This is a funny kind of pandemic, featuring empty hospitals

If you pay attention to the news, you might assume that record numbers of people are dying. The opposite is true.


This is a funny kind of pandemic, featuring empty hospitals


The way this whole thing has played out shows me that there simply is no “novel corona virus”, at least not in the sense that the media is pushing it. A pandemic identifies itself by killing large numbers of people very quickly and by spreading across the planet in short order. If there actually was a pandemic, those two features would be overwhelmingly evident and there would be no need for a 24/7 media push to cement the idea onto the minds of people. If there was an actual pandemic, the sheer number of deaths and new cases of infection would be irrefutably evident, with massively overrun hospitals and mass burials in every country on Earth.

This is a funny kind of pandemic, though; featuring empty hospitals, comparatively very few deaths, plenty of time for politicians to bumble around making ridiculous statements, and absolutely no evidence of any spread of any single disease that can be proven to be due to this supposed “new virus”. This pandemic also features an almost infinite list of symptoms, and claims that infected carriers are asymptomatic. How convenient for those pushing this fraud.

Another feature of this new kind of pandemic is that deaths from other diseases seem to have stopped almost entirely. See: Death rates in the United States have been going down, not up (April 24, 2020 by Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser)

If you pay attention to the news, you might assume that record numbers of people are dying. The opposite is true.

This is a pandemic of unjustified panic, spreading due to media lies, not a pandemic of a lethal virus. Infection is self inflicted, though. You can stop it from infecting you by turning off your TV, or simply using it to watch old movies on DVD.

Consuming the nonstop stream of panic porn on TV news programming usually results in infection. The symptoms of the infection include wearing masks (improvised or manufactured), wandering around in public wearing exam gloves, and jumping away from anyone who strays within ten feet of you. Those infected by this panic are easy to avoid, but the people causing this reaction are bound to become more and more unavoidable as they think of new ways to inflict their ideas upon everyone.

Good luck, everybody.

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  1. That’s what they had projected. I think the first two people caught it here in two weeks either in the county or the state. If it gets warmer, staying indoors doesn’t even make sense.

  2. The hospitals may be empty, but the media are doing a good job of using fake video to make it appear the hospitals are bursting at the seams. ABC used some SkyNews footage from the height of the panic in Italy (twice) , claiming it was from an NYC hospital, and even after that scam was exposed, they did it again with the same footage about a month later. And CBS, just a couple of days ago was caught (by Project Veritas cameras) staging a scene of a long line of people at a hospital for testing, when there was no one actually waiting, so they had to get the hospital employees who cheerfully went along with the charade, to pretend to be patients, in order to create the proper illusion. That’s how “real” news is made these days, by the MSM.

    But CBS quickly took it down yesterday when the Project Veritas videos surfaced — which are probably already banned on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and by the other usual suspects, knowing how the social media cover for the cronies in the traditional media when they are exposed as frauds.

    • Yes it’s a total Bolshevik scam:
      Search: Corona Virus predicted 2012 Olympics.
      Totally planned, we’ve been totally scammed.
      The only winners are )ewish run soon to be Monopolies like Amazon.

  3. I gather that some hospitals are facing bankruptcy because surgery and post-op care are their bread & butter. Also, people are staying home from their usual doctor visits, so they’re in financial trouble too. Three doctors secretaries are now calling me to make appointments; I tell them when a mask is no longer required. Damned if I’m going to sit in a doctor’s office & try to communicate w him while we are both masked. It can only mean that we are both “obedient.”

    I travelled to a little bigger city yesterday & found that the mask bit was required in several grocery stores. I just smilingly said, “I doubt that you can enforce that,” and went about my shopping.

    I continue to pass out the first 4 pages of (It automatically prints both sides, so it’s only 2 sheets of paper.) I circle the link at the bottom of the sheet & write “Hospital studies & videos from other countries too.” Whenever I have the least conversation with someone I ask if I can give it to them, explaining that they are being lied to about the seriousness of the virus. I’ve only had two refusals, and about a third have said that they were wondering if there wasn’t some better information & have effusively thanked me.

    I think we need to be more relaxed in casually opening this up for conversation. I find masked employees to be quite willing to put my handout in their pockets for later reading. Also they don’t seem very gung-ho about the necessity of wearing the thing; it’s already become annoying.

  4. Could somebody go over to Realclimatescience & tell us what a story is about? I don’t have a facebook or twitter account, so it’s not clear to me. A nurse is apparently saying they had to have FAKE PATIENTS, cuz CBS was coming??

    It’s the last story on the site, so scroll way down. Thanks

    • A testing site in Michigan used staff to create a fake line of patients waiting for COViD testing to play up the drama for CBS news cameras, and then plead for free ventilators and masks. The best info available says CBS didn’t really have anything to do with it. But clearly they took this to press without doing any due diligence. And I have to figure they were aware of what was going on, but no proof has emerged that they did. The clinic had been struggling and recently had layoffs. It seems they saw the CBS spot as a chance to play up the drama and maybe score some free stuff or money. Part of the CBS spot featured the CEO selling a hard luck story about how they were running out of supplies. Since getting totally busted the CEO and president of the board of the clinic have issued many comical ‘official statements’ to ‘explain’ the ‘misunderstanding’ with one statement directly contradicting the next. It’s priceless. You can get the whole story from the Project Veritas website. They’re the ones who broke the story. Good on you for not using FB or Twitter. I don’t either. They’re cesspools for the mind. Cheers!

  5. Great article! Truth is IF this “pandemic” was as bad as the MSM I should be seeing my neighbors falling over dead on the sidewalk. In fact, massive death would be all around me and everyone I know would be tested positive for Covid-19. But, in fact, I see none of this and I personally know of no one who has tested positive! And, as for our hospitals which now are laying off staff due to lack of patients, why are they mostly empty? Surely in a real pandemic they’d be overflowing and people would be dying out on the front lawn as they waited to get in. But, again, NOT happening! Odd, no?

    I would like to congratulate America (especially( and the world for making this test run so…..thrilling. The lunatics who really run everything (NWO) could not be more pleased and, frankly, shocked by how easily people have complied with the “new normal.” In fact, the NWO is beyond ecstatic! Who would have thought that bringing America to her knees would have been so easy?

    Now, get ready for the 2nd wave, and the 3rd, 4th, and if need be the 5th wave. Oh yes it’s coming and you can count on it. In fact, the waves will keep coming until the Red Chinese Communist Army and allies are able to march through American streets and take over without firing one single shot. I think that is the REAL agenda here. Let’s face it. Russia and China have always known that they just can’t march into America and conduct a military conquest because too many Americans have guns and know how to use them. That would be far, far too dangerous. But, unleash a “virus” real or imaginary and watch America drop to her knees and…..that is exactly what has happened. All of this is about transforming the greatest nation on earth into a 3rd world Commie slum! America get a frickin CLUE! Enough of the masks and gloves already! The REAL picture is way beyond any “pandemic: I assure you.

    And as a side note anyone taking note of the Arctic Vortex due to hit the eastern USA tomorrow plunging temps back into the dead of winter……in MAY? Global warming my rear end! We are entering a return of the ice age and people had better get ready quickly. I read Robert’s book when it was first published and, frankly, it is happening just as he predicted and warned. Here’s a clue for those of us who just don’t get it yet……whatever you hear being spouted on the news by all those useful idiots, the TRUTH is just the opposite. Global warming really means global COOLING. Virus Pandemic really means…..Communist takeover.

    I don’t like Trump and I don’t like Biden either and frankly this nation needs a REAL leader with some gutts and to hell with all the PC garbage. But, there is not even one on the horizon so I’m not sure what our collective future is going to bring. I do know one thing and that is this nation and our planet are in BIG trouble and we’d better get some people in power that know it and are willing to do whatever is necessary to do something about it and quickly. Otherwise, we are going to see death on a global scale like you can’t even imagine in your worst nightmares! No need for the FAKE coronavirus then as the mass death will be very real as you watch your neighbors die before you’re eyes. The global earth changes have already begun and when they soon ramp up we will be talking human death rates in the hundreds of millions, not thousands, and not one or two million.

    Now is NOT the time for masks, gloves, or FEAR! Now is the time for ACTION and COURAGE!

    • Don’t look for foreign threats. The Deep State/Illuminati/World Government is operating from within the US and Western Europe.

    • Hi Rob,
      That was very well said for sure.
      Except that we do not want or need their “leaders”, and we cannot expect any good one now anyway. Just look at the jokes who are supposedly “leading” now, and all of the other jokes who want to lead. Now is not the time for them. Their time is over.
      They were supposed to represent us, but they always forgot that we are the leaders, and their boss!
      As you said, Now is not the time for masks, gloves or fear, or for expecting any good leader either. They don’t exist now.

    • Well said. If anyone finds themselves out shopping for surgical gloves because the TV told you to, do yourself a favor and pick up some warm mittens while you’re at it. The tropics won’t be coming to Ohio for another 20000 years or so. But politicians and bought media personalities won’t stop lying about it anytime soon either.

      In the words of REM:. “If you are confused, check with the sun….”

  6. Adonis,

    “but the people causing this reaction are bound to become more and more unavoidable as they think of new ways to inflict their ideas upon everyone.”

    There are two kinds of people in the world… those who want to be left alone, and those who don’t want to leave them the eff alone. Luckily tools were developed…

  7. there really are some places with serious numbers in certain hospitals
    the problem is theyre implying/lying at the numbers of hospitals under severe stress, meanwhile denying normal required care and surgery for non accident cases etc
    health funds are profiting massively as are some hospitals
    places like the UK who STILL havent banned ALL os incoming flights continue to have rising numbers of ill people.
    Aus has under 100 deaths and very few ill enough to be in hospitals, hundred or so isolated at home still as positive cases.
    and despite the claims of second waves etc
    if there ARE no OS influx traveller then once sorted here theres NO reason at all for any major outbreaks
    I fo rone am rather happy to see the planes grounded and the idiocy of tourism come to a screeching halt;-)

    • Yes, there really are some places with serious numbers, but there are many more places without any serious numbers, so they make it sound like everywhere is like those bad cities, which is obviously not true. The big cities always try to steal the attention and make an example for everywhere else. That makes it their fake news or propaganda, and not only with this issue, but all issues.
      They always try to make their problem everyone elses problem too.
      Ignore that propaganda.

    • The death rate is the real tragedy in all of this. Countless surgeries, chemo appointments, therapy sessions etc have been put off by the COViD ‘crisis’. Which has undoubtedly led to many preventable deaths. Which the hospitals then mark as COViD deaths because its more lucrative. It’s all for shame. Don’t be duped by funny math. The most logical conclusion you can draw from the whole of the facts will be far more sound than the nonsense the TV is telling you. Do you know Anthony Fauci is a party to multiple felonies committed in testing unsafe vaccines on illiterate people in subsaharan Africa? That killed and paralyzed children, EXACTLY the way his animal trials predicted they would??! He’s banned from multiple countries. Did the TV tell you this? I have soured on Trump considerably since he put this fraud at the reins of this invented crisis. Has any statistic or prediction come within an order of magnitude of the verifiable truth? It’s hard to deny that we are really just watching America die. Along with truth and scientific integrity. For shame.

  8. VERY irresponsible post.

    We lost a family member due to COVID-19 last month. His 55 year old widow is still grieving.

    The funeral directors in the UK are facing their own set of issues:

    “Total deaths throughout April have been much higher than normal in England and Wales, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics. Overall 22,351 died in the third week of April, more than double the five-year average and the highest weekly total since comparable figures started being recorded in 1993.”

    LINK –

    On the other hand, The number of COVID (COVID-19) cases in Austria dropped from 90 to 10 cases per one million people,TWO WEEKS after the government required everyone to wear a face mask on April 6.

    LINK to ARTICLE with embedded GRAPH comparing countries where mask-wearing is compulsory (Czech Repubpic, Slovakia, Japan, South Korea, Austria and Japan to the UK, where almost no-one wears a mask routinely, which also has TWICE the infection and death rate of the US where there is at least PARTIAL mask-wearing:

    • I’m sorry to hear you have had a family member die young from this disease. That does tend to color how people think of things and makes it easier to get offended when others say things you feel are insensitive.

      However, that doesn’t mean the article was wrong.

      I have one of my four brothers currently hospitalized, from something they have yet to figure out what it is…. if he ends up dying, it could be *because* his doctor and the local hospital (where he used to work)… was not seeing patients that had no symptoms of covid-19.

      My brother is in his 60s, is a type 1 diabetic, and has had two nasty bouts of cancer in his life. The family tends to joke about him “cheating the Grim Reaper” … because he was told three times either that he “almost died” or that he would die, yet he’s still here (or at least he was as of yesterday afternoon, when I last talked with him).

      The first time my brother almost died… was when he was a kid and had his first diabetic attack – it was in the middle of a blizzard, my father (who worked for the fire department and often drove the ambulance) was told to “wait until morning” to bring him in because the roads were so bad … but when he had what my dad described as a “death rattle in his throat” – my father bundled him in a blanket and brought him to the hospital anyway. At first they thought he might have a ruptured appendix, but that he was likely to die if they operated since he was in such bad shape. They did a “routine test” for blood sugar and that’s when they found out it was diabetes and his blood sugar was so high they said that if they hadn’t figured it out he’d have been dead in 15 minutes.

      The second time my brother almost died was when he developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma at age 27 and they told him he would not live to see hi’s 30th birthday. He got chemo anyway and also something he called “visualization therapy” – and survived.

      About a year and a half ago, he developed yet another cancer… this time pancreatic – which has a very poor prognosis and most people die within a few months. He had more chemo (that almost killed him), and some major surgery with large portions of his pancreas and intestinal tract removed… and he survived.

      Now what he has is some massive infection that isn’t responding to antibiotics and they have non idea what caused it or how to treat… When he first got sick, 2 weeks ago… his doc told him it wasn’t covid-19 so stay home. Eventually he got so sick he called 911 and they put him in the hospital a few days ago. He almost had a heart attack yesterday, his heart rate spiked so high. If he does survive this, he will likely be in the hospital a week or more. I hope my brother survives … but if he does die and it’s NOT from covid-19… I sure do not want them lying and claiming that’s what he died from!

      On a less dramatic note – my very small local hospital almost had to close because of the loss of revenue due to not having covid-19 cases and being required to lock down on other types of hospitalization. Finally… the governor gave them some of the covid-19 money to stay open… but over the long haul, how many more people would die if that hospital closed? We have more than 50% of our population here over 65… plenty of other reasons to need to go to an ER or hospital… and the nearest other one is somewhere in Tucson, at least 25 miles from here.

      So the concerns about how hospitals are being used or not is valid I believe.

    • Sorry about your loss but the jist of the artical is quite correct. It is NOTHING like they are trying to claim…at least here in the USA. Their only aim is to not let Trump get re-elected.

    • Show me the lab reports. Zimbabwe just canceled their COViD testing program just a week after receiving test kits from the UN.
      Why? Because after running negative controls on a goat, a sheep and a guyabana fruit, ALL OF THEM TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID.

      If a doctor told me a loved one died from COViD, I’d honor their memory by getting second and third opinions rather than using it to score points with strangers on the internet. Sorry for your loss but this is a shameful way to honor their memory.

    • On his Wednesday 4/1 broadcast, Rush Limbaugh cited a list from that rounded up the worldwide deaths from Jan. 1 through March25 of2020: [first 3 months of 2020]
      “Coronavirus: 21,000 deaths. Seasonal flu: 113,000 dead.
      Malaria: 228,000. Suicide: 249,000.
      Traffic fatalities, 314,000 deaths. HIV/AIDS, 391,000 deaths.
      Alcohol related deaths, 581,000
      Smoking-related deaths, 1,162,000.
      Cancer deaths, 1,909,000 deaths.
      Deaths attributed to starvation, 2,382,000 deaths.
      And death by abortion, 9,900,000.(in just 3 MONTHS)”
      “I’m not trying to make any correlation,” Limbaugh explained.
      Since that time, I personally have heard from two close friends, who are big executives in 2 big US Hospital Management Corps .they both told me their (over 500 combined hospitals) were ‘near empty’ and they were laying off staff RNs and Techs bks ..”so few patients” .
      We have seen 2 uuuge hospital ships sitting empty in CA and in NYC, at uuge expense. I have seen surreptitious videos taken inside several NYC hospitals in April, showing no overcrowding, etc. My sister called 4/5 to tell me her big hospital in Sarasota was ‘near empty’ and laying off staff. And a large hospital in OKC is temporarily closing down. And more empty hospitals: and
      My own local TN County Med Ctr(~300 beds) has furloughed 200 staff this week..and so on. IMHO if this was a real pandemic we wd not be seeing this, but wd B seeing bulging hospitals. . Something is wrong and we have closed down the economy for little gain. 2 weeks ago, the Army quietly closed and dismantled a 250 bed Emergency Field Hospital [set up late March in Seattle..ZERO patients in 3 weeks.]
      Also, there are reports that even the “tests” the experts are using are giving as many as 50% FALSE POSITIVE results. and now we see Italy reporting that their deaths are 90% in very old folks and of those, 90+% have serious other diseases. And CDC has sent out “directives” to US MDs which tell them to lump any death in a patient who also happens to have a + test OR just “clinical suspicion”….lump that death into “deaths due to the virus”. Good grief..we have nearly destroyed the US economy for the flu????!!!! Trump seems to have baaaad advisors.

      • keywacat, I believe that China was in on the hoax of the exaggerated severity of the virus. A few reasons to think so:

        –Event 201, a simulation of a respiratory corona pandemic (available online) included as one of its participants George Gao, from China’s CDC.

        –The dean of a Chinese medical school published his findings about the gross inaccuracy of the virus testing. It was withdrawn, and the author will not discuss it, saying it’s “a sensitive matter.” (Perhaps pressured by Chinese govt.)

        –The Chinese great leap forward followed immediately upon a Rockefeller boardroom meeting of China’s leading families (the Eight Immortals) with Western leaders who provided capital, technology transfer & lucrative-to-both-sides trade deals. China imposed the one-child policy– population control being a major published desire in elite Western circles
        See China & the NWO & other Corbett Report videos.

        –Official & local Chinese govt sources speak openly of the desirability of the NWO. I’m sure you can find that online.

  9. The media have spent the last 2 Months playing this thing up and scaring everyone, all for their own profit. That shows you what kind of despicable worms the modern day media actually are.

    • Roj, Event 201 (there’s a video of the whole 5 hours of it online) called for “flooding the zone” with “positive messages” (propaganda). Speaker after speaker at Event 201 calls for saturating the public with this nonsense. This was 6 weeks before the “discovery” of the virus.

  10. Actually, record numbers of people ARE dying.

    TOTAL deaths have spiked dramatically in many countries, including the US, since Covid-19 came on the scene.

    For graphs that clearly demonstrate this unmistakable trend, see “Peak Prosperity” on youtube, the recent video entitled “Mutation! Is Covid-19 Deadlier Than We Thought?”

    Dr. Chris Martenson has a PhD in pathology. The graphs are at the beginning of the video.

    • False. There’s an actual chart from the CDC that shows the number of deaths in the US between January and April for the last six years. Not much difference at all. Another leftist media lie

    • “record numbers of people are dying”. That’s if you reallocate deaths from other causes to coronavirus. With a global population of 7,800 million and average life expectancy of (say) 78 years, that translates to 100 million deaths/annum from all causes. Global deaths ASCRIBED to coronavirus is still a long way from 1 million or 1% of total deaths. Covid tests are in doubt (according to the Tanzanian President paw-paws, goats, etc. tested positive). Italian covid-statistics are in doubt (“Italian MP, Sgarbi denounces the statistical fraud on covid-19”). Many relevant articles in “”.

    • As long as they’re fudging the reporting as to who died OF covid and who died WITH covid you, me and the good doctor will never know. So his charts and graphs are worthless.
      Nice try though.

    • SUICIDES definitely have spiked. That fact has been proven. Why are so many people, who just lost their job and are now trapped under house arrest, killing themselves do you suppose?

      What a disgraceful thing to be touting just to score points with strangers on the internet.

  11. This is a pandemic, but very different to the many of the past it attacks the old rather than the young.
    This SARs virus is highly infectious, and able to infect many others during the 5 to 7 day incubation period prior to its symptoms becoming apparent and the patient self-isolating for at least 7 days.
    It is different because for its varying effects on the Human species, a significant proportion have no symptoms to a mild cold, particularly the under 45s. As age progresses the symptoms become more serious. However, its true target are those with genetic disorders of the blood, of the immune system and those sufferers of serious or fatal over time major illnesses which require drug remedies to keep them alive in increasing poorer qualities of live, to almost deaths door. In this case Modern Medicine of doing no harm has done a greater harm to many in the twilight of their lives.
    It is this last Cohort of unfit, aged people which form the largest proportion of the people who have been taken by this Lab grown illness.

    Me, I’m 69, fit and only just forcably retired. I caught a Nasty Virus on the Street of Birminham UK on the 3rd January walking with Chinese Tourist fresh from their Wuhan Flight walking from their hotel to the shops and the january sales. Got rid of it will all the syptoms after four weeks, all four adults caught it, within days, and survived, as will the vast majority. Now for the immunity test, and then the shit will hit the fan when 60% of the UK are already immune prior to the lock down.

    • I would settle for allowing the person lied about being able to sue, no matter who it is. Then the media would have to prove that they told the truth. It would totally change the face of American media.

  12. I’ve been watching a lot of old movies on Y ou tube. Stuff from before I was born. It seems strange to see some of the giants of film as they started out. I’m not worried about the virus. I’m worried about the economy. This was an artificially fuelled panic by the media and politicians, methinks.

      • I too blame Hitler 100%. The fact that hospital errors has been the #3 cause of death in this country for over a decade is irrelevant. Healthcare workers are infallible and a national treasure. Hitler obviously killed all those people. And invented COViD from beyond the grave. Do you see it differently racist antisemite?

  13. You know… I don’t mind wearing a mask and gloves since I can’t really afford another bout of pneumonia and I don’t mind staying home, it’s normal for me anyway. What I mind is small businesses closing and how close we’ve gotten to socialism and how fast it’s happened. I can’t blame our government, I think it was a plan by another country, you can guess which one… I do think some of the government is complicit, not Trump but I do think he’s getting lied too. One of the medical experts needs some serious vetting, maybe more. When I hear him talk, there is something in my soul that screams at me…. I don’t know what it is about the little guy but something is just off about him… The news, oh my goodness…. They’re playing the “look at my right hand, never mind what the left hand is doing” …. I’m watching lots of DVD’s right now since it seems nothing new is on TV…. And if I have to hear another speech from Cuomo…. blaming everyone else for what he’s done… well, I might lose a TV to blunt force trauma drama….

  14. Lockdown vs NonLockdown Deaths

    An excellent bar graph shows deaths per million in various countries.
    Blue bars indicate non-lockdown countries; orange bars lockdown ones by Vanessa Beeley

    Of the non-lockdowns, Sweden has the highest deaths per million, a total of 3,225. A little detail on this:
    –Over half are among her 70,000 nursing home residents
    –Sweden’s 126,000 immigrants from Somalia, Iritrea & Ethiopia account for a disproportionate number of deaths. I was unable to find any numbers, as Sweden considers it bad form to quantify this fact. However there are excellent studies demonstrating that Vitamin D protects against respiratory infection. A dark complexion in a Northern clime frequently results in very low Vitamin D, a problem mentioned in the Swedish literature.

    In the US too, there is a higher death rate for covid among Blacks.

    • There was a study just published by Northwestern University that looked at multiple causes for serious cases and deaths. There was a strong correlation with vitamin D deficiency. Over half of Americans are vitamin D deficient. 83 percent of blacks are vitamin D deficient with hispanics coming in second (I forget the percentage). Personally, I take 4,000 units with zinc. I would recommend the same for anybody else unless you have a blood test showing you are not deficient. Vitamin D is necessary for a strong immune system.

  15. “What I mind is small businesses closing and how close we’ve gotten to socialism and how fast it’s happened”.

    Gracie, it isn’t “socialism”. It is totalitarian dictatorship.

    Socialism is a way of running government and society in the interests of everyone, instead of the wealthy few.

    It doesn’t always – or even usually – work very well, but perhaps it’s better to try for fairness, even if you don’t wholly succeed, than to settle for gross inequality.

    • “Socialism is a way of running government and society in the interests of everyone, instead of the wealthy few.”

      Correction: Socialism is a way for the elite few to use the power of government to run the lives and property of everyone else. It has NEVER worked anywhere or anytime in history.

      Bob Dylan “Equality, I spoke the word, as if a wedding vow.
      Ah, but I was so much older then. I’m younger than that now.”

    • Socialism, communism and Fascism all have the same fatal trait. A privileged elite at the top with total control over everything and nobody to hold them to acvount.. I’m pretty sure this is the exact problem we already have.

  16. An unconvenient way to bring on tyranny and fascism and lethal vaccinations that will make us sick.

  17. A few things that I’ve started wondering about:

    1) why is it almost none of the *news* about deaths from covid-19 ask about whether or not the person who died was a smoker? Many of those in the age groups most likely to die from it were also those caught up in the smoking craze, and I know plenty of adults in their 70s or older who have smoked their whole lives…

    2) I do also wonder about the high number of serious cases & deaths in NYC. How many of those people were also in NYC (either as residents or working there)… on 9/11?

    We already know that first responders (especially those who arrived onsite within the first 24 hours) have had some horrible, often deadly, diseases from exposure to all that crap that got into the air when the towers fell… (and ex-boyfriend of mine among them). So, wouldn’t you think it possible that people who were exposed to all those toxins (concrete dust, etc). have had their lungs compromised, even if it takes years to show up??

    • Good thought, Jean– about the exposure to all those toxins, asbestos, smoke, etc on 9/11. I’ve been thinking that the high contact with the virus (they call testing positive a “case”) would be thoroughly understandable in NYC cuz you’re in a crowd all the time. Sidewalks, restaurants, subway trains, elevators, workplaces– everything in NY is crowded.

      So that would account for high initial contact w the virus– like maybe a spurt of older people getting sick at the very beginning, but I wd have thought herd immunity wd’ve been really quick.

      But hospital admissions & even death-by-covid stats are so fictionalized that it’s impossible to even be sure if there WERE a lot of covid deaths in NYC. I think there were about 2,000 deaths that they simply “reassigned” to covid all in one day. Last I heard more than half US deaths were in NYC. I think maybe they’re just more corrupt in their covid stats. I’d like to know if there was actually excess mortality in the weeks preceding lockdown.

  18. Craig-

    I’m no longer so sure he is. When I got a better look at the fine print on the graphs, most of them were not total deaths, but covid vs other deaths.

    I’m not sure whether he was misleading or I was misinterpreting, but I will be more cautious in future.

    This is a slippery subject. The only thing I personally am sure of, and I can’ t prove it so call it intuition, is that this disease did not spontaneously arise from the natural world.

    Some places have a horrible time with it, other places get off easier. There may be different strains, and our response also greatly affects the results.

    We’d better figure it out, because it looks like it will be with us for a long time to come.

    • Deb, thanks for finding the error in the earlier post. I can’t see that the origin is important since it’s comparable to flu. There’s no real difficulty to having another strain of “like-flu”. The difficulty is the fraudulent response to it.

      Rather than different strains of covid, the conditions in each country could very well account for their differences in mortality: Iran had many gas-damaged lungs from the wars. Italy had an older population, poor air quality, drug resistant microbes, and a poor medical system that is overwhelmed most years. Spain has a poor medical system and many smokers & I don’t know the other factors. I think both countries had nursing homes abandoned by their care-givers.

      Interestingly, in many years their have been newspaper accounts that flu was putting a strain on some US hospitals. But this year the strain seems most if not all fictional.

      Add to this the increased mortality caused by lockdown and other deaths-pretending-to-be covid, and it’s not surprising there’s a difference in mortality each year for flu, or now for covid.

      My opinion.

  19. “…it will be with us for a long time to come” like colds and flu’s in general. But governments world-wide didn’t destroy the global economy with country-wide lockdowns before this. Methinks this is a trial run for world government, with the cooperation of controlled news media. Statistics, even exaggerated, do not support a “pandemic”.

    • Deon, I think you’re right & if you want to see with a bit more exactness the shape of things to come, you might take a look at Polly St. George’s video:
      She examines an October 2019 fundraiser for “pandemic preparedness” by certain Western elite & replays for us bits like “We want a flood of positive comment” (propaganda). “I have no doubt we will have a surprise pandemic.” “Flood the zone.”

      My favorite: “We should look to see what it takes to get that financing , and has some real accountability to agents THAT LIE BEHIND OR ARE ADVOCATING FOR STRONGER GLOBAL GOVERNANCE. (My emphasis) Polly St George

  20. Depends where you are. Tell that to Brazil, Italy or NYC.

    This disease behaves very strangely. There’s no guarantee that just because your area was not greatly affected, that the same thing will hold true next week or next year.

    I seem to remember that a few months ago, many people claimed that the flu was so much more deadly than Covid-19 because the latter had only killed a few thousand in the US and the flu killed 80000 in 2018. Now, after only 4 and a half months, we are at 80000 for Covid-19.

    This whole deal is still a big question mark.

  21. Americans have enriched some of these mega-companies by hoarding face masks, toilet paper, and almost any foodstuff you can name because they’re AFRAID to go to the store. Some older people with common sense (like myself) refuse to wear a mask in what is blatantly a false pandemic orchestrated by the leftists.

    It was their next “plan” after the Russia, russia, russia thing fell through, I warned many people that there was something else up their sleeve and this is it. Don’t believe a word you hear, quit watching tv (as the author stated, and I said the very same thing at my forum earlier, watch old movies on channels with no ads or watch dvd’s – – ANYTHING but the lying “news”).

    This whole thing was meant to scare the pants off of people (and of course the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s age group fell like a ton of bricks) and it worked. They could actually identify the lies if only they’d look past the end of their noses, but they believe ANYTHING if it comes from someone of “authority”. They. Are. Stupid. Obviously. They’ve been seduced into the “Trump hate” thing. Sad.

    On a brighter note, it’s gonna be verrrrry interesting to follow the upcoming explosion on Obozo, Comey, Biden, Clapper, McCabe, etc. Now THERE are a bunch of crooks if ever there were any. Of course, many of us suspected Obozo of organizing SOMETHING a long time ago. Same group of idiots who were out to get Flynn, although I don’t think that’s gonna fly – except now some ignorant judge is trying to resuscitate the case against Flynn. (Good Lord).

    Our forefathers must be absolutely spinning in their graves after what they went through to win liberty for us, and to see what we’ve done with it . . .

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