessmen who burn all the coal and gas from our country using communist slave labour. And we are told this is democracy or this is the government we deserve. Boys and Girls are told to “act as though they are in a same sex homosexual relationship” when they are just working out who they are. Unless ppl start thinking for themselves and get outraged at what is happening to their family and country things will continue to get more absurd. It’s time to speak up.

  7. There is an idealistic pure romantic view of every house produces its ownenergy needs which to all of the producers of green energy, that they have low costs, hence less taxation. Government needs taxation so producing energy will be taxed some day p.e. under the flag of using the infrastructure. Apart from the question what green energy is. Asking that means you’re silly. I am forced to isolate my house against coldness, wind and so on, using materials that pollute the environment. As usual.

  8. Exactly, except you left out some minor details:

    They (the current Elites) want a total world population of around 500 to 800 million. As soon as possible. Like tomorrow ideally. They constantly explore ways to achieve their global population cull. Slow methods include poisons and sterilants in food and water (aspartame, stevia, fluorides, MSG, etc) and mandatory vaccines that include both poisons and components to intentionally cause auto-immune diseases and delayed cancers. Fast methods include releasing mass plagues under cover of widespread social disruption such as wars. This is _why_ the Elites are always pushing for war – firstly it kills a lot of people, secondly it creates chaos necessary as cover for the Elites more drastic cull methods.

    They want most of the planet returned to ‘natural state’, ie no people. For their enjoyment. It’s called ‘rewilding’, and is what the UN’s Agenda 21 is all about.

    They want all nations to adopt the most slave-mind inducing religion – Islam. Islam plus fluoride in the drinking water equals a totally passive, easily manipulable population. Hence constantly pushing for mass immigration from Islamic nations.

    They want to not just de-industrialize, but to remove the technical know-how required for industry. Hence the destruction of education, the gutting of most technical works from public libraries, the extreme tightening of copyright legislation making it illegal to reproduce almost any work (especially technical), and the incremental destruction of Internet functionality.

    To achieve these things they need to destroy all the core elements of Western civilization. Hence the manipulation to destroy cultural foundations like the family, natural relations of the sexes, and intellectual endeavor itself. Look into the Frankfurt School of Marxism, ‘Critical Theory’, and it’s history of infiltrating this nihilistic intellectual poison into every area of society. (cont,,,)

  9. (contin, part 2)

    The AGW scam is just one example of science being corrupted by these murderous Elitist snakes with their sick political agenda.

    Till recently the Elites thought their plan was a sure thing. Hillary was intended to be the war-bringer, leading to the destruction of the USA as a nation of freedom, and likely kicking off the global cull in earnest. She’s a dying psychopath; who else could the Elites trust to start a nuclear war?

    However, it’s becoming uncertain that the Elites will achieve their insane fantasy. The entire scheme depends on the general public never becoming aware of it. Because the total number of people involved in this pinacle conspiracy of all conspiracies, is probably less than 100,000. We (the rest of the world) could very easily kill them all, if there was general awareness of how evil these people are. Either by due process of law for crimes against humanity, or very messily if it comes to that.

    Which btw is the reason why the establishment/deep state/Left are so hysterical about Trump. Look into the 50,000+ and still rising sealed indictments since he became President. Trump watchers are hopeful his long term plan is to actually take down the murderous Satanic Elites. The Elites (and thir pet MSM mouthpieces) act like they know and fear this too. In this interpretation everything happening so far since Trump’s election is just cover, distraction and preparation leading up to that massive, civil-war scale operation. A difficult game, in which (as he’s stated) he either wins or is killed. A game one cannot choose not to play, if you understand history and the present state of the world, plus have any morality at all.

    I’m crossing my fingers, but will believe it when I see the mass arrests and trials beginning.

  10. Looking at it from the opposite direction, if industry finds it cheaper to abandon the grid then households won’t be able to afford the cost of maintaining it. That might be happening in Australia before too long for those industries still left.

  11. think you missed it a bit?
    its not that they dont want a grid
    they just want a VERY highly priced one that pays their greenschemers.
    nothing new its just a total replacement of the present monopolies we already have..with a new oligarchy at 5x the price!
    if they wanted us OFF grid in reality then theyd be pushing small scale home systems more
    theyre not
    they want FEED IN to main grid with us paying for the infrastructure n maintenance for f*ckall return
    ie present power in aus is 30c or more per kwh dayrate home
    repay for your 10k+ home power gen unit pumpimng into the grid is now???
    6c a kwh return
    at one stage it was paying 60!!!c a kwh to the first installers
    so we were subsidising them to more than DOUBLE the initial coal power gen costs of supply
    that was what forced prices and charges for NON exitent service through the roof
    10yrs ago it was 20 a quarter
    now with “smart DUMB meters” we are screwed over for mega bucks $ a quarter service n supply charges
    my bill yesterday is up another 30 from the last one
    service fees are 121 power used is 158!!
    at the same time im told i am using as much as a 2 person home
    stuffed if i know how? no tv vid outside lights electric heating or cooling one pressure cooker for meals and a microwave
    all major power use on weekends when we get a lower rate.
    but heres the catch
    to go on solar but OFF the grid i would have to outlay the entire 10k for the system
    then pay for removal of mains power
    and prob still cop charges as it runs BY the property even if not used/hooked in
    thats what they do in aus to water and sewerage charges if they pass your property you PAY basic charges wether you use it or not.

  12. The ‘They’ are who? Oh yes, globalist elites who want to rule the world and have the rest of us as serfs. Can’t do that until the population is WAY down. Hence, the Georgia guidestones. Most politicians are puppets of theirs – paid quite well by Soros and his ilk. hey control the media too and too many people don’t think and are completely brainwashed by their propaganda.

  13. Socialism kills. It must lead to communism as production falls. And, the result is starvation and death. The “smart” people have already says that the earth can only support 500 million people. That means that over 6.5 billion humans mast somehow disappear. Think about that. Killing 6.5 billion folks is murder writ large.

  14. What on earth is this delusionist talking about ? Who is “they”…..and what does he base his rampant fears on or just hasn’t taken his meds?

    And why am I wasting part of my life responding to his retarded views on the benefits of renewable energy.

  15. Having tried to avoid working a Real Job by “going back to nature”, I can tell you it is three times as much work as a Real Job. It was rather good fun, when I was young and healthy, but I wouldn’t want to do it now that I’m sixty-five. Not unless I had young and healthy kids doing the harder stuff. I wouldn’t survive a winter. Come to think of it, people seldom lived to be sixty-five back in the Dark Ages.

    Slightly off topic: Three young and healthy Frenchmen are attempting to sail right across the North Pole in a boat that is a combination iceboat-catamaran. They will give us first hand weather reports as the summer ends and the cold comes back.Temperatures continue below normal up there, according to DMI.

    • yeah DIY takes time n effort and rarely gets easier;-/
      re the idiots up nth
      guess the russians or others will be bailing their sorry asses outta the packice sooner than later

  16. This is very misleading.

    In the Uk, heat pumps can extract warmth from the earth to heat homes. In addition, modern home design can make heat losses incomparable to Middle Age Constructions. Underfloor heating, glass technology, Passivhaus standards etc.

    Farmers will use anaerobic digesters to heat villages, using animal manure etc to generate heat and gas. This technology is now being trialled at field scale and will likely become mainstream in 2030s. Cows may become less important for their meat and more important as ultimate suppliers of energy precursors.

    The key technology is energy storage modules allowing summer harvesting of solar to be used in winter.

    There is no one green energy solution. Each geography needs an appropriate mix. California will be radically different to Northern Scotland.

    • fine if you can afford a new home
      at huge cost due to all the regs incurred under the green stazi!
      retrofits cost even more, labour especially.
      methane digesters and running vehicles on farmoils was what they did in the 20s n 30s to get by after wars n rationing
      not much chop for the cityfolks
      the massive sewer waste could be utilised for some power but the space and resetting it all up?
      hmm if it was a vague possibility i reckon Cali mighta had a go?
      they dontmind throwing OPM at climate scams, and sounds good but utterly daft ideas

  17. I would like to discuss WHICH populations should be exterminated if the “Elite” really want this. Any guesses?

    Also, IF the “Elite” achieve any of this, then their own wealth would vanish. Bonds, Stocks, High Rise condos will have no value if there is nobody to buy them. UNLESS, they finally see real wealth as space, clean air, ocean front estates, etc.

    Like the 1880s to 1900? The Elite then could have their 250,000 acre Estates and HUGE homes (Biltmore) and all the maids, cooks, etc.

    In reality, only 5% of the population creates and invents. The rest do as they are told. So with a world’s pop of 100 Million, you have 5 Million to do the real stuff…..invent, create, play music, etc.

    The rest? They can do what they have always done…the laundry, the cooking, the gardening.

    Not a bad future, huh. SO, just make sure the 5 Million are your HIGHER IQ types (any guesses?) and the rest can be those who do farm work really well in the Sun (any guesses?). And, just keep them separated as the Elite did for most of human history.

  18. I have no phone service and live in my car and in church depending on the time of year. Does this mean I am almost where the elites want me?

  19. There is a certain element of our world family that wants less less population (see Georgia Guidestones, Bilderberg, etc.) However, there is much reporting that many people in the US trying to live off the grid are targeted, maligned, prosecuted, arrested on their own property. I really think these one world “do-gooders” just want most of us dead. Texas…

  20. You make some good points, Centurion. How can the ‘elite’ continue to exist if they kill off most of the population? It doesn’t make sense to me. Anybody care to explain the economics of this?

  21. REALITY.

    The reality is the oil and gas are finite resources, even BP estimates that oil cannot maintain current production levels beyond circa 2050.

    We have a glut now, but not forever.

    Therefore (as a mater of pragmatic necessity) we must evolve to a matrix of solar / wind / nuclear / hydrogen.

    All the technology exists, only the infrastructure remains to be developed.

    As industry and technology develop throughout the world, as population grows, demand for energy will increase, as reserves of oil and gas are depleted.

    Oil and gas are not “evil,” I don’t think they have any identifiable effect on climate change, but it should be obvious that they are finite resources that cannot supply an infinite – over time – demand for energy.

    200 years ago the world ran on wood (fire) energy and wind energy.

    100 years ago the world ran on the emerging technology of oil burning oil to run steam ships and steam locomotives.

    50 years ago, it was oil, gas, and that newfangled nuclear energy stuff. Then the movie “China Syndrome” scared people away from nuclear, but the coming generations won’t remember that movie, and the next generation of fast reactors will be 100 times more efficient than most of those now in use.

    Storage technology – batteries – are evolving rapidly, now.

    Imagine living “off the grid” with solar panels that produce 200% of your energy per average day, with a battery / storage system that stores enough to power your home for 30 days of no sunshine, a solar-powered condenser to produce all the water you need from the air, some of that water is hydrolized and the hydrogen stored as backup power to run a hydrogen fuel cell power supply for 30 days if – remote chance – the sun doesn’t shine enough for 30 days or more to charge up your batteries.

    All the technology to do this exists, now.

    The past will not be the future.

    • “Imagine living “off the grid” with solar panels that produce 200% of your energy per average day, with a battery / storage system that stores enough to power your home for 30 days of no sunshine, a solar-powered condenser to produce all the water you need from the air, some of that water is hydrolized and the hydrogen stored as backup power to run a hydrogen fuel cell power supply for 30 days if – remote chance – the sun doesn’t shine enough for 30 days or more to charge up your batteries.”

      Fairy tale stuff. ‘Nuff said

  22. The eco-imperialists do not want third world countries to modernize. It would destroy their whole mantra of government is the only answer.

  23. Excellent piece Robert, to which I add…

    The laughable thing is the UN-IPCC’s utter reliance on computer models despite saying “The climate system is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.” ( and knowing that the models have many basic flaws. This is because there is no indisputable evidence that CO2 is warming the atmosphere! No evidence what so ever!

    The part that is NOT laughable is that on the back of this fake UN-IPCC virtual evidence about CO2, the UN wishes to ensure that all Western governments pay their tithe (aka Carbon Tax), and that national economies, society and commerce, and the very way we live and trade should be altered radically.
    It started as Agenda 21 which changed to the UN’s ‘2030 Agenda’, both documents are a blueprints for UN socialists to rule every nation. With these documents as the small end of the wedge, and the funding from ‘Carbon Tax’, the unelected, unaccountable UN will become a dictatorship of elites, technocrats, and crony capitalists. When your children grow-up they will be ‘encouraged’ into large cities, dissuaded from living the countryside as that will increasingly become over-expensive and ‘returned’ into ‘protected’ wilderness areas.
    And all European governments have signed-up for it.
    Read for yourselves —
    The UN document HERE.
    And look-up their plans for cities and wilderness areas.

    Now you Europeans HERE’s what the EU Commission wishes to do to you on the back of the ‘2030 Agenda’.

    That IS what all this argument about CO2, sustainable development, renewable electricity supply is about — the politics of the ‘New World Order’. The politics of the UN elites affecting everything in your life, and increasingly so in you children’s lives.

    People that will say it’s all ‘conspiracy theory’, usually these are people that have unskeptically swallowed the UN_IPCC’s propaganda, and all the nonsense from the mainstream news media (the fake news sources) publish; or they’re just one of the many UN_IPCC advocates, and so they just (religiously) believe.
    Of course it’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’, the documentation above shows its not. Those documents assume that man-made climate change is real and that all humans’ lives must change now because it is so.

    And if you read those documents remember who issued them, and consider just 3 things
    1. Am I and future generations better off from this, do I have more freedom?
    2. Who or what entity is in charge, and to who and how are they accountable?
    3. With so few checks and balances offered in these documents, what will it all cost, who pays, and who oversee the money?

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