Time to Drain the Energy Swamp

Time to Drain the Energy Swamp

Or let the lights go out as our once-cheap-and-reliable grid drowns in the smelly regulatory swamp.

Time to Drain the Energy Swamp

By Viv Forbes

The Australian electricity market has become a stinking swamp covered with a tangled net of treaties, laws, rules, obligations, prohibitions, targets, taxes and subsidies. The swamp conceals the rubble of demolished coal generators; another plant destined for destruction (Liddell) is gradually sinking in the green ooze.

The swamp is slowly claiming paddocks of subsidised solar panels that, at best, only work for six hours per sunny day. The scene is uglified by spec-built regiments of ailing wind turbines that are often idle, but sometimes whirling madly. To distract the gullible media from this mess, big diesel generators charge a gigantic battery which pumps water uphill and then lets it run down again. A garbage dump of dead lithium batteries fills a nearby gully and the swamp is fenced by locked green gates.

The stagnant water is stirred on sunny days by luxury launches carrying academics-with-models, green media evangelists, climate alarmists, emissions inspectors and power regulators. Speculative sharks constantly patrol the swamp snapping up every smelly subsidy morsel scattered by politicians in posh yachts fishing for votes.

Cartoon courtesy of Steve Hunter

Helicopters full of unelected UN officials hover overhead, creating choppy waves of uncertainty. A pleasant hill overlooking the swamp houses the air-conditioned offices of the power regulators. They have no windows to the world and few power engineers; they stare at screens, run models and press buttons.

The way out of the energy swamp is to retrace the way we got in.

First, get to the root of the problem – UN Climate Alarmism. Disown the Paris and Kyoto Treaties and dump all the obligations, costs, hobbles and distortions they have created. Stop their pointless war on carbon energy. Carbon dioxide does not control climate but it does support all life on earth.

Abolish green energy targets and renewable energy certificates – they belong in museums beside the WW2 ration cards.

Then de-fund and boycott the rotten core of climate alarmism – the UNIPCC. Shun their never-ending climate conferences and cease funding all of their green tentacles. Cancel the tax exempt status of political activists posing as honest scientists.

Then unravel the electricity regulations mess. Stop politicians from banning or promoting their energy favourites – speculators should be free to build wind, solar, geothermal, wave, coal, gas, nuclear or pig-poo power generators free of all special taxes, subsidies and market mandates. But no electricity distributer, retailer or consumer should be forced to accept unreliable or expensive electricity.

Then abolish all guaranteed returns on inflated capital for those who gold-plate power lines and poles, or expect big returns on under-used connections to remote wind farms or other green energy toys. Consumers should not be saddled with these hidden green taxes.

All electricity producers and retailers should face competitive market prices, get no special subsidies and obey the same tax laws. But they should be encouraged to enter into long term contracts to supply base-load or peak power at agreed prices. Such contracts could underpin construction of new reliable generation capacity.

De-centralise decision making. Politicians should stop backing losers. Test energy theories properly by letting green states go deep green on intermittent energy, while others place their bets on long-term contracts from new HELE (High Energy Low Emissions) running on solid reliable black “fossil sunshine”. Allow isolated communities to try sealed transportable nuclear power packs.

The choice for our crippled electricity industry is stark – swift surgical reform and practical innovation; or let the lights go out as our once-cheap-and-reliable grid drowns in the smelly regulatory swamp.

Viv Forbes
Washpool   Qld Australia

Viv Forbes is a geologist and financial analyst. He has solar panels on his farm shed and grid power connected but no other vested interest in power generators except as a consumer. He holds shares in a small Australian mining company exporting coal to Asia, and earns intermittent income from economic analysis and breeding meat sheep.

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11 thoughts on “Time to Drain the Energy Swamp”

  1. We are living on the bay at Redcliffe, this week has been the most still I can remember, bay like a big glass mirror, wonder how much electricity the wind turbines created this week, could I suggest none.
    We too have solar panels which produce electricity during the day, funny that moonlight does not seem to create any power from them, although you would think it does the way some of the ignorant seem to think it does, and like many of us pensioners out there, affording the panels and inverter used all our savings, paying for the batteries is just an ask too far.

  2. We have 53 large wind turbines in the south australian gulf and only use three at a time because , of too much power ,, .. here we have a national energy quota set by , national grid , yes .. 7 years ago the queensland state goverernment gave permission to queensland companies to increase power cost by 135 , that was before green house and carbon rubbish , power bills average 2,400 a year ,.for a family of 4 , . makes my nickle iron batteries with a life span 40 plus years cheap at 6,200 .. lol ,

  3. the swamp should have been drained years ago sad but untill all governments agree on building new power stations in Australia we will slowly drown in the swamp

  4. Beware the promises, The propaganda, the claims from a devious lying Government about the reduction of electricity prices. If Turnbull gets back into office expect a 20% increase in prices over the following 2 years, PLUS the official introduction of Co2 taxes on petrol & diesel. ( I believe that tax is already in place, hence our escalation fuel prices)

    There is only one “fix”. Immediately end all subsidies& dump the energy regulation & renewables policies. In other words dump Turnbull. Either the LNP will do it or we the electorate will dump the LNP. Listen up !!

    • yeah trunbulls a goldmansux minion so hes not going to do anything but take, and take more
      his position is by backstabbing and assisted by the termite queen herself.
      Nats dont have power enough
      labors even crappier and their ties with greens make them even more toxic that ever
      independents n minors cant ever get enough sway though they can delay and cause em to have to negotiate at least
      lets face it- like ussa- when the options are dumb n dumber/bad or worse/venal or unpredictable
      our trump is Pauline
      but though i like her , shes as honest as a pollie could be i think,
      shes also not the sharpest knife in the rack;-/

  5. i can think of a few pollies id like to throw IN a nice deep stinky swamp!
    the suggestion of the small portable nuke gens is a good one
    theyve been running the damned things on subs n ships for decades so the bugs oughta be sorted
    water for cooling? the only issue i can see maybe a problem?
    that said i hear Lucas Heights managed to have “incidents” recently and cant even produce the radioisotopes needed for medical use in aus and were importing such..
    we even got brazil or some sth american place to build the thing cos WE didnt have the tech/know how/
    all the engineers metalworkers and skilled tradies weve canned over the yrs as we shut manufacturing down
    where the bloody hell are they?

  6. When is the next major glaciation? It will happen long before the swamp gets drained. It just might destroy the swamp when it happens. This regulatory and political swamp will not survive the onset of the next major glaciation. It will be seen as being so much BS and will be consigned to the dust bin of history as billions of people try to survive the change in the climate. The scale of political leadership and power is going to be downsized and localized. There will be no world government and no large scale national government. Not for quite a while any way.

  7. So long as you think the problem is failed energy science, you will be helpless to address it. This entire hoax is financed by billionaires: http://leftexposed.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2014-Senate-Billionaire-Club-Report.pdf

    You must ask why, and address their underlying project: Agenda 21 as the means for bringing in the global oligarchy–

    “While liberal journalists continue to claim that Agenda 21 is just a “conspiracy theory” being advanced by right-wing crackpots, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the International Council for Environmental Law (ICEL) have released their fourth Draft of the International Covenant on Environment and Development. This document was designed from the beginning to convert the “soft-law” non-binding Agenda 21 into firmly binding global law – enforceable through the International Criminal Court and/or the dispute resolution features of the Convention on the Law of the Sea.
    Few people understand that it is standard operating procedure for the U.N. to issue a massive non-binding policy document to test the water and make adjustments to its plans before introducing the real, legally binding treaty.”

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2012/03/agenda-21-fact-not-conspiracy/#1Gjwyg2P0yATyihL.99

  8. I wish those who named the Cooling, as the Eddy Minimum, will reconsider and call it the:

    Gore Minimum

    We must never let this ass be forgotten.

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