There are no adults in the room

“We are governed by immature children having a climate temper tantrum based on faulty reasoning that CO2 warms the planet.”
– Yukon Jack

There are no adults in the room

Yukon Jack

There are no adults in the room, we are governed by immature children having a climate temper tantrum based on faulty reasoning that CO2 warms the planet.

Why were these huge windmills built in the first place? Because the globalist media narrative said CO2 was a threat. It is not a threat, it is a life gas. So right off the bat, windmills were built based on a false premise.

So where are the adults, the solid level headed thinkers who direct capital based on need and efficiency? Gone with the wind, we are basing our infrastructure capital investing based on lies of a political class that couldn’t care less about truth or efficiency.

Billions were directed from public funds to subsidize these unicorn and rainbow pie-in-the-sky fairy tales of a green economy. What it really was – was highway robbery by unscrupulous politicians who never took a science class.

So this Texas crisis is the result of these bad decisions. Allowing crazies like AOC or Al Gore to make decisions is what creates chaos. Truth is what they say it is, not objective scientific reality, and now they are saying that global warming caused the polar vortex, and that Texas needs to be punished for trying to secede.

Seeing that your vote counts for nothing because they count the vote, it is only going to get much worse.

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  1. @ Yukon Jack,
    Thanks for your excellent post:
    Short & clear, well said!

    Regrettably, rather than learning from their misguided thoughts & failures, the powers that are appear to be more inclined to “double down” than coming to their senses — not just in Texas.

  2. It should be fairly easy to set up an experiment to prove/disprove the theory that higher levels of CO2 are effective at reducing outgoing radiation. Can someone point me in the direction of this being done with no effect for different CO2 concentrations.

      • “It should be fairly easy to set up an experiment to prove/disprove the theory that higher levels of CO2 are effective at reducing outgoing radiation.”

        The lack of interest in your proposal probably stems from there being no fundamental dispute about the so-called “Greenhouse Effect”.

        It has been understood for at least some decades now that the Earth’s atmosphere has a thermally insulating influence on the planet’s biosphere. Of this, ~75% is attributed to water vapour and ~20% to CO2, the remainder to other gases.

        Without this insulating effect, the average global temperature would be much cooler than it is – too cold to support the biosphere as we now know it.

        So it’s unlikely that too many people would have the time or interest to take you upon an experiment to prove or disprove something that is not in dispute.

        What IS in general dispute around the so-called “Global Warming” – sorry, “Climate Change” narrative is:

        1. whether the atmospheric CO2 is a significant determinant of global temperature and weather patterns, and

        2. whether the relatively tiny human contribution of 3-4% of the total CO2 currently in atmospheric circulation is somehow driving a global “climate emergency”.

        IMO neither of those two propositions stands up to rigorous examination.

  3. Math for whites only ! Bill Gates is subsidising a scheme to cancel math education for colored children as it is not in accordance with their natural talents and it is favouring especially the part of the brain that colored people do not need because of their superior adaptation to modern society .You only have to look at the suburbs and town centres to notice how well adapted the anti-math part of our society is . Is addiction in fact anti-math ?

  4. Once upon a time long ago, the earth’s atmosphere was rich in carbon dioxide and no oxygen.
    Then, along came plant life and ATE the carbon dioxide with help from sunlight and water, and produced food in the form of simple sugar along with toxic and corrosive oxygen as a waste product.
    After many eons the plants ate so much carbon dioxide and expelled so much h oxygen that the carbon dioxide is dangerously low, and the plants are in danger of starving.
    This is an existential crisis. Save the planet produce more carbon dioxide.

    • Your anecdote, while perhaps tongue-in-cheek, is spot on.

      Atmospheric carbon dioxide and oxygen are inextricably bound in the cycle of life. Plants need CO2, animals need O2, one can’t live without the other.

      If we have a surplus of CO2, then we have a deficiency of trees. The solution is obvious.

  5. Do you believe everything this government tells you? I hope the answer is NO.

    Do you believe anything this government tells you? I don’t!

    Every squeak coming from their mouth is a lie!

  6. One would hope this is a wake up call. But the spin-masters are working over time.
    You cant compare 24/7/365 power plants with intermittent “green” power. And solar and wind have so many limitations. With solar, the high temperature end causes power output loss. If you think a dessert is a perfect place for a solar array, its not. The very cold temperature end causes other problems too. Solar panels are only about 20% efficient at turning sunlight into moving electrons.
    Wind is very inefficient at changing moving air into kinetic energy. Only 35% if memory serves. Not very impressive is it?
    “Green” power is only good for supplemental power, it’s not even close to being realistic to power the grid.

  7. Questions that NEED to be answered are:-
    [1] WHAT caused the Mediaeval Warm Period circa AD 1000 when the Vikings were able to FARM much, much more of Greenland? It was not MAN that caused that “global warming”, was it?
    [2] WHAT caused the warming of the Roman period in Britain,[ FIRST CENTURY AD ] when grapes were grown as far north as York [ in Yorkshire, Northern England] . Grapes cannot be grown up there today. It wasn’t MAN !
    [3] WHAT caused the “Little Ice Age” in the time of Charles Dickens, when the River Thames through London used to freeze so HARD every winter that they could hold ICE FAIRS on the actual ice of the river? The Thames does not freeze now……..and MAN did not cause it in the 19th century ! Volcanic activity may have assisted natural solar cycles.
    [4] On December 10th 2020 , the UK Meteorological Office [ official UK Govt Met Office] announced that SNOW will soon be a thing of the past in Lowland Britain , south of about Scotland. Meanwhile, in 2021, we have had WIDESPREAD SNOW and the coldest January for 10 years ……and the lowest UK temperature , MINUS 23 CELSIUS, for 25 YEARS! That was recorded in Braemar in Scotland in February.
    Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

  8. AL Gore is mentioned in the above posting.
    after he made his well-known film, I remember that people in the UK checked him out.
    They found that MULTI-MILLIONAIRE Al Gore used MORE ELECTRICITY per annum in his Nashville Tennessee estate than a WHOLE LARGE WELSH VILLAGE. .If anyone disbelieves me, then Google his annual electricity usage.
    This ,in my mind, makes him a good old-fashioned HYPOCRITE! His attitude is …..
    ..”Do as I say ! Don’t do as I do !”

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