Tokyo – First November snow in 54 years

Snowfall is expected in the Kanto region (which includes Tokyo) on the night of the 23rd.

According to the Meteorological Agency, a strong cold will enter the archipelago and there is a possibility of snow in the Kanto plain from the 23rd night to the 24th morning.

According to the Meteorological Agency, Tokyo is predicted to be “cloudy with occasional rain or snow” on the 24th.

At the same time, it is expected to advance eastward on the southern coast of the archipelago while developing low pressure. Low pressure may cause the cold to go further south.

According to the Japan Weather Association, thelast time snow has been observed in Tokyo in November was in 1962.

Snow is unusual in northern Kanto in November. This will be the first time in 30 years in Utsunomiya, and the first time in Maebashi in 14 years.

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7 thoughts on “Tokyo – First November snow in 54 years”

  1. Better watch out Mr. Felix.
    The government might decide this counts as fake news.
    Snow in Tokyo? Must be made up.

  2. Look ?

    “Wait” until it Snows !

    That’s what the “left” does all-the-time, hypothetical events that usually don’t happen/occur (And “never” existed in the first place)

    When it Snows, them report it ? !

    Something must separate the Right from the “Left”ists and reality counts !

    Lies and false reporting helps know one…

  3. but its NOT cooling fols
    theyre STILL raving up 2016 at the hottest evah!!!
    dunno how theyre going to fake out all the cold records globally;-)

  4. Snowstorms batter Russia and Kazachstan. Red alert in China.
    Khakassia, 22/11/16 According to the Republican Hydromet in Khakassia November 22 is expected to increase in wind up to 22 m / sec, the blizzard. On the roads sleet and snow roll forward. Experts recommend citizens to be careful on the road and in the handling of fire. Office for GO, Emergency and Fire Safety Khakassia encourages citizens to be cautious and in a strong wind to give up long-distance travel, enjoying the outdoors and long walks. Be extremely careful when to cross the carriageway.

    22/11/2016 Residents of Krasnoyarsk and the central districts of the region once again warned of strong winds and snowstorms.
    According to the Central Siberian UGMS, on Wednesday, 23 November, in the central districts of the region will continue west wind gusts of 15-18 m / sec, the blizzard. In the mountains of southern regions with heavy snow expected in some places.

    In Bashkiria will snowstorm and the night 18-degree frost
    In some areas, waiting for the gale
    November 23 in the region will come a little snow, and with it a weak storm. All this will take the south-western wind of 9-12 m / s, sometimes gusts will reach 20 m / s. This phenomenon can be named storm wind.

    November 22, 2016. According to the branch of RSE “Kazhydromet” on November 23 in the region is expected to west wind 15-20, in places gusts of 23 m / s, sometimes a blizzard. On Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25 to the area of ​​expected snow, blizzard, sometimes severe. Wind southwest, southwest 15-20, gusts of 23-28 m / s. In this regard, the Department of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RK MSE CSF recommends the adoption of measures to ensure the normal life of the population and disaster prevention. Organize your activities so that more be in the room, take under special control the children, restrict output and departures outside the settlements, let this information to neighbors, provide assistance to the sick and the elderly.

    Storm Warning in connection with a strong blizzard announced in three regions of Kazakhstan.
    Emergency Management Committee of the RK Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a storm warning for the residents of Akmola, Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan regions. In the next few days in these regions is expected to strong blizzard passes.
    “Astana: day 23 hours on 24-25 November is expected to snow, blizzard, and southwestern wind of up to 15-20 meters per second.
    November 23 in Akmola region is expected in some places snow storm, and southwestern wind of up to 15-20 meters per second.
    24-25 November in North Kazakhstan, Akmola, Pavlodar oblasts are expected to snow, blizzard, sometimes severe. Wind southwest, west up to 15-20 meters per second, can gust up to 23-28 meters per second “, – said the rescuers.

    Photo taken on Nov. 21, 2016 shows a snow in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The city saw its first snowfall this year on Monday.

    237 flights affected as C. China airport closes in blizzard
    2016/11/22 More than 10,000 passengers were left stranded Tuesday as more than 230 flights were canceled or delayed in the capital of central China’s Henan Province due to heavy snow.
    As of 4 p.m., 116 flights had been delayed and 121 flights in and out of Xinzheng airport in Zhengzhou had been canceled as the blizzard led to the airport’s closure.
    The airport is expected to reopen at 10 p.m., Xinzheng Airport said.
    Local meteorological authorities have issued a red alert, the highest of a four-tier warning system for severe weather, for the blizzard.
    Rain and snow started to fall across most of Henan Province Monday night and several cities, including Zhengzhou and Luoyang, reported heavy snow.
    The snowy weather also forced trains to run at slower speeds and the cancellation of bus services on the highways in the province.

    Strong winds hit China as temperatures continue to drop
    Xinhua, November 22, 2016. Strong winds hit much of China after a cold front dragged temperatures down by more than 10 degrees Celsius. Beijing and neighboring areas saw the first snowfall of the winter over the weekend.
    A total of 1,506 snow-clearing vehicles and over 23,000 workers had been dispatched to cope with icy roads and possible road accidents by Beijing authorities as of 10 a.m. Monday.
    Gales sweeping from the north have hit the capital city and will continue to affect the rest of China over the following days.
    Freezing weather will linger until Wednesday, with blue alerts for cold spells issued in Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu as well as Sichuan on Monday.
    From Monday to Wednesday, temperatures in Beijing and neighboring areas are expected to drop to as low as minus 14 degrees Celsius, while parts of Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces will experience a drop of 7 to 10 degrees Celsius in temperature, according to local meteorological authorities.

    Reader’s comment: The Dutch MSM does not report this news.
    Winter has not even started yet and blizzards are already battering large parts of Asia. But every wildfire in Australia is always headline news. That’s how we are being brainwashed.

  5. Well it did indeed snow in Tokyo on the morning of the 24th November 2016.
    It made headline news here in Japan.
    In my area I live in the middle of Japan in the mountains and we got a solid 20cm of snow and temps down to -9oC last night.
    While a dusting of snow here in the mountains and sharp frosts are usual in November, 20cm of snow and -9oC is not normal. That is usually early december onwards.
    Today only got to 3 here yesterday did not go above zero, running about 6oC below average across the country.
    This is just the start of what I believe will be a very snowy and cold winter for Japan.

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