To fight climate change, Washington city may ban heating homes with natural gas

I’m so thankful I moved out of that state.


As a progressive-minded city, Bellingham, Washington, has long been looking to scale back its contribution to climate change. writes in the New York Times.

In recent years, city leaders have converted the streetlights to low-power LEDs, provided bikes for city employees and made plans to halt the burning of sewage solids.

Now, Bellingham is looking to do something that no other city has yet attempted: adopt a ban on all residential heating by natural gas, not only in new construction but also in existing homes and businesses.

Bellingham’s task force found that the average cost of installing an electric heat pump system was about $6,200 to $13,100 more than a gas furnace.

I simply do not understand why so many people seem to be willing to commit suicide.

Berkeley, Seattle and Beyond

Last year, Berkeley, California, became the first city in the country to ban natural gas in newly constructed low-rise residential buildings. Dozens of other cities passed or proposed similar bans, including Seattle.


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  1. This should be a good object lesson on the rewards to insanity. Please follow this story. It should be well documented.

  2. Went to college in Bellingham in the mid-late ‘70s. Moving LEFT then. The city has clearly move to stupid now.

    • That exactily what the Greens want a return to the stone age for the many, and master race status for the favoured 10% living in a tropical socalist paradise.

  3. The madness continues!
    Climate crisis hysteria gives governments of all sizes the idea that they can ban anything, while trampling over their citizens’ rights.
    It certainly sounds like mass hysteria rules Washington state.

  4. Totally in line with requirements from the Paris accord , United Nations requirements ,Dutch and now european green deals .
    All supermarkets here in europe are requiring planet-proof production methods by farmers . The society is being tranformed into slavery by unlimited foolishness and the green dreams of a kenyan snakeoilsalesman .

  5. The UN Climate Change metric is a 2C rise in global average annual temperature with a doubling of CO2 by the year 2100 so now in 2020 one fifth of the way to 2100 CO2 should be 480ppm. It’s not. Currently atmospheric CO2 is 408 ppm at Cape Grim Station and 416 at the UN Volcano Station in Hawaii.
    Crisis over.

  6. Suicide? Isn’t it more like murder if they are being forced to ditch affordable heating?

    The heat pump systems are hardly pocket money to install – who pays for that? And how much will they cost to run as electricity is always going up much faster than gas? An example from the UK a few years back when oil was +$100/barrel. Most off gas grid homes in the UK use oil heating so the smart heat pump salesman was going round pushing the cost savings of installing one. Homeowner No. 1 – author of the article on the subject – was doubtful and declined. His neighbour, Homeowner No. 2 went for the heat pump. Then the price of oil dropped and the cost of a tank of heating oil reduced by half. No. 1 was very happy as his heating was now much cheaper. No. 2 was not happy at all as on top of the installation cost, his electricity bill had rocketed and he was paying way more for his heating.

  7. I’m curious, did anyone even ask or get an answer on how this will prevent the climate from changing? Did anyone even ask how not using these forms of energy (that have clearly made peoples lives more comfortable and safer) will cause the climate to stop changing like it has since the planets existence? Do any of these people even ask basic logical questions about the science of how the climate works and of the history of the earths climate? Where is rational thought about any of these subjects today? I just don’t get why people can’t stop going head long with the crowd and take a moment to think clearly, rationally, and logically for themselves for a change.

    • The left is void of rational thinking. Mass disobedience and tough lawyers are the best weapons to use against them.

  8. I might have said it before, but:

    Fallen Angels by Larry Niven

    is an excellent book on this subject, but dont read it right before going to bed….

  9. People do understand that there are an EXTRA 120 molecules of CO2 per MILLION molecules of ordinary air since the late 1800’s right ?

    People do understand that CO2 is inert and has no energy generating capacity right ?

    People do understand that enough CO2 puts fires out – it doesn’t start them nor support their spread right ?

    People do understand that they have allowed themselves to become mentally unhinged with their insulting behaviour right ?

    • ” We are all born ignorant, but one has to work very hard to remain stupid.”
      Benjamin Franklin

      No, people do not understand.

  10. Greetings from my perspective of Dry january.
    Every time I open the British Gas app or contact them in any way they keep pressuring me to install a smart meter. Surely such a device is simply not required if the gas supply is going to be discontinued.
    I therefore cannot take this article seriously, sorry.

  11. What we need is media that are on OUR side and a flotilla of cult psychology experts to un- brainwash the liberals.

    We’re not going to get either.

  12. The thermodynamics involved in heat pumps is not very effective at low temperatures. The result is the compressor runs constantly but only slightly warming the treated air. Cold weather systems normally require a gas fired backup for emergency heat (+$$). Net result is wasted energy. They’re about to screw the pooch big time!

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