They’ve been wrong. They’ve been wrong. They’ve been wrong.

The CDC has lost all credibility

Excerpts from an opinion piece in the Washington Examiner.


The question shouldn’t be, “What have the CDC officials been right about?” say Rep. Andy Biggs  & Rep. Ken Buck. It should be, “What haven’t the CDC and other public and health officials been wrong about?”

They’ve been wrong about the models. They’ve been wrong about the lockdowns. They’ve been wrong about the distance the particles travel in the air. They’ve been wrong about the transmission of the virus from asymptomatic individuals. They’ve been wrong about the spread of the virus on surfaces. They’ve been wrong about the infection fatality rate. They’ve been wrong about the dangers of the virus to children and young adults. They’ve been wrong about the use of face masks. They’ve been wrong in their abilities to protect individuals in long-term care facilities. They’ve been wrong in the way they’ve counted COVID-19 deaths. They’ve been wrong in how they’ve classified COVID-19 cases.

This list isn’t even exhaustive.

Thankfully, Trump refused to compound the bad decisions of local jurisdictions to suffocate their societies and economies with a nationwide lockdown. But the career bureaucrats around him, such as Fauci, Birx, and CDC Director Robert Redfield, have been able to whisper in the ears of enough governors and mayors around the country, resulting in indeterminable pain.

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16 thoughts on “They’ve been wrong. They’ve been wrong. They’ve been wrong.”

  1. No kidding. Many of the authorites are part of the globalist elites. That means we are lied to so as to subjugate ourselves to the real terrorists in our lives– our governments. Thankfully, Trump despite his inept usage of the English language, has the common sense and instincts to know what is in our best interests. Pray to Heaven, sniffy Joe does NOT get in! If he does, America is finished.

  2. I cant locate the link, but i found this of immense interest.

    “Norwegian scientist Birger Sørensen has claimed the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is not natural in origin. The claims by the co-author of the British-Norwegian study—published in the Quarterly Review of Biophysics—are supported by the former head of Britain’s MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove.”

    If anyone has time to link it, i would be grateful.
    Thank You

  3. and they used the “best” science to be so excellently WRONG;-))
    might make a few more sheeple wake up about the best science on manyother matter of global importance
    like the agw cc scam..
    dont hold your breath, the sheeple can forget or ignore anything that doeesnt come from a talking head on TV seen once with a soundbite! that 2 or 4 seconds becomes the ever after utter truth

    ‘The WHO knew about this Pandemic since 18 October 2019 as they formed part of this experiment that went out of control. Further ECIPS supports Trump withdrawal of WHO funds and agree there should be a full investigation into the WHO affairs by criminal justice how event 201 went so horribly wrong. These are the facts we cannot and the world will no longer ignore.’
    Ricardo Baretzky, a Belgian national, is the current President of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) and the official elected president of CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Organization by Federal Decree. Baretzky advises international intelligence organizations, law-enforcement, military flag officers, and multi-national commercial enterprises with regard to their ” Internal Cyber Terror Risk Governance ” and external security policies and cyber terrorism risk management.

  5. you are wrong, you are wrong, you are wrong about everything Robert. Your credibility is all gone, never to return, no matter how much it snows, or rains, or gets too cold (you think)

  6. Makes one wonder, what about all the ‘fema coffins’ they made and people captured on film along with trains in odd places in the early 2000’s. Yeah gotta wonder how long the planning has been going on for this.

    For Millenia would be my guess, because evil never sleeps.

  7. What they were right about (for the most part) was who was most vulnerable.
    Education, individual risk assessment, and support for those that need it, was all that was required.

    But then, that wouldn’t have trashed the economy and set the stage for the violence of the last week.
    In other words, that wouldn’t have hurt Trump.

  8. Looks like the CDC is about as bad as the climate change crowd!
    Or part of the same agenda. I knew this from the beginning.
    All government bullshit!!!!

  9. Don’t worry about the CO2. That’s a big scam
    Ever hear about the Super Grand Solar Minimum?
    CO2 due to sub-sea volcanism re:)Greta and the rest just Scientism !
    Talk about 30 years just a wet dream.10 is to generous know what I mean ?
    @mf That’s the way I roll on the grassy knoll,, up the ante or fold!

  10. CDC is NOT wrong; that implies error. They are not in error, they are evil:
    If you google “CDC owns vaccine stock” a lot more comes up.

    Sometimes I wonder what it will take to convince you all that this is NOT a mistake; it’s a plan.

    There were tyrants in Egypt, in Greece, and in Rome. India’s caste system, feudalism’s serfs sold as an appurtenance to the land. Do you think we are immune to tyranny– that only happened in the past? Do you think that particular psychological type no longer exists? After all, WE are modern, WE have technology.

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