Time to Trump the Climate Hysteria

De-fang, de-fund, de-staff and re-educate

Time to Trump the Climate Hysteria

By Viv Forbes

The Clexit Coalition has pledged to assist any government or politician seeking to exit the Paris Agreement and to curb the wasteful and destructive UN/IPCC.

The Secretary of Clexit (Climate Exit Coalition), Mr Viv Forbes of Australia, said that Clexit could call on over 190 well-qualified climate realists from 26 countries to provide scientific, business, legal and political support and advice.

The Paris Treaty is now a Toothless Tiger


Cartoon courtesy of www.clexit.net) and creator Steve Hunter

De-fang, de-fund, de-staff and re-educate

Clexit sees four main priorities:

Firstly, de-fang the Paris Climate Treaty by refusing to sign it, by ignoring any deals signed by others without a supporting referendum, or by giving notice of formal withdrawal.

Secondly, de-fund the global warming industry – no tax payer funding for the UN/IPCC, no government money for climate tourism or conferences, no government grants for climate propaganda posing as “research”, no tax exemptions for green “charities” and no government subsidies for green energy.

Thirdly, de-staff all government climate bureaucracies.

And fourthly, re-educate – ensure that the climate curriculum in schools and universities is based on good science and real evidence, and not political agendas.

These four actions – de-fang, de-fund, de-staff and re-educate will cool the climate hysteria, with huge and immediate benefits for tax payers, jobs, industries and energy cost and security. It will also end the doomsday horror stories terrifying our young people. And if there is additional carbon dioxide in the air, our Earth will be greener and produce more food.

Trump is likely to Slash and Burn the Obama Climate policy:
http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=c920274f2a364603849bbb505&id=0b5620ebdc&e=816c 21f57a

Brexit and the Trump revolution are just the start. Have a listen to what happened in Australian Parliamentary offices recently:
(Both Senator Roberts of Australia and Tim Ball of Canada are Founding Members of Clexit).

The same sceptical questions are being asked in France, Poland, Hungary, UK, Canada, Russia and Germany; even at the Climate Carnival in Marrakesh, Morocco: http://clexit.net/2016/11/17/marrakech-papers-by-clexit-members/

Viv Forbes
Secretary, The Clexit Coalition
19 Nov 2016

15 thoughts on “Time to Trump the Climate Hysteria”

  1. Okay, this is what bothers me, there are much larger forces than us, like the moon. However, they say the moon, and the sun, couldn’t have any effects on the planet, only one molecule of carbon dioxide or fracking. Fine, notice the fracking, also notice, however, that the Supermoon which you worship caused a MAJOR earthquake in New Zealand after you said it wouldn’t, because the moon, after all, is puny compared to almighty human beings. On a logarithmic scale, the Earthquake in New Zealand was still 3 orders of magnitude larger, with each single increment being 10 times stronger. Sunspots larger than planet earth can’t effect the planet, you name it. It’s called anthropocentrism, and they look down their noses about it with regards to religion, yet worship the supermoon and don’t see it’s effects.

    • At the time of the NZ earthquake the solar wind was touching 700million km/s. There is the source. The recent Italian earthquake also occurred during a period of fast solar wind. It seems to be more than a case of ‘correlation meaning causation’. Early days for this and unlikely to get too much funding as it would set a dangerous precedent for the Green Blob to admit the sun does something.

      • That’s right, Gerry, and it seems to me that the only person who is taking this seriously is Ben Davidson. He’s getting great results with his earthquake predictions, and none of these so-called scientists bothers listening to him.

  2. News ID: 506731 Iran, Published: 21:33 – 29 November 1395 – 19 November 2016: Snow and blizzards in mountain passes anklet (+ photos). To reduce the temperature of the evening snowfall has intensified and is now high in the sky and the blizzard continues anklet.
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  3. De fang and then sack the Green Socialist Democrat placeholders in the key climate departments such as NOAA and NASA who hold the keys to the historical climate record. This hard copy 200 year record has been corrupted over the last 20 years and is the basis for most, if not all of the climate papers written to support AGW.
    Create a Truth and Reason commission to review and correct the falsified data and then remove from the scientific library every paper which cannot be corrected.
    Peer Review any climate paper based on AGW in the light of the corrected climate records
    Then sack all tenured Climate Ologists who continue falsely educate students that CO2 is the Primary Green House Gas when water vapour is the 97% main culprit.
    Re-educate the Media that they are to duty bound to report the Truth and not to create the news based on Green Socialist propaganda.
    The people don’t need re-educating they already know they have been lied too, for tens of years.
    Educationist will need re-educating to teach the climate truth and just spout Green Propaganda based on the objective of depopulating the world of humans by deceit or take early retirement.

    • I grow food so I have a good perception on the yearly temperatures, it has been abysmal since 2002. I live in California, it is humorous to tell my liberal friends “this is my global warming parka” in July. They tell me I must not be a believer in global warming. I tell them “not if I have winter clothing on in Summer.”
      This dose of truth before their eyes, truly melts their minds and arguments. They say little afterwards.

  4. The Russians have never believed in it anyway. Putin signed the Kyoto agreement because he saw he could make money from the carbon credits involved. Trump needs to lead on this and can just simply stop funding the UNFCCC as required by US law.

  5. Tomsk, Russia, 20/11/2016: abnormally cold weather and blizzards.
    According to the Tomsk Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, November 21 in the Tomsk region in places abnormally cold weather will continue with minimum air temperature -32 … -37 ° C. Day in the northern areas of the region are expected gusts of 15-20 m / sec, the blizzard.
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  6. This whole idea of global warming is nothing but a “Mulct” and its something that should have never happened in the first place.

  7. In the USA, we also need to also REORGANIZE the assets that perpetuate this fraud when they are de-staffed. If you just leave positions open, they WILL be refilled another day. We need renewal, not remission.

    NASA, NOAA, and NSF need to be reorganized into new reporting relationships. These collectively have a $31B budget. The OPERATING elements need to be maintained…weather, collect data, etc. The RESEARCH needs to be slashed and left to private entities. The INVESTMENT elements (space, etc.) should be privatized (already happening).

    This may seem regressive, but the fraud we got was far more destructive. Not just $Bs in confiscation, but regulations costing the US economy an estimated $2.5T. End this tyranny by eliminating the ORGANIZATIONS feeding it. Make sure it never comes back. Allow the private sector to flourish and we will fund more R&D that has far greater impact on our lives.

  8. Global warming is the false science invented by liberals and leftists who hate America and the energy industry. This science is based on no actual data. It is supported by computer modeling that predicts nasty events 30-100 years into the future, where we can never ascertain their validity. Trump’s plan to greatly expand our energy base of oil, natural gas and coal is the way to go before it is too late. Drilling and moving fuels around the country might become a bit dicier during an ice age.

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