Three feet of snow in East Kazakhstan

25 Nov 2016 – The situation is especially difficult in Oskemen where about one meter ( 3 ft) of snow brought public transport to a halt.

The amount of snow is keeping some people in their houses. The snow has buried some houses (and may have brought some houses down, I’m not sure how to interpret it.)

As to when help will reach pensioners living on the outskirts of the city, that is unknown, officials said.

Equipment cannot reach them, access is only on foot. However, they cannot walk through the heaps of snow.

Three roads of national importance were closed after rescuing 15 vehicles and 21 people from snowdrifts.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“The translation of the Kazach language is not so good,” says Argiris. “But we can understand there was a lot of snowfall, mounting up to one meter in Kazachstan, disrupting normal life and that even before the beginning of the winter.

“The video speaks for itself. If November is like this, I wonder what January and February will look like in Kazachstan.”

3 thoughts on “Three feet of snow in East Kazakhstan”

  1. What the heck is a pensioner? Someone who needs other people to survive? I know grandfathers that would be rolling in their graves at the thought. Stop condescending to people in order to look benevolent.

  2. If a High Pressure builds over Sweden this winter, the very cold air over Russia and Kazakhstan will be dragged clockwise across the UK……….then LOOK OUT !! ……HUGE SNOWFALLS AS MOIST ATLANTIC AIR MEETS SEVERELY COLD SIBERIAN AIR !

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