Three Steps To Obtain COVID-19 Medication

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After I posted the video yesterday with Dr Simone Gold speaking on the EXPERIMENTAL mRNA vaccine, many readers expressed an interest in obtaining hydroxychloroquine.

I would therefore like to share this information with you.

Now, first, a disclaimer. Let me be very clear here. I am not a doctor. I don’t have a medical background, and I am not saying that you should, or should not, do this. This is for informational purposes only.

I copied these three steps directly from the Americas Frontline Doctors website.

Three Steps To Obtain COVID-19 Medication

    1. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Ivermectin, and other COVID-19 medications can be obtained by prescription in the USA in almost every state. AFLDS-trained and licensed physicians are available via telemedicine for a short consultation. Our physicians know that HCQ and Zinc are effective both prophylactically and when used early. The telemedicine physician will review your history. Almost all patients can safely take these medications.
    2. Click on the Contact A Physician button. Fill out the form and pay $90. The physician will call you typically within 24 to 48 hours. Please keep your phone with you. After your telemed appointment, the pharmacy will contact you for your payment information and mailing address to send the prescription to you. If you have questions for the pharmacy, please contact Ravkoo Pharmacy at 863-875-5700 or email them at
    1. If you miss the telemed call, you can either wait for the second call (which will come), send an email to, or call their customer service at (855) 503-2657.

Good luck with your health, whatever your decision.

19 thoughts on “Three Steps To Obtain COVID-19 Medication”

    • Yes and this protocol is missing a few things IMHO and way too expensive for nothing. It lacks high doses of C.
      Ignores D3. Ivermectin in horse form is MUCH cheper than HCQ. You can use quercitin to push the zinc also.

    • Yes, but Ivermectin is toxic to the liver, so people taking other hepatotoxic medications or who have certain conditions need medical guidance to take it.

  1. Unless things have changed in the last couple of months, many pharmacies (if not most) are refusing to fill an Rx for HCQ.

    You can get all of these meds, without an Rx, online from India. I am not affiliated and receive no commission.

    I have ordered HCQ, azithromycin and ivermectin without a problem.

    • I got the ziverdo pack from India mart in 3-4 weeks. Easy Peasy. I have also eaten durvet horse paste. No worries there just carefully check the dosage.

  2. Fantastic!!

    Where is our wonderful government? WHy hasn’t this been done months ago? Our government never did and never will work for “the people”. Why are they there again??

    • Our government (not to be confused with the president or the citizens), is too busy shoveling money into the hands of its bigPharma puppetmasters to actually care about the citizens or their health. The FDA and the CDC are the protectionist arm of bigPharma and the medical profession to some extent. The first Surgeon General of the US, Benjamin Rush, said that they should have put “Medical Freedom” into the Constitution. He knew exactly what he was talking about. What we have now is nothing short of medical tyranny.

  3. If you try this in South Africa you will probably go to jail. The ANC government in SA is much more hateful of cheap, effective remedies than the US. They prefer big pharma stuff which can be utilized for large scale corruption.
    If you want these remedies (to save your own or a loved one’s life), make a printout of the article and take it to your local Indian or Pakistani shoppe. It may take a while to order it from India, but it may well be already in the country, ready for delivery.
    Our ‘alternative’ chaps are bright and resourceful.
    Unfortunately I can’t risk providing any contact info.
    But thanks, this info may save many lives.

  4. Good effort.

    Joseph Biden is likely the second coming of Adolph Hitler. Tell Us how sentiment in Texas is developing. There is far more happening than Covid. HCQ is likely the least of our worries in the near future.

    • James, we are also in Texas. Joe is too old to be the second coming and he wouldn’t have been when he was younger either. Joe was never a leader, always a follower especially to MBNA who was his sponsor. Joe helped them institute usuary and eliminate the interest limits on credit cards. His fairy tale marriage is really that, a fairy tale. He stole the wife of the owner of the most popular night club in Newark, Delaware, the Stone Balloon. Jill is a particularly pushy person. This is a Mandarin government with the bureaucrats running the show.

      Sentiment in Texas? We think we need a citizenship test to allow new out of state immigrants residency in the state, especially those from New York and California. While the separation clause for our state was eliminated during the Civil War, sentiment is high about seceeding if Joe pushes through with his war on Oil and Gas. Since our electrical grid only serves Texas, we have the highest alternative energy % in the US. I have not done the calculations versus Germany and Australia. We still have a few coal fired units but gas is plentiful here so the move to combined cycle gas fired generation is still high. Our grid will remain stable.

      I would suggest to all of those who bring up Hitler to watch Babylon Berlin and A French Village. BB is about what led to Hitler’s rise and it is very insightful with the current US political turmoil. The second one is about the German occupation of France during WWII and is also insightful about censorship and eliminating opposing viewpoints through force and intimidation. I am married to a German baby boomer whose older siblings lived through WWII and were refuges fleeing in front of the Russian Army. Family get togethers are usually spirited as the issue usually comes up about what parents knew.

      Texas is very large and blessed with natural resources. This is my second stint in the State. My first was when the Democrats ran the State. It was a one party state at the time. If you did not vote in the primary, you did not get a say, so everyone was Democrat. While I was gone, the State switched and became a single party Republican state. So, when I came back as a Republican voter, I was at home. There are moves by the liberals in Austin and Houston to try and force a move back to the Democrats. We pick up 3 Representatives this year. Texas is still solidly Republican and so the gerrymandering will end up isolating the Democrats in Houston and Austin more. Hopefully, the influx will be more of the conservatives from New York and California who will realize why they left those states. We will see.

      I left Delaware, where I knew all the political players, it’s a small state. I used to ride the train to Washington with Joe in the early morning hours. I admired how he lived at home and commuted. I left because I was raised as a Westerner and Texas was as close as I was going to get to my home state with my company. I have been here for 23 years. Independence and self reliance are key traits of westerners. That is not what the coastal elites want!

      Manmade CO2 induced global warming is a fantasy that only brainwashed children can believe. If Joe pushes on this rope, I think that he will see that pushing a rope will not work. Since he is not a scientist and the ones he claims as his scientists are also not scientists, I don’t think he will ever understand that the Paris fiasco is a money grab and Mann and Gore are false prophets. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

      Well that is one Texan’s rambling.

  5. That good lady Doctor GOLD was arrested by JoeO’Bama’s gestapo for appearing in DC last week to honour the real President.

  6. I still find it shocking that our government bureaucrats and Big Pharma let thousands of people die by making HCQ practically illegal and by censoring those doctors who knew it worked. See Sen. Ron Johnson’s Dec. 8 Senate hearings on Ivermectin and the interviews of doctors — in the Senate! And still… it was in the Deep State’s and Bill Gates’ and Big Pharma’s interests to let people die. They are beyond corrupt. They are genocidal. Red states need to divorce blue states. Our Republic (if it still is one) relies on a fragile belief system that we ARE a republic. That is fading fast.

  7. During 2015 to 2016, I suffered from HORRIFIC Depression. I saw a Psychiatrist, spent about $35,000 over the 2 years and tried 13 different “man made” medications…..None of them worked…………..So, October, 2016 I decided, (since I have 3 college degrees), to teach myself and started viewing every single YouTube video on Depression and Suicide ( yes, I had planned Suicide down to the last detail )…………..Anyway, it was through this research that I discovered 2 simple things. Niacin for Depression (Watch Dr. Abram Hoffer’s video and read his book) and then High, and I mean High, doses of Vitamin C. (Dr. Levy, MD, Video on “Vitamin C. Cure for all known Toxins). I have, in the past, posted the links but, most sites shut me down. Look it up. Anyway, May 11, 2017, I “cured” my Depression with 1,000 mg a day of Niacinamide…..(Niacin will have bad side effects. Be careful with it. Start of with LOW doses if you use Niacin)….and then with my 24 GRAMS (20,000 mgs) of Vit C per DAY, (that is not a typo) I cured my athletes foot problem , all allergies, lower back pain and “heart burn”, ………………I know 99% of you think I am a total idiot (not just from this post but others) but get the book by Levy, MD and look up Hoffer’s theory, and his book. If I did not follow their advice, I would have pulled the trigger in the summer of 2016.

    Now, before you write me off as being a total idiot, just spend an hour on YouTube Porn about Vitamin C and Dr. Hoffer….do it. Do it just for the fun of it and do it so you can post here and tell me what a F’n idiot I am……….(Or, go watch your Globalist Warming Porn)…………………Oh, there is no known toxicity level of Vit C. None, but please do not believe a word a fanatic like me says……….check it out yourself….To me it was, and is, a matter of life or death.

    Now, since all of you ate totally enjoying this and are fascinated, let me mention Linus Pauling, MD (and one of the few to receive 2 Nobel Prizes). He recommended around 9 grams of VIt C per day (9,000 mg). His dose was TOO LOW. They (he) studied Gorillas and noticed they consumed around 5,000 mg (5 grams) a day through vegetation, thus extrapolated to humans and calculated 8,000 mg (8 Grams)…WRONG. We need more and this is what Dr. Levy and all those whom he writes about deduced. You take as much Vit C per day until it becomes a bit to easy to go to the bathroom. That is how much you need. Read the book.

  8. On Sunday, January 24, I started the process of speaking with a doctor by entering the necessary information with the article’s linked on-line physician. I heard back from a doctor in Ohio that evening. The doctor completed his interview and indicated the Rx would be submitted to the contracted pharmacy, Ravkoo. Monday morning I received a confirmation email, a notice to contact Ravkoo directly in case I did not hear from them that day and a receipt for the payment.
    Never a word from Ravkoo, so phoned them early Wednesday. After 90 minutes on hold an agent answered to merely advise me that the Rx would be filled out of Las Vegas, and to contact the affiliate pharmacy directly. Which I did, and thankfully a real person picked up the phone immediately. They indicated they would call me back later that day. Which they did not do, nor on Thursday. Phoned the affiliate again on Friday, January 29, and was told they could in fact ship the Rx that day. And, oh by the way, the cost is at the extreme high end for that medication’s price range in the USA. I advised them to not fill the Rx, and not ship it. Since my local Kroger pharmacy carries that medication for a fraction of the the Ravkoo affiliate’s price, contacted Ravkoo again to request instructions on transferring the Rx. It can be done, but not easily.
    To make a short story long, the pharmacy portion of this process is a very weak link. Poor customer service; extremely high prices. I do not recommend this method of obtaining your preferred medication.

    • I paid $24.00 for a month’s supply at a local pharmacy in Texas. A month’s supply for preventative purposes is eight tablets, two per week.

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