Thirty-one degrees below zero in Siberia

In Evenkia’s capital, Tura, the temperature dropped to -26°C in the morning. However, the lowest temperature in Russia over the past 24 hours, -31°C, was recorded at the weather station of Kerbo, located slightly south of Tura.

In Yakutia at the weather station Teplyj Klyuch, the temperature dropped to -28°C, and in Oymyakon in the morning it was only -17°C.

The temperature in Tompo city (Yakutia) dropped to -32,5°C. (

It seems that it will be another year of the hottest ever in these regions.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for these links

2 thoughts on “Thirty-one degrees below zero in Siberia”

  1. Cold morning….with that Typhoon that’s going to hit Japan and recurve to the Northeast it’s going to carry that cold to first Alaska then to the Canadian prairies then to the Great Plains and Northeast of the US. It’s a teleconnection that Joe Bastardi frequently talks about….Typhoon moves west and hits the Philippines means a warm ridge in the Eastern US…..Typhoon hitting Japan and recurVing Northeast means a cold trough East of the Rockies….so this Siberian cold will have a chance to spill over of course it will be moderated some…..I guess that’s why the Weather Channel app is now predicting a chance of snow at night from October 26 through November 3 here where I’m at in International Falls MN

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