Too much snow – Gym roof at Montana State U collapses

The flat roof of the South Gym at Montana State University’s PE complex collapsed early Thursday.

A photo in the Post-Register shows the entire roof caved in along with parts of the cinder-block walls. Rebar that connected the walls to the roof now droops toward the center of the gym.

“We’re immensely grateful no one was hurt,” said Michael Becker, MSU spokesman.

Why the roof collapsed is not yet known, Becker said. Bozeman has received terrific amounts of snow in recent weeks.

(Why the roof collapsed seems quite obvious to me.)

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10 thoughts on “Too much snow – Gym roof at Montana State U collapses”

  1. looks like the buildings owners didnt listen to the “clear your roof” advice. their insurances will rise.

  2. The reason the roof collapsed is that US idiots do not design buildings with snow bearing tolerances calculated, do not monitor snow load throughout the winter and do not clear the roof of snow when such tolerances are close to being exceeded.

    Austria had far heavier snow in January and huge roof clearing operations were organised by army, police and fire services to ensure no buildings lost their roofs.

    As you Americans are SO superior that you have to rule the world, how is it you are too thick to engage in basic safety operations in winter?

    • U.S. citizens, for the most part, don’t have any desire to rule the world. Trump talked about bringing home troops from the Mideast and our Fascist media and Democrat Socialist government officials raised a huge uproar because they cling to hopes of starting Democracies in the Mideast. All the fascists have accomplished is stirring up terrorists and chaos.

      An American belief is that all nations should be left to chart their own course as long as they don’t move against neighbors or attack us. This belief is not shared by Democrats and their appointed lackeys, or the federal government. It may take a revolution to get rid of this notion we need to bring Democracy to the whole world. Straight up Democracy is mob rule, which self-named ruling elites hope to guide.

  3. It won’t take long to check the structural engineer’s calculations for the roof loading and see what allowance was made for snow.

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  5. When building a building up North, why bother with calculations for the weight of snow when we were TOLD there would be no snow?

    An attorney can use that as an excellent defense. The UN, etc., all say there was to be no more snow by 2017. Sue them (and Albatros Gore)

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