The Solar Retrograde Cycle

This is in reference to an article I posted earlier today, that Saturn and Jupiter are about to do something not seen since the year 1226.

Jupiter and Saturn about to do something not seen since the year 1226


Here’s an excerpt from Not by Fire but by Ice concerning the solar retrograde cycle:

Previously, I mentioned the Little Ice Age, which began in the early 1600s. What I didn’t mention, is that little ice ages recur in cycles. Pioneering studies by Rhodes W. Fairbridge and John E. Sanders of Columbia University show that our climate oscillates – warm to cold, cold to warm – in a dependable, predictable cycle, becoming much cooler and wetter every 178.73 (±0.27) years.

The cycle is caused by the sun’s retrograde, or clockwise, motion around the center of mass – the barycenter – of the solar system. Called the solar retrograde cycle, this cycle involves changes in both solar spin rate and solar output (solar output declines abruptly). The retrograde motion itself is produced by the gravitational pull of the planets; primarily Saturn and Jupiter. When Saturn and Jupiter are both in the same quadrant of the solar system they exert a greater pull on the sun. The cycle is undeniable. “Solar cyclicity must now be considered as being a fact of life,” said the two Professors Emeritus. (Both Fairbridge and Sanders were Professors Emeritus of Geology at Columbia University. Each of them published extensively in geology and astronomy.

Probably the most important figure in solar retrograde field was the late Dr. Theodor Landscheidt, founder of the Schroeter Institute for Research in Cycles of Solar Activity in Waldmuenchen, Germany. Dr. Landscheit began publishing his results in 1976.

On earth, the solar retrograde cycle triggers fluctuations in geomagnetic-field intensity while causing abrupt – and extreme – changes in climate. The changes are so severe that at every other beat of the cycle – approximately every 360 years – the earth plunges into a Little Ice Age.

This cycle has plagued our planet for hundreds of millions of years.

“The 360-year Little Ice Age cycle shows up in the Morrison Formation clear back in the Jurassic,” says research geologist Jack Sauers. “It correlates with the fall of the Roman Empire. It correlates with the fall of the Sumerian Empire. It correlates with the fall of the Ottoman Empire (when Ghengis Kahn swept out of the north). It correlates with the fall of the Greek Empire. And it is now coinciding with the collapse of several modern-day empires.”

Unfortunately, the last beat of the Little Ice Age cycle occurred almost exactly 360 years ago. “If this pattern holds,” said Fairbridge and Sanders, “then a comparable Little Ice Age can be expected to begin . . . early in the twenty-first century.”

But wait. It gets worse. Multiply the Little Ice Age cycle by four, and you get a 1440-year cycle of even harsher climate conditions. This cycle, discovered in the Greenland Ice Sheet, was reported by Paul Mayewski et al. in 1997. (Journal of Geophysical Research, 30 Nov 1997)

The 1440-year cycle brings with it “dramatic and rapid” changes in climate (dry in some areas, wet in others) and worldwide glacier expansion. The cycle appears to be related to internal oscillations in the ocean-climate system, says Mayewski (which I attribute to underwater volcanism, triggered by changes in geomagnetic intensity, triggered by the changes in the sun).

Whatever causes it, a similar 1440-year cycle has been found in North Atlantic deep sea cores (Bond et al., Science, 14 Nov 1997). Our climate plunged into frigid conditions about 4200 years ago, said Bond. Similar declines occurred about 2800 years ago and 1400 years ago, which means – you guessed it – that the next beat of the 1400-year cycle is due.

As if that weren’t enough, multiply the 1440-year cycle by eight, and you come up with 11,520, which is suspiciously close to the 11,500-year ice-age cycle.

So here we sit. The next beat of the 179-year solar retrograde cycle is due. The next beat of the 360-year Little Ice Age cycle is due. The next beat of the 1440-year ice-age cycle is due. The next beat of the 11,500-year ice-age cycle is due. The next beat of the 100,000-year ice-age cycle is due . . . and we’re worried about global warming?

It’s ludicrous to be worried about global warming.

We must prepare for an ice age. As Fairbridge and Sanders put it, “Nature’s dice really are somewhat loaded.” If we can heed the lessons of history writ so clearly in the geologic record, maybe we can reload those dice in our favor.

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  1. “The next beat of the 11,500-year ice-age cycle is due. ”

    So basically the Holocene interglacial is for all intents and purposes finished and it is back into the deep freeze with sub cycles for another 105,000 years.

  2. Should I dig a 6 foot deep hole and bury myself?

    Actually, it’s not a bad idea, for below 6 feet in the ground the temperature stays around 50F degrees year around. Maybe living in a cave was a survival method for humans living through the last Ice Age. It may be cold, but not as nasty cold as outside could get!

    • We need more earthships! With more radical plans. Now we have the means of creating energy that the cave en did not have, to create grow lights etc.

  3. I look around & I see the propaganda on the warming, I see it all the time.

    No one seems to care about history or facts anymore…. they only care about what they hear and facts/history are not talked about….besides here and few other places.

    On the other hand the earth will do what it does… Like so many other things, I guess we’ll see.

  4. I get that the timetable is not quite so exact as to predict with absolute certainty the beginning year of the next180, 360, etc. year cycle, per the data presented above, what is the target year?

    Has it passed or is it upcoming?

  5. I have noticed since 2008 every time the smartie builds up from being slightly lower to higher the ocean temperatures drop. It is doing it now. Isn’t it interesting THEY found a hot blob in the artic in 2018?

  6. As Larry Niven famously had one of his characters comment, “Think of it as evolution in action”.

    For a species whose main survival asset is supposed to be intelligence, H. sapiens appears to be seriously lacking in that department.

    Or rather, his social organisation is direly faulty. There are a few intelligent individuals, but those who have control over society pay them no attention.

    Another famous SF writer made a similar observation:

    “Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded – here and there, now and then – are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

    “This is known as ‘bad luck'”.

    – Robert A. Heinlein, “The Notebooks of Lazarus Long”, in “Time Enough for Love” [Witness Turing, Semmelweiss, Russell, Ted Nelson, Leibniz, etc. Etc.]

    • Cultism never dies. People today are just as ignorant as they were in the 17th century except now the witch-hunt trials are carried out via technology and social media.

      I, for one, am a proud member of the heretic club.

  7. This is not going to be a little ice age but a major one I believe. Close your ears to the global warming soothsayers and open them to the science and you’ll see it coming at us like a freight train. All of the signs are there including increased underwater volcanic activity. Time to quickly learn from our ancient human ancestors how to survive the ice and fire.

  8. The beginning of the Dark Age 536AD. was 1484 years ago. That roughly fits in with the 1440 year cycle. I assume the 360 year cycle of years isn’t exact.
    Jupiter and Saturn did something in the year 1226, Did the same thing also happen roughly 800 years before that? 690 years before the year 1226 is the year 536AD. I am wondering if the Jupiter/Saturn thing is what caused the beginning of the Dark Age in 536AD? Which was caused by at least 3 volcanoes erupting at about the same time.

    • I seem to remember reading that the Dark Age was heralded in by a major volcanic eruption. This might perhaps be linked to astronomical factors.

  9. But they will blame the impending cold to man enhanced climate change and still impose taxes and restrictions.

    • But they will … [fill in something here] … and still impose taxes and restrictions.

      It’s what ‘they’ do and have always done. Usually in the name of some form of faux religion. Currently, climate change is a current form of faux religion.

  10. Vladivostok… close call… but also very predictable… what are the odds of the Security camera footage being perfectly framed… or of a very large concrete monolith (falling from out of the blue) coming loose and falling exactly… directly centred… timed… unless it was… another predicable recurring identical event… that had happened in the same place at least three times before – pause vid at 00:17 sec. (note similar discontinuities in the building’s geologic erosion sequences)

  11. I call bullshit. To wit:”It correlates with the fall of the Ottoman Empire (when Ghengis Kahn swept out of the north). It correlates with the fall of the Greek Empire.” Genghis Khan was several centuries before the Ottoman empire. Furthermore he died in 1227 . Finally what does the author mean by “Greek empire”? I am not aware of any “Greek empire”. Does he mean classical Greece? Or Alexander the Great? Or the Bycantine empire? Mistakeslike that make me suspicious that the rest is also not up to a closer look.

    • I think it the time lines for when these cycles transpired Robert would answer that better those then I could. But he also messages it in not by fire but by ice.

  12. The alignment is from Earth’s perspective, Jupiter and Saturn lined up with the Sun three months ago and that’s when solar activity peaked.
    The alignment pulled us out of total solar quiet last spring when it started if you go back on Sim Solar and see where the planets were and then look at the Electron Chart. Also you would notice on Sim Solar ALL the planets were bunched up for MONTHS not just those two.

  13. We need more earthships! With more radical plans. Now we have the means of creating energy that the cave en did not have, to create grow lights etc.

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