Thirteen hospitalized in Chicago after AC goes down

I wonder if the victims agree with John Kerry that air conditioners are a bigger threat than ISIS. Or might they think the LACK of air conditioners could be a problem?

“Dozens of postal employees sickened by heat at River North facility,” reads the headline.

Almost 30 U.S. Postal employees were treated Saturday morning for heat-related illnesses after the air conditioning went down in a postal office in Chicago.

Thirteen employees were hospitalized and multiple others sent home.

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8 thoughts on “Thirteen hospitalized in Chicago after AC goes down”

  1. chuckling
    id guess that their premises are the “modern” dogboxes?
    not a damn window opens no porches and even the doors dont provide airflow due to the way they ignore prevailing winds when designing?
    I guess they will have to toughen up rearrange some ventilation or..
    install backup gen sets

  2. I would like to know what the temperature was that these poor people suffered through, since I walk regularly with the temperature over 105. Also, I would like to know how well they would have dealt with the same situation in February, if the heating system went down. Personally, this looks like a “the globe is on a catastrophic warming kick and here’s proof of what happens when the temperature goes up 10 degrees” sort of thing.

  3. Since most of those workers support the entire string of local, state, and federal elections as Democrats, I find it hard to be sympathetic. You reap what you sow. Welcome to Obama’s and Kerry’s world vision for the rest of us. Live with it.

  4. They’ve gone postal or something, gimmy a break, I’ve been out grubbing out old fence rows for the last 2 weeks by hand, it’s the humidity that’s brutal not the heat. 2 qts of water by noon or 1 pm and I’m done. But I’m push’n 58 and done a lot of hard work in my life, heatwaves in Chi-town used to be 95-105, now they seem to be 85-89.9 . I’m about a hundred miles closer to the equator than Chicago and I’ve only got above 90 3 or4 times and not over 93 this year. always remember, Chicago is warmist funding capitol.

  5. The fact is that John Kerry wants everyone to feel the heat of his future but temperatures between then and now will never even come close !

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