The safety system malfunctioned on this one – Video

Windmill in Djursland, Denmark is destructed.

The safety breaker malfunctions during a storm and the wings spin at a tremendous speed.


It finally breaks apart and the tower collapses.

Thanks to Andrew Stranglen for this video

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  1. I’ve heard those turbine blades can be launched miles when they break off like that, since they’re spinning at such high velocity, and at under so much torque. I wonder how far some of those went?

  2. Never thought I would see it but at last! A worthwhile Energy Return on Investment from wind power.

  3. I’ve watched step by step: one blade collapses with no evident reason, the next (clockwise) loses alignment and bashes the tower that starts falling apart from the middle. I can’t explain (I’m a common man) but it seems that blades can be destroyed by resonance depending on wind speed and/or direction.
    One more skeptic on holy green engineering,

    Francesco Maria Tontini

  4. Love the way the tower is crushed by the blade and then collapses as it is no longer a tube.

  5. If windmills are anywhere near a populated area, they are more dangerous than almost any other type of electrical plant in existence.

  6. Centrifugal force and a shot governor. It’s possible to make highly efficient windmills that are smaller, don’t require such high towers, that don’t have such cyclopean diameters, don’t have blades with such high tip speeds, and don’t generate nearly as much centrifugal force, don’t produce noise, don’t endanger birds, aren’t eyesores, and are more efficient. While their use may still be limited, they would produce a lot more “bang for the buck.” Of course, the wind industry has gone with the biggest, most complicated, most expensive designs, that are eyesores, dominate the landscape, require high towers, endanger birds, produce low frequency sound, and may never produce enough net energy gain to justify their existence. Large organizations, such as governments mega banks, and mega corporations like large toys, as long as someone else has to pay for them.

    • Well said, Harold.

      These environmental disasters could be producing fairy floss for all they’re worth, just so long as fairy floss attracted subsidies.

      The cloying “wind farm” name should be replaced by “Subsidy Farms”, for that’s all the wind companies are interested in.

        • As a PS to my agreement, I would add, if you can make whatever it is you’re getting a subsidy for look big and impressive, and look like it’s actually doing something, so much the better.

  7. Is Obama or his masters watching this as it is good evidence of an islamist attack and justifies trillions more dollars spent on another war!
    I think David Cameron has a couple trillion pounds set aside for invading Syria.

  8. Whenever a post like this appears I keep feeling the urge to ask for a “Like” button for the article and also the comments!

    Well, it is a bit easier than everyone standing there with two scorecards.

  9. This is an old video however always entertaining every time I see it.

    The tips of the blades are traveling at near or above sound of speed. Ant wonder they blades could cause so much damage in the case of a major failure. You would not want to be anywhere close to one of these in case of a malfunction as illustrated.

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