There’s a lot of snow going on in the American West

And lots more on the way.

There’s a lot of snow going on in the American West

H.B. Schmidt

Salt Lake City averaged 12″ (30 cm) with pockets as high as 22″ (55 cm) . The Wasatch Range, famous for “the best snow on earth”, had over five feet (150+ cm) of snow.

Seattle received 3″ – 8″ (7 – 20 cm) from this storm, with another big snow event this weekend (as outlined in this article):

The Sierra Nevada had some big snows out of this last trio of weather systems and ski resorts report upwards of nearly 9 feet (240+ cm) that fell:

They’re going to receive yet another 3-4 feet (90 – 120 cm) of Gov. Moonbeam’s “Perma-Drought” this weekend:

… which just goes to show the great variability in inter-annual precipitation levels:

It will be interesting to see what the next status report is for basin-wide snow water equivalents (SWE) since they form the basis for the entire region’s water supply policies.

Living in Phoenix, we’re at the low rung on the Colorado River Compact water distribution plan; the state has a law requiring developers to prove a guaranteed 99-year water supply exists before building. There is currently a boom in housing taking place here and state water regulators are struggling to get a cohesive regional Colorado River water plan hashed out for federal regulators.

If water is an issue in the American West, it’s not evident by the behavior of elected officials or developers. I at least am just happy to see every drop of rain and flake of snow that falls because they mean life in this unforgiving environment.

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