They’re selling us snake oil – Video

“Would you buy an insurance policy on your home that cost more than the house is worth, and would pay out nothing if your house burned down? That’s the snake oil they’re selling us.”

50 : 1 (Fifty to one)

It’s 50 times more expensive to stop climate change than it is to adapt to climate change, says Topher Field in this eye-opening video.

Carbon taxing and emissions trading schemes are supposed to reduce CO2 emissions to reduce climate change.

Australia’s proposed carbon tax would have reduced worldwide temperatures by 1/20,000th of a degree after ten years. (One twenty-thousandth .)

The smallest temperature change that we can reliably detect is 1/20th of a degree. (One twentieth.)

So, after ten years, the temperature would be reduced by an amount 1,000 times smaller than we can measure. (One thousand times smaller.)

This is a problem that affects every carbon emissions reduction scheme ever invented.

That twenty-thousandth of a degree would have come at a cost of 160 billion dollars.

To stop climate change worldwide – if we could – it would cost $77,000 for every man, woman and child on earth – 80 percent of the entire planet’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

“It is a tremendous waste, not only of effort,  but of money, and resources.

Thanks to Laurel, Marc Morano and Burt Rutan for this link (Yes, that Burt Rutan)

“Engineers will quickly throw out a Theory, based on measured data,” says Burt.  “However, this proof, based on the Economics, is all that is needed.”

“Still interested in Climate Change action by your government?”

See the math here:

2 thoughts on “They’re selling us snake oil – Video”

  1. thanks for posting this Robert:-)
    Tophers an absolute gem of a lad, he has quite a few varied and interesting clips, via his site and theyre all worth a look.

  2. The writers make one big mistake – they are analyzing the costs honestly and assume the climate change proponents are just honestly mistaken in their math.

    No – the climate change people know the math is bogus and the costs to “combat climate change” are enormous. But since they will benefit by taking theses dollars from others, they will keep propogating carbon taxes, etc. as good policy.

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