They don’t want to know because it interferes with their status quo

GSM? Magnetic shield? Sunspots? Solar cycle?
Rambling on about things nobody has ever heard of.

They don’t want to know because it interferes with their status quo


A friend of mine’s wife, a D, is a principal of a public middle school. I was talking to her about Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) recently, mentioning the record days without sunspots. She’s never heard anything about that.

I told her there was a solar cycle, she’d never heard of that or that our magnetic shield is weaker and is what shields us from the sun.

She knows all abut climate change though, gospel.

A friend of mine is a retired PhD Ag , doctor of farming, He’s a millionaire, lives in a condo, wife’s head nurse at a hospital.

Never heard of a solar cycle or weakened mag shield.

Another friend is an 85 year old retired structural engineer, had his own bridge company, Won national awards for interstate bridges and he still works periodically for Manson on projects around the world, private jets and limos. He knows little Billy Gates family, he knows everybody. Seriously connected.

He’s never had the internet, no outside info beside MSM. which he follows like religion.

He’s never heard of the solar cycle or weakened mag shield. I went on 2 mile walks with him almost every day for 3 years. He’d talk about politics, votes D. I’d talk about current solar activity, how it was effecting the weather . He’d blurt I was “rambling on about things nobody has ever heard of,” end quote.

No one else I’ve ever talked to about this has ever heard of the solar cycle or weakened mag shield. 100% nada. The more I’d talk, the crazier they’d think I was. They don’t want to know because it interferes with their status quo. Except my Aunt Sue.

She looked into it and reads here everyday and wants to learn, to prepare for how it will effect her status quo. Amazing .

To people here on this site this is all common knowledge, but the general populace hasn’t been exposed to it whatsoever. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t.

Thanks for this website and your teaching ordinary citizens like me about all this important info.

12 thoughts on “They don’t want to know because it interferes with their status quo”

  1. Isn’t ignorance bliss? It relieves the masses of the need for serious thinking and taking action except to shut up the truth teller.

  2. Great post.
    Although my long running efforts at “red pilling ” people have been pretty unsuccessful, I HAVE been piquing some interest amongst Alarmists by gently throwing out comments on the “latest study” by the likes of astrophysicist Dr. Valentina Zharkova on the GSM.
    Without any further prodding on my part, natural inquisitiveness seems to spark further study, (invariably “debunked” by Alarmist mouth pieces).
    Overall, some seeds are being planted which, as the years go by, should be further validated by Real World events.
    As an aside, I am 100% covinced that the true puppet masters know all this. Hence, this frenzied, insane rush to kneecap hydrocarbons at all costs.

    • That’s what I have noticed too. You can’t outright contradict their beliefs or they will close themselves like a turtle or snail retracting in the shell. You have to leave breadcrumbs here and there and hope that eventually they find the truth by themselves.

  3. by the time Ive chatted someone who is a “believer” they know about those topics and a darn sight more..;-)
    of course their actual desire to know, and know more is iffy
    but Im taking the approach of saying well if you reckon the planets going to fry and are willing to accept talking msm heads word for it?
    then more fool you if you dont actually give enough of a damn to be able to understand OR argue back to me.
    shaming them for their utter ignorance mightnt work
    but it also just might;-)
    either way Im not being “nice” anymore

  4. There are people who are willfully ignorant and just don’t want to be better informed. This article also shows that there are those who appear quite clever in some areas but amazingly dense in others.

  5. Oly-Maybe your choice of associates is the problem. Perhaps someone like a rocket scientist would be more in your line.

  6. When I speak to people and they mention climate change I interrupt them by asking them if they truly believe in climate change to which they answer “why yes, of course”. I tell them that I too believe in climate change but not the one that they believe in. Now I’ve got their attention. I tell them that it’s going to get cold, real cold. I usually mention the cold period in the middle ages and other times. I also ask them just how much CO2 is in the air as a percentage. The numbers I get are high, very high or if not that they say 400 ppm. I just love setting them up like this. Try it, it’s fun.

  7. I agree it’s basiclly an impossible task.
    Yesterday I tried to tell my cardiologist about the Kp index.
    What’s that he said and after I explained simply he clearly had no interest as he ‘knows’ that nothing
    extraterrestrial has any influence on events here on earth.
    It’s not just him it’s the entire medical profession, if it wasn’t taught in med school it doesn’t exist.
    Literally, and doctors are some of the most highly educated people but are absolutly ignorant about
    nutrition, vitamins and minerals.
    As George Bernard Shaw said
    “People are born ignorant not stupid, it’s education that makes people stupid”
    Nowhere better illustrated than in the medical profession.

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