This 3-minute video puts carbon dioxide into perspective

“The carbon dioxide tax contradicts science and nature. It’s based on misrepresentations, corruption, fraud and lies.”
– Malcolm Roberts, Engineer

The Rice Video – Carbon Dioxide in perspective by The Galileo Movement

Thanks to Andrew for this video

“This video is just three minutes of Primary-School CO2 Science that the Government doesn’t want made public,” says Andrew.

“You really should watch this. WHY? Because when someone asks, you will then know the answer!”

“Yes, it’s principally aimed at Aussies but the science, not hype, is universal.”

4 thoughts on “This 3-minute video puts carbon dioxide into perspective”

  1. I prefer to use mass.

    CO2 has a molar mass of 44.01, air has a mass of 28.966.

    Therefore CO2 at 420 ppm represents ~638 MILLIGRAMS in every KILOGRAM of ordinary air.

    A cubic metre of air at normal temperature and pressure (20°C) and sea level pressure contains 1.205 kg of air.

    Of this 1.205 kg CO2 is 769 MILLIGRAMS !

    This bears repeating – A cubic metre of air contains 769 MILLIGRAMS of CO2 !

    How did the absurd idea that tiny amounts of an nonreactive, stable gas which does not even undergo phase change at ambient temperatures could have any significant effect an the thermodynamics of the atmosphere ?

    I think people of the future are going to look back at us and wonder how we could be so gullible or stupid !

  2. It doesn’t take long to realize that communism didn’t die, it transformed into extreme environmentalism. There is but a hand full of people in the world that are in the shadows and actively dreaming and implementing scheme upon scheme to control the lives and assetts of the many.

  3. Even when people have something learned about CO2 it doesn’t mean that one understands what it is. Learning that 1+1=2 doesn’t mean that you understand what prime numbers are. Yesterday I heard that in Amsterdam the airpollution is causing the fact that inhabitants of Amsterdam are living a year shorter, I guess w.r.t. the dutch population. Meanwhile hinting that it is caused by CO2 as the term ‘climate’ was used. Using words as fraud a.s.o. won’t help as the climatists are considering it as non-fraud cause they are taking care of the future what the anti-climatists don’t do and won’t do. Maybe a film of the Flintstones will help.

    • I agree. The term fraud is not a good way to describe the IPCC and other Warming Evangelists who continually preach The Gospel or Gore to us the idea that CO2 causes warming. In fact there are 6909 Languages in the world today. However, there are no words in any Language which can accurately describe what a fake, phony, fraudulent fairy tale the Clergymen of Climate Change Vaticinate to their Congregation. Therefor, fraud will simply have to suffice. By the way. Warming Evangelicals need to be defeated before they take us back to the age of the Flintstones! Just saying! But I could go for a Brontosaurs Burger!

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