The Sun Is Asleep – This article made it to the mainstream media!

“The Sun Is Asleep: Deep ‘Solar Minimum’ Feared As 2020 Sees Record-Setting 100-Day Slump,” reads the headline on

Blank sun

12 May 2020 – “Our star—the Sun—is having a lockdown all of its own. reports that already there have been 100 days in 2020 when our Sun has displayed zero sunspots.”

“That makes 2020 the second consecutive year of a record-setting low number of sunspots.

“This is a sign that solar minimum is underway,” reads “So far this year, the Sun has been blank 76% of the time, a rate surpassed only once before in the Space Age. Last year, 2019, the Sun was blank 77% of the time. Two consecutive years of record-setting spotlessness adds up to a very deep solar minimum, indeed.”

Although it makes light of any potential changes in climate, the article does go on to answer a few questions. Amazingly, one of the questions, “What is ‘solar minimum’?  doesn’t bother to mention the climate. But at least it does give a Wikipedia link to the “Maunder Minimum.”

But even the Wikipedia article equivocates. It says:

“The Maunder Minimum roughly coincided with the middle part of the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North America experienced colder than average temperatures. Whether there is a causal relationship, however, is still under evaluation.”

Whether there is a causal relationship is still under evaluation?!?!

Oh well, at least it’s a start. At least the general populace may become aware of the record-setting sunspot minimum.

Here are the questions that the Forbes article attempts to answer.

What is a sunspot?
What is the solar cycle?
How does the solar cycle affect Earth?
What is ‘solar minimum’?
When is the next ‘solar maximum?’
How the solar cycle affects solar eclipses
How to see explosions on the Sun
Why is this good news for North American eclipse-chasers?

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

42 thoughts on “The Sun Is Asleep – This article made it to the mainstream media!”

  1. For those of us, who are regulars here, this article is like reading “See Spot Run”. Its a shame in this day and age for almost everyone to be so scientifically illiterate that we have to resort to such elementary science.
    Whenever I attempt to discuss all of this to friends, neighbors, or strangers, they All give me this totally blank stare that reminds me of medieval pheasants listening to Galileo attempting to explain algebra. “Maunder Who?”

    • Which I also experience w.r.t. ‘climate change’ by asking to the definition of climate and what is meant with ‘change’? As well as the covid19 virus situation. Why vaccination when vitamine C, D and zinc gives enough protection against flu, I come from another planet. They’ve already accepted that humans can control the temperature of the earth and now can control virusses by means of vaccination. Already adapted all measurements as normal for the future. It has as if thinking has been halted by using the brakes. In what kind of state the mind is, I really don’t know.

      • There are at least 50 years since schools were just brainwashing the kids. As of late this went to universities. While liberals were preparing the take over by brainwashing, the conservatives were busy working, so their taxes can pay the complotting liberals…..

    • John, I too am considered an oddball or a nerd. This is not advanced astrophysics. I learned this in Junior High School.
      This doesn’t say much for our education system or the intellectual curiosity of the public post graduation from high school or college.
      I do worry for those folks.

    • Three days ago, here in southern England, my daughter was chipping ice off her car’s windows at 8 am.

      • Experiments have shows that if you take a stick and move it through liquid metal, it moves easily under normal conditions. When you magnetize that liquid metal, the stick is difficult to move. The experiment was done with mercury, but there’s no reason why molten iron wouldn’t behave the same way.

        So, to put it on a planetary scale, the Sun’s magnetic field is reduced, this is causing the Earth’s magnetic field to reduce, which lessens the bond the tectonic plates have with the mantle. This can cause the earthquakes and volcanoes.

        And when the magnetic field collapses when we enter the null void area of the galaxy, the area between the positive and negative poles of the galactic region, ALL bonds between the tectonic plates and the mantle are released and the plates can go wherever they want..

        This is the cataclysm mechanics theory. It happens every 11500ish years.

    • What are the area tectonics would be a good place to start. How prone is this area of Nevada to damaging quakes? How do the faults relate to the supervolcano? The fact that this is near Mono Lake is indeed concerning.

  2. In 2015, Dr. Valentina Zharkova authored an 11 page (downloadable) paper called “The Heartbeat of the Sun”.
    It has been shown to have a 97% correlative accuracy with observed data going back 400 years.
    Research labs across the globe – including NASA’S Ames Research Center- have validated Dr. Zharkova’s work.
    The trough years for cold will take place between 2028 and 2032 with colder, wetter years manifesting from now through the next ~25 years.
    There will be no Narnia/Ice Age theatrics accompanying this Grand Solar Minimum as we humans can ‘turn the thermostats up a few degrees’, to quote Dr. Zharkova.
    The real danger will arise from the shortened growing seasons, a phenomenon that is already being observed in various locales.
    The sooner we can all ditch these Globull Warming idiots into the dustbin of history, the better off we all shall be.

  3. Unfortunately, most people very much prefer to have all potentially threatening issues “settled”.

    Any debate or data that contradicts the “consensus” upsets and irritates them, so they deal with the cognitive dissonance by any methods from ignoring unwelcome facts to attacking those who mention them.

    The proportion of people who naturally prefer to know the truth – good, bad or indifferent – to those who would rather slumber on in comfort must be quite small. Maybe 5% or less.

  4. the msm will run it now because?
    they can incite fear and push prices up wether theres shortages or not .
    its just another emotional hammer to bash the less informed sheepies over their dumb heads with
    same as the raveups about starvation etc in africa etc
    yeah all the places having a war for sure and the worst of the despotic leaders ripping their people off too
    other places that flooded and then had locusts? well the bugs move on and the deeply wet soils will grow immense crops for a year or more and the rivers are running etc. the birdlife and others that could eat the locusts inc the eggs they laid will also be breeding up due to the highprotien tucker they got.
    some many thousands of Covid deaths also drops demands on food supplies.
    Chinas tantrum over Aus wanting a corona inquiry wont be as bad as some think. our farmers already halted Barley planting n are swapping to wheat or oats etc, Brazils crashing badly so their usual backup might not BE able to supply much at all for themselves or others. and theyre having huge death tolls so in a bad way its sorting their overcrowded slums out too.

  5. Now this is far more important in the next 50+ years (along with the upcoming magnetic reversal) than some over exaggerated flu.
    When this magnetic reversal hits, it will be a REAL national emergency.

  6. How interesting then, that in spite of the very low solar activity of this year and last, Feb 2020, as reported by the satellite temp data curated by Dr. Roy Spencer at UAH, was warmer than at any time during the Great El Nino of 1998.

    • Simple explanation = THE OCEAN. Our ocean is huge: it covers 70% of Earth; is deeper in places than the highest mountain; mixes very slowly (decades to centuries) by circulation; and has a very high ‘thermal inertia’ (google it). In other words, our enormous ocean reacts very slowly to changes in our star’s heat output. There’s a time-lag of decades. The Sun heats the ocean. Then the ocean warms the atmosphere. But the new equilibrium temperature takes decades to attain. Even the IPCC knows this. CO2 is irrelevant.

      Read this carefully (you’ll need 10 minutes) …

      Would you expect to turn up your bathroom thermostat and have the bath water react instantly? Obviously not.

      You need to start THINKING independently. Question EVERYTHING you read. AGW is a gravy train.

      • Yes. The heat capacity of the oceans is multiple orders of magnitude more than the atmosphere.

    • The numbers of all the measuring devices are normalized to show whatever the global warming crowd wants to see. Without nudging the data are temps would be on a downward trend since 1998. Unfortunately for them even though they managed to fake the whole of the 20th century – they couldn’t nudge the 21st century data any more without it being blatantly obvious to even the most obtuse of us.

    • Good to see you ignoring that the UAH data then recorded the second largest drop in temperature ever,

  7. I’ve read about the Sun what Abdusamatov proposes, this Russian scientist, it is very interesting!
    But most important is to reread and remember those ‘new Galileos’ (Zharkova, Abdusamatov and another hundred ‘good’ scientists) although only time, maybe a Geological Time Scale will confirm all of this. And to be note, realize what’s coming true or not.

    -Khabibullo Abdusamatov (posted in 2014)
    Therefore, we expect that in 2043, more or less 11 years, there will be a minimum solar radiation power of the cycle of almost two centuries, it will last about 45 to 65 years. Consequently, a 2060 deep cooling, according to our rough estimates, will last 45-65 years. After that, the next heating cycle of the almost century will begin and that will be already in the beginning of the 22nd century.

  8. I’m still incredulous that people aren’t seeing the writing on the wall. We’ve known for such a long time now, that the sunspots wax and wane with the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn (and the grand cycle with Uranus and Neptune) that it should just be obvious what’s going on, but because pseudoscience has seen this for so long as some form of astrology, they don’t recognise it.

    But the link is as clear as crystal.

  9. What part of ‘causal’ dont they understand? Of course its caused by the Sun..idiots!
    Yep the GSM is well underway. Expect to see more dry spells as jetstreams shift. Of course blamed on ‘crimate change’.

  10. It sounds like they don’t know what a Grand Solar Minimum is??? What?? Excuse me?? They don’t know what sunspots are?? What?? After all this “dumbing down process” for 42 years since 1978, they finally know what a Grand Solar Minimum is or what the Maunder Minimum is??? Maybe?
    What’s the matter with them, have they been living in a cave in the last 42 years?
    I assume they heard something about the record cold this month, maybe???
    Have they finally learned the difference between 32F and 212F?
    Don’t count on it!
    I doubt they’ll know the difference anytime soon LOL

  11. The Daily Mail carried an article on the solar minimum but of course they ended it by talking to a moron from the Met Office who claimed it was normal and would barely dent the raging furnace that is now Planet Earth. Even the short record on Spaceweather shows this is something different with as of 16 May at 77% spotless which is the same as last year. I could see 2020 exceeding that.

  12. Robert, Fox News just ran a similar article about NASA and the Solar Minimum. Conclusion was it was nowhere as big an effect as greenhouse gases. Unbelievable!

  13. Unfortunately, the “media” has already put out some things claiming that altho there is this phenomenon… there will be “no mini Ice Age” – and I can no longer find that article on the news either,

  14. Sadly the focus is on the Highs, not the Lows, The friends that I talk to about this are all on the G.W. train. They do not want to talk about it because all the forced News stuff that being put thru them and their family’s. I have tried to give them input by fact but them they say Ah yes Fake News or that a nothing burger. Well one day we will all wake up to a burger with cheese, bacon, mustard, and all the works, and it will be to late. But please keep trying to teach all that need to learn about this cool stuff. I look at every thing different today than when I was in my twenties. One fact at a time and maybe some will change, I did, 180 deg. and it was the CO2 levels on all planets going up. I got that from this site some 16 or so years back, Thank for that Robert Thanks, David.

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