Thousands of cattle trapped by deep snow in New Mexico pueblo, NM

Most of the 3,000 cattle on New Mexico’s Acoma Pueblo have been isolated since the storms last week with no extra feed or access to unfrozen water, says reporter/pilot Bob Martin.

Acoma Pueblo, NM - Cattle Trapped by Snow - 30Dec11

Ranch hands have not been able to get out there as the extreme cold of the high country keeps the deep snow from melting.

Tractor crews are attacking it, but there are miles to go.

Not only is access important for care of the livestock, but many pueblo residents heat their homes with firewood gathered from the area.

See video:
Snow strands pueblo people, livestock:

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Also, look at these interesting photos from the Pueblo of Acoma website 

Hi Robert,

Pueblo is a Spanish word meaning village or town. The Indian villages in New Mexico are all called Pueblos, example Acoma Pueblo, Cochiti Pueblo etc. So you should call it Acoma Pueblo.

Thanks I enjoy your work greatly.

Gil. Saenz

4 thoughts on “Thousands of cattle trapped by deep snow in New Mexico pueblo, NM”

  1. umm fellas please. hock deep is NOT trapped.
    and the grass underneath is accessible and contains enough moisture.
    but its nice mexico got that warming….

    • They are on an incline where the snow is shallower in order to keep from getting hopelessly stuck in the MUCH deeper snow on flatter ground. The grass under the snow will be tinder dry and cows need many gallons of water each and every day. Try to be a little more observant next time.

  2. If we are being picky and observant, those are not hocks, they are fletlocks, at least on horses, the hocks are much farther up and they would be in much more distress if they were hock deep in that picture. Nonetheless, the snow is probably much deeper on the flats, the brush and grass quite hard to get to and the water is frozen – all in all a hard time for the cattle but a much worse time for the people who can’t keep getting firewood and, quite possibly water as well.

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