Thick Blanket of Snow Covers Large Parts of Mainland Greece

5 Apr 2020 – Many parts of northern and central Greece remain covered by a thick white blanket of snow, a highly unusual occurrence in April.

Snow in Agios Pavlos (Saint Paul) village in Naoussa, Central Macedonia. Photo credit:

Instead of flowers and bees, millions of Greeks continue to see snow-covered mountains reminiscent of Christmas.

On Saturday, the more mountainous parts of Evrytania and Phthiotis in Western Greece, as well as areas in Thessaly, received heavy snowfall.

Some parts saw more than 30 centimeters (more than a foot) of rare spring snow in just a few hours.

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2 thoughts on “Thick Blanket of Snow Covers Large Parts of Mainland Greece”

  1. And we in SE England are just starting a week of summery weather in early April. Yesterday was 20C, most of the rest of the week will be 19-23C.

    Those are average temperatures for peak summer, not mid spring.

    Swings and Roundabouts. When we are hot, maybe Greece is cold?

    • Where I live the average yearly temperature is 22°C.

      It is still warm here – a bit higher for April with maximums of ~28°C but the nights are finally cooling down to ~18°C which is about right.

      I live 2 kilometres from the Pacific ocean and the coldest we ever get is occasionally maybe 0°C on the coldest winter nights.

      We have plenty of Brits who moved here and none seem to want to leave so an increase in the average annual temperature from ~11.1°C for London to 22°C for South East Queensland doesn’t seem too terrible to bear.

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