Times Atlas To Print New World Map Without Tuvalu, Maldives, Manhattan etc

In its upcoming 14th edition, unconfirmed rumours suggest, it will completely omit Tuvalu, the Maldives and major parts of Bangladesh in order to convey the “emotional truth” about “man made climate change.”

Maldives - Underwater cabinet meeting

By James Delingpole

“Following its controversial decision to produce a map suggesting that Greenland has lost 15 per cent of its ice cover in the last twelve years – a loss rate disputed by most credible scientists: and even, amazingly, the Guardian agrees on this – the Times Comprehensive Atlas Of The World has decided to take its new role as cheerleader for Climate Change alarmism a step further. In its upcoming 14th edition, unconfirmed rumours suggest, it will completely omit Tuvalu, the Maldives and major parts of Bangladesh in order to convey the “emotional truth” about “man made climate change.”

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20 thoughts on “Times Atlas To Print New World Map Without Tuvalu, Maldives, Manhattan etc”

  1. This is Very Desperate! Or more sick!
    It is actually pretty emotional seeing such an effort just to keep a scientific lie alive.

  2. Roflmao!
    so? the fools at Times Atlas will be happy to be sued, when a oil tanker etc runs over tuuvalu?
    the emotional truth meets the FACTS!
    the Fact is Tuuvalu is NOT sinking, neither are the Maldives.
    Overly emotional and scientifically illiterate greentards, heaven help us all.
    stop real pollution by all means, removing fluoride from water would be an easy beginning:-)
    Carbon DIoxide is NOT pollution.

  3. actually grab a times atlas now. the first run will be worth a motza later on…
    the first KNOWINGLY! intentionally WRONG!! atlas printed.
    collectors item .

  4. Talk about walking off the end of a pier. These people are taking stupidity to the limits if this is the case. I wonder on “what data” they are making this judgment, since there appears, to date, to be no lose of size on any of the island nations as yet. To me, this is akin to mapping in houses on Mars or the Moon because Man “might” some time get there.

  5. With all the satellites orbiting the Earth and mapping everything, shouldn’t it be easier than ever to create an accurate atlas (at least, accurate up to the day it is published)?

    If the report is true, then someone needs sacking at the atlas publisher’s – an atlas is a reference work, not a work of speculation (or fiction). In any case, I don’t see how omitting places that most people who are likely to buy the atlas have never been to will have any “emotional impact” at all!

  6. Stability of sea level even if man kind never existed would be at best transitory.
    The reasons being the creation and destruction of glaciers and icesheets, variations in rainfall and the movement of the tectonic plates especially oceanic plates The islands don’t move on the plate but the plates do move across bulges caused by hot spots and they do move from rift faults to subduction faults and that does have an effect on sea levels around islands due to the plate moving the island into deeper water over time in conjunction with erosive forces that break down and wash away mountains. So human activity is not a serious factor when it comes to climate change or sea levels. The real problem is the difficulty in adapting to natural changes in the environment.
    The name of the game people is adapt or perish!
    The ball is in your court.

  7. I live in Arizona and geologic evidence is that most of Arizona has been under the ocean not once but twice. Does this mean the ocean rose or the land sank? This certainly wouldn’t have affected the sea level in any way if the land sank and then rose again. The Himalayas are still rising. Undersea volcanoes are building new mountains, for example they know that the next island in the Hawaiian chain is well under way. And man is the culprit? Bah Humbug!

  8. oh dont get me started on the Maldives ! went there on honeymoon did a bit of snorkelling they said that they reef had been badly damaged by global warming but still plenty to see just dont go to far along cause the current is really strong so me being me lost track of where i was an durly got caught in said current to see a brick strutcure under the water shimmering like a road on a hot day it was the sewage out flow they where pumping warm treated sewage into the sea ! prehaps thats what killed your reef !! & they only are there because sea levels went down ! well what goes down someday will go up ! esp if the arabs keep building new islands and we launch more and ships all that water has to go somewhere !!

  9. I think the folks on Manhattan Island will notice if an ocean liner crashes because they depended on propaganda maps!

  10. Talk about the lunatics taking over the asylum?

    Obviously this is a subsidiary of the Times newspaper and although it could be an extremely dry read lecturers at further education establishments always emphasised the importance of reading a quality broadsheet. Regardless of your political view point the Times, Telegraph as well as the Guardian were the three main broadsheets lecturers guided you toward and away from the tabloid gutter press. They insisted they were a more fulfilling read expanding your mind as well as your vocabulary.

    Over the past decade in order to keep their readers they succumbed to pressure and published the daily publication in a tabloid format. Although in this format they maintained the same calibre of writing. The Times always promoted the Anthropologic Global Warming hypothesis even although it has been based on pseudo-science were as the Guardian whilst promoting it aired on the side of caution with a few articles from the other side of the fence.

    Although this is a separate publication the omission of islands, portions of countries and cities from an atlas on the assumption of what may or may not happen screams TABLOID SENSATIONALISM! Present day cartographers as well as topographer will no doubt be livid whilst those who pioneered the birth of the aforementioned sciences will be spinning in their graves at their respective fields of expertise being made a mockery of in the pursuit of emotional blackmail.

    This is a step beyond reasonable assumption.

  11. I often wondered how people could burn one groupd of human beings could bourn other human being for being witches or declare race unfit for existence. Then I read about the “fruitcakes” in Times Atlas and it is sadly clear. Fanatics are simply evil people who enjoy destroying!

  12. What is the purpose of an unaccurate Atlas? Atlas and dictionaries must be accurate to have any utility! It’s amazing how nowaday peoples beleave that pretending that a lie is true make it append to be true! Apparently they suffer from brain damage caused by an over exposition to CO2…

  13. This was a joke – poking fun at the ridiculous attempt by someone at The Times Atlas trying to justify their horrendous mistake about Greenland – they didn’t realise their data source had been modified to distinguish between the ice cap and glaciers. So they simply assumed the glacier area had melted which is not only untrue but unbelievable that an organisation which claims credibility could make such a horrendous blunder and try to cover it up.

    There is almost no significant melting of Greenland ice let alone 15%.

  14. There is almost no significant melting of Greenland ice let alone 15% – and the islands won’t disappear before the next edition.

  15. Outrageous. They have a duty to give an accurate, factual representation of the globe, and that does not include omitting various islands and countries that deliberately mis-represent the actual landmass of the world. Politics, global warming propagander and personal opinions should not be brought into it.

  16. Ah, guys? That article is the result of a joking and tongue-in-cheek set of remarks by James Delingpole. The remarks were taken literally by someone else, and the story has snow balled. The Times has no plans to drop those islands of the map.

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