“There is so much stupid here that it is hard to know where to begin”

So writes James Delingpole, explaining that the British Army “is considering phasing out fossil-fuel-powered tanks, APCs and lorries in order to save the planet and to attract more recruits who are worried about global warming.”

“No, really,” says Delingpole. “These are the words of Britain’s senior army officer, General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, speaking at a defence and security event in London yesterday.”

“There is so much stupid here,” Delingpole continues, “that it is hard to know where to begin.”

Read all of this great commentary. I think you’ll love it.


23 thoughts on ““There is so much stupid here that it is hard to know where to begin””

  1. Wow Solar powered Tanks with a Light rays, Man, Ya that works, Not.
    The Green Mean Machine (can’t use machine here, let see, Oh Idea),
    The Green Mean Idea.
    No Wars, except on Oil, Engines, Your large House. Your food. Your way to defend your self. There is a trend here. An Idea Ya.
    Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

  2. Serious stuff actually. My intelligence sources tell me the FV4034 Challenger 2 (MOD designation “CR2” main battle tank), is to be upgraded with a new drive unit – the HPPP. The Harry Potter Power Pack produces no emissions. When you rev the engine it gives off a throaty broom broom!

  3. http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/ATHEISM/inquisition.php

    Starting in the mid 16th Century, Europe’s climate starts a cooling spell which will last 300 years. Unaware that the sun’s energy output has slightly decreased (The Maunder Minimum) Religious leaders of Europe blame human actions for climate change (not unlike the current tendancy to blame a warming planet solely on human activity), and add the deteriorating weather to the list of “crimes” of witches. As the cereals on which civilization depends succumb to the cold weather, the church declares the still-thriving potato the “food of the devil” because it grows in the ground. As a result, millions starve to death while standing on an ample food supply.

    • And today, Robert, the ‘Church of the Climate Crisis’ is screaming that we must stop consuming the milk and meat of ruminant animals. The proponents of AGW really do seem to be a human hating crowd who actually have very little understanding of how the natural world really works.

      By the way, the warmists point to the start of the Industrial Revolution as the beginning of the carbon-related temperature rise. Doesn’t that time frame coincide with the end of the Little Ice Age? Wouldn’t it be expected that the average temperature would begin to rise at that time? (Of course, they have recently been arguing that the LIA was a localized event. They always seem to be able to manufacture an answer to support their case.)

  4. The US DOD did the same thing several years ago under Obama. Since then the US taxpayer has been subsidizing soybean farmers and crony capitalist refiners to make ultra expensive diesel biofuel. But at least that’s better than the EU hypocrites who pay Indonesian speculators to burn down tropical rainforests in Borneo to plant palm oil plantations for their eco friendly bio diesel.

  5. The PM of the Netherlands also changed his mind to regain political power and, in his slipstream, Shell also fears climate change now. So one can better say that phantasies has taken over reality and that will cause a lot of problems independent of being cold or warm, skating or swimming in winter. I also read that some elite are now becoming aware that the green-parties have the agenda to wipe out capitalism which can be called the ‘green communism’. As green-parties lack any knowledge, ideology, like Marx had, they are using issues from science. Soon we will have to pay alot more tax to fund the consequences of these political flaws.

  6. Its a doozy;-) and he said that with a straight face
    hes got a good second career as a straightman for a comedian.
    as if the ecominded are in any way likely to be signing up to handle and use DU weapons nasty lead bullets and all the other super toxic to uses(as well as to the recipients) products our mil industrial complexes promote and endorse.
    then of course the vegan recruits might have some issues with the lackof fresh salads and tofu in the canteens too
    wonder if the UK mil plans to go meatless meals as some of their loonier schools are doing?? and no real milk just soy and other nuttier excuses for dairy??

  7. In conference with Auric Goldfinger, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Carleton-Smith finds that arbitraging solar-fields and windfarms vs. naturally occurring oil-and-gas plus nuclear energy floats Cloud Cuckoo castles high off-planet. As for Britain’s national defense… well, what’s a NATO or Sino-Russian threat compared with Save-the-Planet?

    For this distinguished functionary’s information: First, “greenhouse” CO2 emissions (“carbon footprints”) at 420 ppm (.042%, one-tenth median Holocene Interglacial levels) have been shown completely meaningless for any –repeat, any– planet’s Global Atmospheric Surface Temperature (GAST): See Australian Robert Holmes’ “Mean Molar Mass” version of the Ideal Gas Law, a peer-reviewed paper published December 2017 where Temperature T = PM/Rp (qv), absent any trace-gas CO2 component whatsoever.

    Second: Wind-and-solar power’s egregious cost, unreliability, environmentally destructive nature aside, “fossil fuels” in fact are no such thing: Though complex hydrocarbon structures take organic form, regenerating oil-and-gas deposits seven miles beneath Russia’s Siberian Shield plus 300 miles off Brazil’s abyssal Atlantic Coast cannot possibly be residues of Carboniferous “plant mats” or any other Paleozoic Period overgrowth.

    Third, CO2 and inorganic petrochemical exudations aside, dustmote Planet Earth’s 12,250-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch ended 670 years ago in AD 1350, coincident with a major strato-volcano eruption, a 70-year Grand Solar (Sunspot) Minimum, and a 500-year Little Ice Age (LIA) ending only in 1850/1890.

    Now ending a 140-year “amplitude compression” LIA rebound through AD 2030, humanity’s 7.3 billion souls face not only a Super-Grand Solar Minimum through c. AD 2110 (Henrik Svensmark, Valentina Zharkova) but the grimly inevitable onslaught of cyclical 102-kiloyear Pleistocene glaciations due to cover 60 – 70% of Earth’s habitable-zone landmasses with ice-sheets two miles thick.

    However Gen. Sir Mark Carleton-Smith may function in his Chief-of-Staff capacity, critical thinking matched with minimal and quite non-technical personal research apparently is not his soup du jour.

  8. You don’t need to have a heart for the environment to join the Army. You just need to be thick LOL.
    I couldn’t handle military life because of the constant beastings in a world where a gee can often work wonders and make men loyal to your cause.
    I’m too laid back in life. Plus, I would need to give up the whisky if I am serious about passing the fitness tests. If anyone wants more info please check out this link:


  9. And the battery charging stations for those vehicles, way out in God-knows-where, will be powered by exactly what?

    • sssh dont ask they wont tell;-) probably cos they havent GOT anything approaching reality and unicorn farts are scarce in the deserts
      camels just cant provide enough and the herds of methane producing dairy cows..all died of thirst in their trials

  10. As a friend of mine in Seattle says:

    I think feeding the mice in those little wheels they run in to power the tanks would not leave much time for fighting

  11. Well if Europe and the US continue on their open border plans what exactly is the point of a military anyway? The invaders come and we pay them to live in our country. It is all so simple if you are a progressive.

  12. My son sent me some info about big-rig trucks. A Volvo vnl670, weighs 18,000 lbs, and has a range of 1300 miles while pulling 80,000 lbs. It has a 100 gallon tank. Cost $150,000.

    The Tesla semi truck has a range of only 500 miles while pulling 80,000 lbs. The Tesla requires 1.6 megawatts to recharge the battery. Cost $200,000.

    I wonder how long it would take to recharge the batteries of a large tank? 3-4 hours or more? Will the enemy wait for you?
    How long will it take to build a solar power station before any tanks or trucks can be charged? What happens when the “Sun don’t shine” such as, rainy days or night? We know the running wires out to the front lines means the enemy doesn’t need a gun; just wire cutters to stop you in your tracks! Of course, your army could always use diesel generators to charge the tanks, yet the enemy only needs to kill the generators to stop you, and a simple single-shot rifle could do that! Furthermore, should the enemy cause a tanks batteries to explode, those Lithium batteries will knock out several other tanks, for it will act like a large bomb exploded!
    Are we getting the idea how stupid this sounds? Why have an army at all, if you go this direction?
    BTW: CO2 has little or no effect in warming the planet, but “We” will find that out soon enough as the planet heads for another Little Ice Age!

  13. If a compact nuclear power source could be devised to supply continuous power to the electric drive motors then you would have something. Unlimited range, very quiet and low heat signature. Thorium technology maybe. The powers that be will never allow serious research into anything that might actually be usefull .

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