The Ultimate Divide and Conquer

“The whole concept of “lockdowns” is exactly upside down.”
– Russ Bangs
Excerpts from a very insightful article by Russ Bangs”

The global evidence is converging on the facts: This flu is somewhat more contagious than the norm and is especially dangerous for those who are aged and already in poor health from pre-existing maladies. It is not especially dangerous for the rest of the population.

The whole concept of “lockdowns” is exactly upside down, exactly the wrong way any sane society would respond to this circumstance.

It’s the vulnerable who should be shielded while nature takes its course among the general population, who should go about life as usual. Dominionist-technocratic rigidity can’t prevent an epidemic from cycling through the population in spite of the delusions of that religion, especially since Western societies began their measures far too late anyway.

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  1. It is NOT a flu virus. It is a common cold virus…corona is a cold virus, which
    there are many types
    Quit with the “flu” dis info
    My feeling is there is a nothing virus
    that cause people to believe any
    info from the mainstream media
    Incurable from what i understand

    • wise juan, Coronavirus causes colds, flu, sars,mers and several other things, Coronavirus was discovered in the 1930s and named in the 1960s.
      Coronavirus also caused the 1892/1918/1957/1968/9 pandemics which were all new strains with no cure, the 1968/9 pandemic killed 2 to 4 million people world wide.
      And of course the 1918 pandemic killed 3% to 5% of the then worlds population of 1.8 billion
      The important part to remember is that there is NO cure and our immune systems do NOT have the antibodies to fight it
      I also know two people who have had covid19, the wife was showing few symptoms, the husband had to go to hospital and is still not too good [both on their 40s]
      So “yES” there are many types of Coronavirus but when they are new they are deadly to portions of a population, usually the elderly but not always as in 1918 it was the healthy under 50s that took the brunt.
      You are the one that needs to stop spreading disinformation .

      • Mac, most people’s bodies don’t even bother making antibodies for this particular corona virus. We have something called “innate immunity” from our T-cells. This is partly derived from our having been exposed to other corona viruses, and partly just the immune system of our species. It’s the reason why children, for example, don’t get it.

        If the virus starts to get a foothold then one makes antibodies to knock it down. When antibodies attack the virus, dismembering it, we are left w virus particles. If a test reveals these defeated particles, we are said to be a “case” or “infected”– really already immune.

        Flu is influenza– not a corona virus. They’re both respiratory, but not related.

        • Penelope, I suggest you go and look coronavitise’s
          up as they cause all that I mentioned and more.[ I did way back in Feb/March when all this kicked off]
          Yes, we have been exposed to other Coronaviruse’s .
          The problem we have is that a new strain can be deadly as in the 1892 pandemic, the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, the 1957 Asian Flu pandemic and the 1968/9 Hong Kong Flu pandemic, these.
          were all new Coronvirus strains, therefore NO IMMUNITY and between them killed many millions of people
          Or are you going to say that these previous strains did not kill anyone?
          The 1957 & 1968/9 pandemics both lasted 18 months before dying out

  2. I’ve said the same from the beginning. Old and vulnerable can isolate while the rest carry on as usual. I saw a tape of the CDC head saying the average teen has a one in a million chance of dying from CV19, and that deaths are up among teens caused by suicide and drug OD.

  3. Karl Rove on how coronavirus response could impact 2020 election

    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” – Karl Rove

    Karl, yes I guess we do study all you’s guyz fictional hoaxes.

  4. As Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. (/ says on his twitter feed —

    Replying to @AThomashausen and @sapiofoxy

    Think about it, if the virus was released from a lab, it could not have been an accident, because this could not explain the coordinated actions of media, authorities and Bill Gates to promote the “pandemics” narrative from the very beginning.

    Who divides and conquers?
    The elitist profiteers.

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