The World’s Greatest Agricultural Disaster

“Record floods devastated a wide swath of the Farm Belt across Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and several other states,” says this article on

“Early estimates of lost crops and livestock are approaching $3 billion, and that figure is expected to rise as flooding is now predicted to last well into May. The flooding on fields will render them all but impossible to use. Fields that are normally used for growing beans, corn, and grain are under tons of snow or several feet of water. This means these fields will more than likely not produce a crop this year.”

“What needs to be explained is the dramatically increased precipitation and where the trend line is going. We have to turn to science for this, to astrophysics, which tells us that increasing cosmic radiation is seeding more clouds causing more rain and snow, much more. One of the classical characteristics of Grand Solar Minimums is increased cosmic rays creating more cloud coverage and much more precipitation.”

“The scope of this historic disaster has touched nearly every aspect of Nebraska,” said Col. Michael Manion in the early days as record floods devastated a wide swath of the Farm Belt across Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and several other states. (Col. Manion is 55th Wing Commander at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.)

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    • New Orleans probably will be fine. Control structures on the Mississippi River upstream would be opened if NO is in any danger. But, that leaves those in the Atchafalaya River plain and Morgan City in serious trouble. John McPee’s New Yorker article from 1987 on the Army Corps of Engineers’ battle with the Mississippi at the Atchafalaya is a good read.

  1. Its truly a shame that all the resource and hyperbole squandered on the Globul warming meme has left us with a society that is planning for exactly the opposite climatic problem that faces us in reality. Warming=> Hyperbole/ Cooling=> Reality.

  2. And like the huge wildfires in the southern plains 2 yrs ago,the government has no clue how to take care of farmers immediate needs.The help is coming from volunteer groups.See Wildfire and Disaster Relief Ag Community on Facebook to find out whats going on,Wont be on the evening news.This is “flyover country”.

    • ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’ – scariest words you can hear said Ronald Reagan.

  3. The article had me wondering if it was leading to warming…but at the end, with this statement, I can see in writing, what we all see happening around us.
    “Does not matter what you believe in the end, no one can ignore the FACT that we are experiencing a grand solar minimum and violent climate change that goes with it. It can be ignored, but not denied. In February we did not have one sun spot. Solar activity is declining and for sure we know its not from too much CO2.”

  4. I read somewhere on that the Spanish measured the Mississippi at 120 miles wode at St Louis in the 1500s. Also that the new world was a cold and foreboding place with ice amd snow on the ground 6-9 months out of the year, at the latitude grapes were grown in Europe. If this is true we are screwed.

    • Carol,
      The New World ALWAYS was colder at same latitudes as Europe… that’s part of why more than half the Pilgrims died the first year in Massachusetts… they were expecting the same climate as England, but New England is a lot colder. Snow on the ground 6+ months out of the year is normal… but my family had grape vines in MA (near the RI border) and they did very well there. And Martha’s Vineyard was called that because of the wild grapes that grew there… despite long and snowy winters.

      The Midwest is even colder and yet most years crops thrive there also. And they grow wheat in western Canada too!

  5. Is this worse than the 1927 floods?

    Probably very few lived through both, but apparently 2007 costs for the 1927 disaster would have been 1 TRILLION dollars.

    Right now, folks are talking lower single digit billions in 2019, so even if it increased 10 fold, it is still way, war off what happened that year nearly 100 years ago.

    The flooding season is only just starting, however.

  6. But all the clever folks have told me–a farmer–that I won’t be needed anymore. They are going to grow veg. on the sides and rooves of skyscrapers. Meat will be made in a lab. The countryside will all be “rewilded”.

    I’m not sure how they plan to replace all the grain crops, but I am sure they have a plan for that.

    • Wilding of current farm land, implies a very much reduced human population like a 97% reduction. Any metal and recyclicable material required for several tens of years would come from scavenging the current metropolitian cities. Once the current human population had burnt itsself out in its decent into saveragy.
      7 Billion, 3% = equates to a world wide polulation of 210 million.
      Perhaps the 97% concenus was code for their target population.
      Such a policy could only come about by a sudden decent into a world wide Glacation event triggered by Green Geoenginering using Sulphates, Exploding ten or more large super volcanoc would do the trick.

  7. while its a massive blow to the areas its happened to its NOT the worlds greatest.. some of the floods in asia india etc have wiped out larger areas homes and crops by vulume id hazard.
    past and current evens are bad where heyve hit and I really do sympathise over loss of land animals and incomes as well as lives. today in my part of aus we have a fireban and elsehwre from me, had 2 fires break out and do fair bit of damage in the areas, then within hours we have storm cold rain hail and snow probable, with graziers alerts for loss of lambs due to cold n winds
    this is normal Vic weather 4 seasons in one day!

  8. And what should the government’s response to this be? If anyone suggests that they should take some money and use it to shore up the agriculture business in the country by assisting those farms that are all but put into bankruptcy, they most likely will be faced with “yeah, bailing out people that should have known better.” Agriculture is an incredibly important part of the business cycle in this country, but since it is always seen as “industrial farming,” there will be reluctance to help those “family business farms” that will be lost because of this disaster.

    “Better to house and support the invasion of illegals than to support businesses that support the nation” will not be the exact response but unstated action.

    I am sure that most of those facing catastrophic loss aren’t looking for or asking for “a bail out.” but wouldn’t it be nice if the government chose to give them a lift? They serve us all far better than the damn banks or the ignorant auto makers that chose to never listen to the buyers and continued to make what they wanted to sell instead.

  9. When you have a private group on Facebook at 2 am trying to find someone who can get water to people who haven’t had anything to drink for 4 days,maybe the govt would have the resources to at least get that done.

  10. I got this off an article:….”The flooded acreage represents less than 1 percent of U.S. land used to grow corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, cotton, sorghum and barley. In 2018, some 240 million total acres of these crops were planted in the United States, USDA data shows.”


    If this is true, then 1% should not be such a big deal? Thus, I am conflicted.

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