Think yourselves lucky,  America

You too could have had a Green-Socialist paradise like Australia.

Think yourselves lucky,  America

By tomOmason

Maybe Americans should look at how their country could have looked by contrasting how the US is now, to how currently Australia is doing.

“…the death of Australian manufacturing. Invest downunder! Get high taxes, high labor costs, expensive unreliable energy, and a tiny market. We’ve got lots of land and resources, but a Titanium Shield of Red Tape, no free speech, barely any real media, and government funded anti-business activists. ”

Yes, Australia, like America, is a vast country full of riches, resources, and an educated population. However successive Socialist and Green governments have borrowed, taxed, and spent increasing amounts of this generation’s, and the next generation’s, wealth. They started by massively expanding the government, ensuring it could interfere in the smallest aspect of every citizen’s life, and every company’s basic operation.

They did this while massively funding ‘green’ schemes in electricity generation and anti-coal actions (blowing-up upgradeable coal generating plants), paying huge subsidies to government favored cronies for providing intermittent electricity via unreliable ‘renewables’ at the same cost or more, often at elevated costs over reliable, fossil fueled, electricity generation.

They’ve also imposed harsh and needless green laws and ‘sustainability’ restrictions on most industries, and atop all that is the never-ending rounds of socialist schemes in taxing companies and wealthy individuals to the maximum.

All this done while state run TV and radio relentlessly churn out the government ‘good news’, and climate/industry/environmental ‘bad’ news.

This has ensured that ordinary Australian don’t just feel the decline in living standards, they know that it is real but feel powerless to prevent it.

Think yourselves lucky,  America. With the Democrats, you too could have had a Green-Socialist paradise like Australia.

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20 thoughts on “Think yourselves lucky,  America”

  1. Well Hillary, Obama and their buddies are doing EVERYTHING in their power to get rid of Trump and take us back to the Stone Age.

    For now it’s not working in many places. but God forbid you live in CA or one of the other “sanctuary” states or cities … all run by liberals. With the same agenda as you describe for Australia. Will it ever stop??

    For the record, right this minute in the South (SE Virginia) I am freezin’ my pa-tooties off in the house! Temps to drop to 17 F by low at night, right now it’s about 40F but it’s been blowing hard for hours, plus rain this AM so damp and my house is drafty. Gimme some “global warming” – please!!

  2. Just to make it clear to everyone here, these are my thoughts and perceptions of what the essential difference is between Australia and the US as I see it. They are not Joanne Nova’s.

    • Then you should be ashamed to write such nonsense about your country. But they are clearly Jo Nova’s perceptions.

      I want to start this rant by pointing out Jo Nova’s site is a complete supporter of the “luke warmer’s” and the alarmist’s and the IPCC’s “greenhouse effect” – this is indisputable.

      To concede the IPCC’s position but to claim it won’t be that bad is like claiming to be a little bit pregnant !

      If you concede the alarmist’s and the IPCC’s greenhouse effect then you have absolutely no evidence to claim their projections are unrealistic – in fact if you concede the back radiative greenhouse effect is real then the IPCC’s position is indisputable !

      But back to the nonsense about Australia’s situation.

      Higher taxes fund Social Security, Universal health care, the brilliant Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme whereby the majority of critical medicines are available at reduced cost to everyone, Universal Public hospital care with no bill upon discharge, Child care cost subsidies for working parents so that going to work is actually worth it rather than just working to pay the bills for it and the retirement benefits of All of Australia’s public servants from the federal level to local councils are totally funded (I’ll bet there are plenty of US administrations that wish they could say that), etc etc.

      And to all the whingers who support this bigoted viewpoint I ask this – who do you think gets most of the money the government allocates for these services ?

      The whinging private sector and their mouthpieces that’s who.

      Unemployed, pensioners etc. spend their benefits on rent or property taxes and food just like the rest of us – to the private sector mostly.

      Parents who receive child care help pay it all to the private sector – it is obvious that without this help the child care sector would collapse.

      I no longer have children or grandchildren of school or preschool care age – should I demand that I pay less because you have kids who need care so you can work ?

      This is the type of nonsense people advocating support for this point of view advocate – stuff you Fred – I’m OK.

      Well I believe in a civilised society not a return to the dark ages where the weak were simply downtrodden by a non caring establishment – AND I WAS PREPARED TO PAY MY SHARE FOR THIS WITHOUT COMPLAINT !

      Some parents send their children to private schools which the government supports – isn’t this a “nanny state” payment ?

      Every pharmacy is privately owned outside of some public hospitals.

      If you listen to these people you’d believe there are a whole host of useless drones just sucking in their money and squandering it on personal pleasure.

      In reality Australia has a robust democracy with a higher participation rate than almost every other nation.

      Australia has a robust Universal Social Security system available to all without fear or favour other than obvious means testing.

      Australia has a robust Universal Health and Public Hospital and subsidised pharmaceutical system available to all without fear or favour.

      AND the main beneficiary of all of this government funding is the ordinary person AND the private sector mostly small businesses who provide a significant number of the the publicly funded services.

      If you listen to these people they’d throw all of this away for what ?

      My opinion is they don’t know how good they have it.

      To all those Australians who really believe they’ve got it tough go somewhere else and see how good it is.

      Try Asia first and see how many people live in conditions that you dog wouldn’t tolerate.

      If you really feel Australia is so terrible then migrate – nothing is stopping you.

  3. Take a lesson from Australia’s politics.

    (a) Compulsory voting. If you don’t vote in Federal, State and council elections you get fined. This ensures a high donkey vote.

    (b) Proportional voting. This ensures those minor parties or independents who receive less than ten percent of the vote can get a seat in Parliament. This ensures that some activist party or politician can blackmail sitting governments when the majority is slim or the need to pass legislation requires cooperation.
    There are current members of Parliament who have received literally a few thousands of votes but by the proportional vote system they have a seat.
    (c) The voting age was lowered to 18. This ensured that a proportion of votes were led by the biased opinions of those lefty teachers at the academic institutions. (School curriculum teaches that man made climate change is a fact)

    Note to other countries – never institute compulsory or proportional voting.

    • At least 95% of our population actually cast a considered vote.

      Proportional voting at least returns politicians that the least number of people hate ! It is far more democratic than “first past the post”.

      And it is very similar to America’s electoral college voting for the president where Trump would NEVER have won if first past the post voting was the scheme.

      Hilary would be president if this person’s advice was followed – she won the popular vote by a mile !

      Australia lowered the voting age because the right wing government before the change sent 18 year olds to die in Vietnam against their will by a compulsory military draft to fight someone else’s war that we should never have been involved in at all BUT wouldn’t let them have any say in whether or not they agreed with this !!

      The right wing government of the day used to advertise on television about the “yellow hordes” of Asia just waiting for the chance to swoop down and engulf us !

      At the same time as we’re insulting them on television we’re bombing them and ensuring they have a really positive opinion of us ??

      There are billions ~3500 km away and hundreds of millions ~700 km away while our “allies” are half a globe away – how stupid is that type of PR ???

      Naked children running down the street on fire from napalm supplied by the US and dropped by our air force – what a great legacy to aspire to !

      So before you listen to ridiculous stupidity like this or the article referenced think about this.

      America – “Voter turnout at 20-year low in 2016 – While election officials are still tabulating ballots, the 126 million votes already counted means about 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots this year.”

      45% of your population care so little about the country they can’t even bother to vote.

      Australia – 95% participation rate and the indisputable majority of that a considered deliberate vote !

      And JoNova is a staunch defender of the “Back Radiative Greenhouse Effect” which to my mind means she is supporting the IPCC and alarmist position that CO2 causes global warming/climate change.

      If no-one spruiked the junk science that is the “Back Radiative Greenhouse Effect” the IPCC would shut up shop tomorrow !

      • Meant to say –

        Hilary would be president if this person’s advice was followed – she won the popular vote by a mile !

        As did Al Gore !!

        Before you claim preferential voting is bad think about that !!

    • I just cannot let ignorant ill informed lies stand – obviously I need a new hobby but there it is.

      This statement is a lie – “There are current members of Parliament who have received literally a few thousands of votes but by the proportional vote system they have a seat.”

      It may apply in our proportional Senate voting system which is similar to the US electoral college system but it does not apply elsewhere.

      To win in a vote by preferences you need to secure more than 50% of the vote – what the hell is wrong with that ?

      You can only win by preferences by finishing second in a three contestant race , third in a four party race etc etc – you cannot win by having only a few thousand votes – it is statistically impossible except in our Senate vote.

      And if you win in a preferential system it is because you got more votes than anyone else – what the hell is wrong with that ?

      I said it before – if the US had a different presidential election system to the electoral college system Al Gore would have beat Bush and Hilary would be your president now !

      Before listening to absurdities such as the comment above think !

      I’ll say it again – If the US had a different presidential election system to the electoral college system as proposed by the comment above Al Gore would have beat Bush and Hilary would be your president now !

      Australia has a proud tradition of parliamentary representative democracy since 1901. And we have among the highest participation rates in the world – what the hell is wrong with that ?

      Some idiots may not even know why Australia has compulsory voting so I’ll tell you.

      My grandfather was a stove maker and iron worker in the early 20th century as a young man and was clearly likely to support a government with a tradition of supporting the worker. He and many other workers were threatened with losing their jobs if they simply turned out to vote by management. Clearly popular belief is that management and workers have opposing interests – even though this is nonsense – if the majority are poor everyone is !

      The ensuing outrage saw compulsory voting introduced.

      If you don’t believe that “big brother” wouldn’t try to prevent you from voting if they had a chance then by all means support the globalisation philosophy – they’ll look after you.

      But don’t think Australia doesn’t have a viable democracy and our tax funded social security isn’t worth protecting as this idiotic article published by someone who believes CO2 controls the climate through the “back radiative greenhouse effect” would imply.

      If Australia relied on the private sector the person who wrote this piece of junk wouldn’t even had access to telecommunications !

      All of Australia’s infrastructure was built by our “socialist” or “green leaning” governments – ALL OF IT !

      The article in the URL above is simply political rantings by a supporter of the IPCC’s “back radiative greenhouse effect” and as an Australian I reject both – the opinion and the IPCC !!!

  4. The source of the Green Socialism stems from the UK Academia and AGW climate based degrees, was well as the Socialist view point of academia in the majority of the University system in the British/English speaking world.
    Every government met officer or climate advisor in in in Aus. and NZ is more than likely to have a degree from a UK University like East Anglia University climate department AGW model fraud shop.
    The same is in the UK, the entire cabal of science advisors, the so called AGW experts from Oxford or Cambridge and the other climate departments such as EACD are addicted the grant funding from direct science funding from the UK Treasury. All of it paid for by the levies on energy, the hidden tax on the working poor.

  5. I have tried on many occasions in the past to reason with left leaning aquaintances who refuse to listen to any views other than their socialist dogma. About a year ago, when the gsm started to get more interesting i stopped and thought ‘you will have to learn the hard way!’. Now, at the beginning of what appears to be a major shift towards an iceage, they still refuse to believe that the agw scientists/politicians could lack such integrity, could or would lie and deceive the population of our planet for a political agenda!
    However, the problem now is not the lies and deceit but the fact that as the earth plunges into and iceage, we are not prepared.
    Yes there are a few who have ‘prepped’ for a disaster but in the whole great scheme of things to come, thry are indeed few.
    I believe that those of us who read this site and others should hopefully fare better than the general populace but unfortunately, i do not see a happy future for most of the population of this planet?

  6. I think Shelly this generation of Kids are lost, teaching is full of left leaning individuals and that is not just in the USA.
    On the subject of brainwashing I read last year a very interesting survey on Journalism in the USA. It stated that thirty years ago 50% of journalists held degrees and those degrees covered many different disciplines. The rest of the news room was filled with those who had not been to Uni, and so it was that the place was filled with many and varied views.
    Today 93% of journalist have degrees, degrees in journalism obtained from four primary universities. Only 7% of those admit to being conservative.
    So now you can see what the problem is.

  7. Seriously ?

    What is wrong with Australia other than the fact that many politicians have a stupid obsession with CO2 ?

    Australia is not unique in this absurdity – in every country in the world most politicians and media believe the junk science of AGW.

    But if you want to argue politics I’ll tell you some home truths.

    ALL of Australia’s infra-structure was paid for by our governments – the private sector built nothing – OK they supplied the labour but our governments paid for it !

    Roads, Rail, Ports, Electricity, Telecommunications, Water, Sewerage, Public Hospitals etc etc – ALL were built by our governments and not one was funded by the private sector until they managed to convince our gullible politicians they should sell off publicly owned assets at bargain basement prices.

    When our governments still owned our electricity infrastructure Australia had electricity prices amongst the cheapest in the world and our governments built coal fired power stations.

    After decades of selling off the electricity industry to the private sector we have among the highest electricity prices in the world.

    The private sector is shutting down the coal fired power stations and will not build another. Instead they will only build windmills with some gas fired backup.

    ALL Australians are entitled to the best private medical treatment available at reduced cost to themselves.

    All Australians are entitled to the best medical treatment available in a public hospital at no cost ! Americans I have met when traveling are simply astounded at this.

    Make no mistake – our hospitals are the equal of any.

    Australia has had a universal tax funded health system for more than 3 decades as do many other civilised countries in the world.

    Australia has a universal tax funded social security system for more than 4 decades as do many other civilised countries in the world.

    There is nothing wrong with Australia other than the fact our gullible politicians of either side believed in the BS of globalisation and the joke of “free trade”.

    Before we started to believe in this BS we had an world class automotive industry, we had one of the premier electronics companies in the world, Australian owned food manufacturing and mining and smelting etc etc.

    This insulting article, written by an Australian I am ashamed to say. is painting Australia as wasteland caused by greenies when reality and history clearly shows it was the venture capitalists and gullible politicians believing in the message of globalisation that conspired the downturn in Australia’s industries !

    If America is so great and hasn’t succumbed to the same demise that this ridiculous article tries to blame on greenies why is Trump doing what Australia should never have changed – introducing tariffs to reignite industry ?

    As I said Australia has universal health care, education, social security and ALL of our pension retirement funds are fully funded – what the hell is wrong with that ?

    • Sorry dude, Australia’s healthcare system is not free. It is kept afloat by revenues (taxes) obtained from Australian citizens who like to smoke and drink. People like myself are double taxed. We pay a medicare levy and on top of that I pay for the most expensive private health cover on the planet. I agree our hospitals are world class but the costs of keeping it that way are becoming unsustainable. Politically , Australia is a joke. I can’t find one politician of a high enough calibre to vote for. I’ll probably cop a fine. Australia is the nanny state of the world and it’s only getting worse. I hold the Greens partly responsible for this. We are in a very bad way down here.

      • I never said it was free – nothing is free !

        I said it was supported by taxes which I paid all of my working life without objection because I believe in a free and fair society which supports those less fortunate.

        Let me tell you what I really object to !

        In the 1980’s Australia’s richest man – Kerry Packer – lodged a tax return where he declared income of the order of $35,000 and paid tax on that amount.

        A couple of weeks later he allegedly flew to Las Vegas and dropped more than a million at casinos.

        He pays less tax in a year than my partner and I who legitimately earned $35000 each that year and I suppose you think he is not only clever but this is fair and reasonable.

        You object to universal health care, a universal public hospital system, universal public education, a universal social security (means tested of course), and universal Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme which reduces the often prohibitive cost of medicines for everyone funded by a regime of everyone paying taxes based on what they can afford ??

        Nanny State – Really ??

        Migrate somewhere else then where these obvious burdens on you will not apply.

        Good luck though if you get ill or incapacitated or are a low or unskilled worker.

    • Rosco:

      Writing from Canada–you sure took a baseball bat to a hornet’s nest on this site!

      I agree with what you have said. This whole business of globalistion; trade deals that are actually just corporate rights bills; and governments giving public infrastructure away to the private sector because taxpayer $$$ have been used to bail out profligate financiers–all of this stuff is part and parcel of the road to fascism. And these developments seem to enjoy support from the entire political spectrum.

  8. As an Australian who thinks very differently to Rosco, I have to leave a comment. As the wife of a small businessman, I totally endorse everything that tomOmason has said. A comment on just one theme ‘free treatment in public hospitals’. It may be strictly true – but the waiting lists run into years and many people die before they get seen.

    • As in the UK, A further 8 million visitors have arrived in the UK over the Last 30 years. A small percentage have excellent qualifications and business plans, the rest are male chancers, low skilled able to work for half the going rate for the job, many in the black economy.
      No wonder the wage of 30% of the working population is down to the minimum wage, which way below the living wage and mobilised to vote against Labour revolutionaries. This is the vision of the globalised left, green sustainable poverty, living of the charity of green socialist momentum politburos, one step away from either Islamic Sharia law, or the politics of a Dictator like Stalin and their isn’t a lot of difference between them.

    • Urgent cases in hospitals get priority. Our public hospitals are world class.

      If anything has caused delays in public hospitals it is chronic underfunding and the fact that conservative governments have policies which have resulted in driving working people to the poor house – wages in Australia have stagnated for decades.

      Do you receive a Medicare rebate off every doctor’s bill or full bulk billing if your income is low enough ?

      Try paying for medications overseas – do you not think everyone benefits ?

      If so our “nanny state” systems benefit all.

      As the wife of a small businessman did you take advantage of the conservative government’s tax deductions from a recent budget ?

      Why is governments supporting a civil society a “nanny state” whilst giving a certain group of citizens a monetary advantage that I or every other working person can never access not a “nanny state” ?

      I support Australia’s social security system, I paid my taxes and I believe Australia is a reasonably fair and equitable society.

      People who write the stuff quoted have nothing but complaints and envy.

      I met some Americans on a cruise in 2006. They had recently had their third child and a hospital bill in excess of $10,000. When I told them they could have had the same care as part of Medicare for no hospital bill they didn’t believe me.

      I never said it is free – it is funded by taxation and my partner and I always paid ours – we had no choice under PAYE anyway but we never tried to minimise it anyway.

      There is another benefit Australians have – reasonable minimum pay levels. Tips here are not part of the culture but if they are given they are a true bonus and not part of the minimum wage.

      Don’t think I don’t sympathise with small business – I did my part as an Environmental Health Officer to ensure small business weren’t unfairly penalised by licence fees.

      But small business owners should remember ALL of the promises made regarding Australia’s GST.

      According to John Howard and Peter Costello the introduction of the GST was going to remove the plethora of state taxes which hurt small business.

      As you must be painfully aware that was just another broken promise – probably one of his “non core” promises.

      And as for the ridiculous notion our governments are incapable of providing competitive services Queensland still has control of electricity generation, the cheapest electricity prices in the nation AND our electricity bills pay for the greatly improved modern paramedic ambulance services. Just how that happened is an interesting quirk of how to raise taxes and get away with it.

      But our electricity prices are cheaper and the money raised pays for a public health measure as well as generating and distributing electricity. Not too shabby I think.

      • Missed this point “and many people die before they get seen.”

        So if we didn’t have our universal health care and social security system we would pay less taxes AND all of these people would obviously never have died ?

        Seriously ?

        Many more would die if Australia abandoned its universal health care.

        Remember that in 1975 the newly elected conservative government which used a fraudulent constitutional crisis to subvert our democracy did remove the original universal health care system – Medibank – despite clear election pledges it would not !

  9. Rosco is right, I pay around 600 dollars for health care in Australia and last year got free MRI, blood tests and paid a levy of around 40 dollars extra for visiting a very professional doctor. We also have a conservative government with an ex-Goldman Sachs banker as Prime Minister. In the 6 years they’ve been in power the Aussie dollar has crashed from $1.10 to 75 US cents (up again to 79 cents) giving an idea of how great they manage the economy. The electricity prices have surged since they privatised power companies, that’s what caused increased prices, simple as that, we don’t remotely have a socialist government, anything still intact like free health care is being eroded at every opportunity. As for solar power, my house has solar panels, we put twice as power back into the grid as we use and soon innovations will make houses in Australia turn into power generators as well as power batteries. I agree that back up coal power in winter when it’s snowing is vital as part of power management but don’t bag solar power, it works and is getting cheaper than nuclear or coal. You have to be aware that the solar barycentre has moved out of the sun and will continue moving further until 2024, this is going to cause increasingly cold winters until around 2026 when things might recover, the last thing everyone needs is more particulate pollution blocking out the sun in the Northern Hemisphere and and if Felix is right then volcanic activity could add to the problems. Africa, The Middle East and Australia are all going to do well from this as long as solar is installed and governments spend money on water infrastructure (another socialist concept)… Felix should stick to providing weather updates and keep out of politics cos this ramble above is completely wrong…… ‘Consistently cheaper’ clean energy set to connect world’s poor: power experts

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